Kami Band who’s who – Another god of guitar, drum and programmer

Kami Band is a back band for BABYMETAL – its member is a god (Kami) of music summoned by The Fox God stage by stage. All the Kamis might have their own jobs.


So members are not fixed. In the previous article, this site explained Takayoshi Ohmura (guitar), Leda (guitar), BOH (bass) and Aoyama Hideki (drum) before. But other Kamis are on board. Let me explain Mikio Fujioka (guitar), Yuya Maeta (drum) and Hidefumi Usami (program)!

Mikio Fujioka – god of guitar

Some fans call him as Ko-gami (a small god) in Japanese with friendly feelings, compared to Ohmura Takayoshi as Oh-gami (a tall god). We can see his boyish outfit in a lot of his lecture books, columns on popular guitar magazine Young Guitar, also in videos of his plays. He’s a fulltime lecturer of a music school MI Japan which a guitar maker ESP runs. He’s rather a jazz and fusion player but plays all genres excellently. He was a student of it and became a lecturer right after he graduated. The Next video shows his various and skillful plays with Babymetal, in some other bands and other performances.

As a god of guitar, he appeared less than other guitarists Leda and Ohmura. So he is like a god of gods of guitar. It is true in a way because he taught Ohmura at the school. (By the way the rest Leda was also from the school.) He was first summoned at Inazuma Rock Festival 2013, and next appearance was BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR in this summer in France, German and the UK including Sonisphere festival. He saved Leda and the band on Sonisphere stage when Leda’s guitar had a trouble and took a few minutes for another one in the middle of the last song Ijime, Dame, Zettai.

Yuya Maeta – god of drum


He was first summoned to BABYMETAL live in Japan on June 2014. And he played at the LA live and Lady Gaga support acts in this summer in the US, and the return tour in NYC and London. He was a support drummer for Blue Man Group and began to play with Marty Friedman Band from this summer. The following video is Headbangya!! with him in NYC live.

Hidefumi Usami – god of program

He is a programmer, arranger and also a composer who worked with Gospelers and other singers and bands. He was first summoned for BABYMETAL Japan tour on this June and has supported all of their live performances since then.

BABYMETAL are back to their Japan homeland

BABYMETAL and Kami band member has just post this picture and comment on BABYMETAL official instagram account.

We got back to Japan! Thank you for supporting “METAL RESISTANCE EPISODE Ⅱ” world tour 2014!
See U in “METAL RESISTANCE EPISODE Ⅲ”2015! Wherever we are,we are “THE ONE”! #BABYMETAL #NYC #London #UK

Bassist BOH blog : Thoughts on Babymetal World Tour in Japan

Here is a translated text from Bassist BOH blog, BOH is BABYMETAL live band aka «kami band» bass player, by Dokoiko and Monster Panda on Reddit.


I’m late of mentioning it. The last lives of Babymetal World Tour taken place at Makuhari Messe on September 13 and 14. The hype was beyond expectation. I’ve never seen that enthusiasm on a live at Makuhari Messe before. Reportedly there were some cosplayers of Kami band… Some of them were in the bassist cosplay even who shaved their heads. I was moved by their dedication. I think it’s usual to do artists’ cosplay and unusual to do support bands’ one, we Kami band member hyped reading tweets from audiences.


As for the lives, every audience might have felt development of Babymetal after touring around the world? I felt Su-metal-San’s high speed development of her voice with a stretch and latitude. And felt dance of Yuimetal-San and Moametal-San sharpened more.

Babymetal has no stage talk and only playing music from the beginning to the end that is so hard. We never afford a moment to breathe from our appearance to exit. The three improve their performance better and better in every lives of that hard. I do respect them. Seeing that we band member get motivated a lot.

I would never think of that for Babymetal or any other performances, I never take second best or just play what I told to do! Performance of Babymetal is something that the power, expectation and hype of audience strike us all the member on stage. I came to think again that a live is something to be built by everyone there. I’m so glad to share these precious moment with you all.
And I think our audience enjoy Kami band’s solo plays. It is the moment I can play without limitation… We ourselves enjoy it with slight changes of plays live by live, but I only do the same phrase because double tapping is my identity. In that moment I’m proud of myself saying myself “it’s good, isn’t it?” lol. Something like, “Do it if you can?” lol. My double tapping is often required different fingering with each hands, so I don’t think it can be copied with ordinary amount of practice (even I confuse about how to do by myself). And lately there are opportunities to do solo in other acts. But solo in Babymetal has different type of pleasure I can say… All of other Kami member have great skill, so playing solo seems like a battle which I love much. Also there is rare moment nowadays that audience take great notice of plays of support band in major scene in Japan. I say thank you for giving those opportunities and see you!


