U-zine have an interview with BABYMETAL!

U-Zine is a french website from France and the guy succeed to get and exclusive interview with BABYMETAL before their La Cigale concert, in Paris, France.

You can find the original interview here: Interview de SuMetal + MoaMetal + YuiMetal ( Babymetal )

BABYMETAL coming in France is not pretty common. So for its first (only one? Future will tell) coming to the capital, it’s out of question to miss a band we follow since its inception (as we’re true, us!)!

It’s thus in emerging victorious, thanks to the sacrifice of the Veryshow press officer, from a death match that saw the interview requests dropping from 20 to 7, and then finally to 3, that U-zine, the only one Metal media allowed this day, was able to meet at a press conference 3 Japanese teenagers accompanied by Japan FM and Orient Extreme.

U-Zine : Hello, we’re U-Zine, Metal webzine, the question I’d like to ask you is : in the beginning of the band, you weren’t listening to Metal, since that, you evolved inside it, thus the question I’d like to ask you is if now you’re listening to it and what are the bands you listen to and that you like to follow ?

SuMetal : Since we began BABYMETAL I discovered Metallica that I like a lot.
MoaMetal : I like Iron Maiden and Behemoth.
Yui Metal : Cannibal Corpse.

Japan FM : BABYMETAL managed to quickly interest an international audience since the band’s creation, now you’re making your first world tour, what do you feel ?

SuMetal : We did not expect so much support from the Europeans. We have seen many comments on youtube from foreigners, French, English… We’re therefore looking forward to seeing the public in Europe and how it will react during our live-shows, so I’d like a lot of people coming to our gigs.

Orient-Extreme : What kind of audience are you expecting in France , do you think it’d change from Japan’s one ?

Our music is a mix of Metal and kawaï, we’d like girls and children that don’t know about Metal to discover it. Our dancing is as well really cute and so in this way we want them to have fun and to bring them to our new music genus.


U-Zine : On your T-shirt, you take a lot of visual from many bands like logos from Behemoth, Metallica or even Devourment and you hijack it to the BABYMETAL style, is that to satisfy your dominance over the Metal genre ?

We’re looking for and we want to create something, from style to visual, that you don’t find in other Metal bands and Kawaï Metal is something really unique regarding other Metal styles.

Japan FM : You’re all three still very young, you were of you’re still a part of Sakura Gakuin. Will you still see yourself being BABYMETAL in 10 years or do you have any other dream for your future?

It’s always the Fox God that decides to our future activity.

Orient-Extreme : You announced that you’ll open for Lady Gaga for some dates in the USA, what do you think about this artist and what does that mean for you ?

We’ve still not realized this news that we didn’t expect at all, it was really surprising. Our friends were really excited and happy to hear this news, but we, we’ve still not truly realized.

Interview finally really short, from the promise 20 minutes to 10, what is not so much when adding translation time (double translation that can sometimes bring answer out of the subject). We were thus reduced to ask only two questions per media. Too bad but we don’t care ! We did it and the BABYMETAL are even more adorable in real life !
Obviously regarding the first question, we can have doubt about their frankness, the answer moving closer to already made sentences they learned, but then again, why not ?