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Inoue Sonoko: A New Japanese Female Rising Rock Star

Please welcome Inoue Sonoko

Sonoko is a rising star in the music world having released her debut CD in April last year. One listen to this girl born in 1997, will instantly tell you that her mother trained this girl to sing well beyond her years.


Sonoko got started in music by doing street concerts in elementary school, learning to write songs and play the guitar along the way. In November of her debut year 2013 she landed the main role in the drama ‘Y-O-U Yamabiko Ongaku Dokokai (kari)’. This drama success came as a big surprise to her agency as she didn`t tell them in advance of her plans to audition.

I saw a funny comment in English on one of her videos, were the commenter suggested that she should give it up and be a pop singer as she will never make it .Clearly they knew nothing about Sonoko or the success she has already achieved and it`s a good thing she didn`t become a pop singer.


Sonoko held her first one-man live in the 6th grade drawing 100 people and within a year she had managed to achieve bigger followings and performing in bigger venues, all through the strengths of her live performances and self-produced CDs.

With her national career still in its early stages, the sky is the limits for this rising star.

Senkou Hanabi / Sonoko Inoue
Sonoko Inoue
Unmeisen Believer / Sonoko Inoue
Sonoko Inoue
Sorairo Blue / Sonoko Inoue
Sonoko Inoue

Source: Pure Idol Heart

Official Website www.inoue-sonoko.com

Inoue Sonoko Music Videos

Confirmed: BABYMETAL to hold live performances in Europe

BABYMETAL will hold Legend “Y” Moametal Seitansai (聖誕祭) and Legend “M” Moametal Seitansai (聖誕祭) in Europe in late June or early July 2014.

The idol group will celebrate the birthdays of Yuimetal and Moametal during this live performances. The announcement was made on March 2 on the 2nd day of Babymetal’s concert Kuroi Yoru Legend “Doomsday” ~Shoukan no Gi~ (黒い夜 Legend “Doomsday” ~召喚の儀~) at Nippon Budokan via a VTR.


The aim is to expand activities as “metal resistance” to overseas. The girls will go on a journey of training called Ikoku no Chi e Shoukan (異国の地へ召喚). Further details on BABYMETAL live performances in Europe will be announced later.

On iTunes Store, their 1st album BABYMETAL released on February 26 took the 1st place in the metal album chart in the United States, and the 2nd place in UK and Germany. From now, the idol group wants to expands its activities all over the world.

Source: Natalie, J-Pop Idols

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