Supernatural Kitsune Iroiro

Various types of ‘Okitsune-san’

Supernatural Kitsune (妖狐)

(clockwise from upper right corner)




Byakko/White Kitsune

Byakko/Shiro Gitsune <白狐/白ギツネ>


A white furred Kitsune.

This Kitsune is considered to be of the type that brings

good fortune to people-a ‘Zenko’ <善狐 >. The Zenko are a fictitious Kitsune that

we were reported in Edo period essays to be the counterpart to the Yako <野狐>

Kitsune that were able to take possession of people causing sickness or death.

They are also often the helpers of ‘Inari no Kami’ <稲荷神> (The guardian/god of crops).






A black furred Kitsune that lives in the northern region of Japan and is a

transformation of the Big Dipper, or the Great Bear <Hokutosei/北斗星>.

This Kitsune is a bringing of great fortune and appears when the ruler of the land

works to bring about peace.




Kinko and Ginko

Gold and Silver Kitsune




The gold Kitsune is a symbol of the positive and/or light, while the silver Kitsune is a

symbol of the negative and/or darkness. They can also be considered as representing day and

night, respectively. Both are beneficial Kitsune.



Wild Kitsune



This Kitsune is a class of Kitsune that failed to overcome the tests they encountered in the

attempt to become a holy Kitsune. This also includes the wild Kitsune who do not possess the

proper spirit to even attempt to become a holy Kitsune. They basically just do bad things and even

take possession of people from time to time.




Holy Kitsune



This Kitsune type is a good, beneficial one that is reported to be able to live over 1,000 years. There are cases wherein this Kitsune actually turns out to be an evil entity as well.


Heaven Kitsune


This Kitsune lives over a 1,000 years and is a good, beneficial type that possesses divine powers and has evolved into a god. It has the power of clairvoyance and can see into the true nature of any

and everything. It possesses four tails.




Air Kitsune


This Kitsune lives more than 3,000 years and is a full fledged god with divine powers who is able

to do anything it wishes. It lives longer then the Tenko and has no tail.



Kyuubi no Kitsune

Nine-tailed Kitsune



This Kitsune surpasses the other divine Kitsune and living so long with divine powers its tail divides into nine tails. I wrote about this a couple of years ago –‘Kyuubi no Kitsune and the Story of Sesshouseki’