I hear various opinions about Babymetal and I think it’s great too. It means Babymetal has many aspects to be mentioned. It’s a band? Or Idol? Or Metal? What it is? Something like that. I don’t want to sound like a critic, but I say that is our audience that build up this situation. Not to mention about a talent of Kobametal-San. And how you the audience feel about lives of Babymetal is the right answer regardless of any comments and reviews by critics.

Is there a spirit in it or not – it just matters.
The word is enough for those who came to see Babymetal live. I believe that Babymetal is a combination of spirits of the three, the staff and the audience. A spirit is hard to be bent, hard to be defeated. To survive hard whatever happens around. To survive hard how much they criticize it. I feel honored very much to join that spirit of Babymetal, and that has a huge impact on my life as the bassist.

I’m not a type of musician who plays with one band, but the one who plays with many different bands. It teaches me a lot and I make a living from it. I think I’m a very blessed person. All the people I met through the music are special. I learn everyday from their way of thinking and approach.


What I learned from Babymetal can improve me in other performances, and vice versa. I love that feeling – to make everything connected. There are many who says everything is connected. But only those who want to see it can see it. There are uncountable amount of things in the world that we can’t see unless we want to see it.
I think only a person of great dignity can see all of them, but about the music related things I want to play the bass guitar with taking notice of all things around me – notes, passion and beliefs.

It went off-topic a bit, anyway I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next about Babymetal so badly. The rare artist from Japan that the world taken notice of – this is Babymetal.
I will do my best to improve myself.

From the solid, heavy backing to fascinating solo play only I can present with my six strings, I’m glad if I could give our audience a sensation.
Since this blog post was too serious…

Let me say one last thingヾ( ´ー`)
I like beautiful ladies. I especially looooooooooove sexy and beautiful ones. Doki Doki.
That’s all for today (B・o・H)

Kami Band: Leda Cygnus talk about an upcoming new BABYMETAL song

Well a discussion on Facebook with Leda Cygnus, guitar player from the Kami Band, may have leak and reveal some shocking news!

Update 1: This screenshot is to take from Leda profile and his genuine.

Update 2: This is a fake account!



BABYMETAL – Takayoshi Ohmura Guitar Lessons

This video contain guitar lesson videos by one of BABYMETAL’s Kami Band guitarists Takayoshi Ohmura.


They are from his nicovideo channel. More videos are on his channel, but those don’t include BABYMETAL lessons.

In these videos he goes through parts of many different BABYMETAL songs, explains and shows how to play them. Even if you don’t speak Japanese you will learn a lot. This is by far no complete playthrough, but it should lead you in the right direction and is a gift for any guitar player.

The BABYMETAL fanclub at some point released the official guitar tunings (in Japanese) so I attached those tunings with a translation next to it. But most of the time Takayoshi will explain the tunings in the videos too.


Songs that are included (I might not remember some right now):
– Nightmare’s Rondo
– 4no uta
– Give Me Chocolate
– Answer for animation with you
– Megitsune

This is not strictly BABYMETAL though, he also explains parts for songs of C4 or his other projects.

Source: Hello-Online

BABYMETAL Homage Album Covers 3

More Babymetal homage album covers with the band re-imagined in covers from KISS, Iron Maiden, Motorhead,Anthrax, T Rex, Metallica, The Sex Pistols and Guns N Roses. 10550938_718282151577299_5211239534211783773_n10482590_718594648212716_1182624840103121445_n10547559_716590115079836_1986082553634777981_n10509560_711668508905330_2578710104733235841_n10489893_711668455572002_3776822606758329168_n10483993_716342908437890_7234588847119801169_n10425371_716339681771546_2169572752949652282_n10410760_717243365014511_6727902623873046993_n1965002_716342905104557_7532525715698983824_n14870_711668268905354_6491211474243453317_n

MOAMETAL explain the delay on stage during Sonisphere Festival

Monsterpanda from BABYMETAL on Reddit has just post this Moa’s diary translation from Sakura Gakuin Diary of Moa on 7/24/2014.

Good MorningNight. This is Moa. This year was the first time Moa could not be with her family, during my birthday. Instead I became 15 in Europe, and I was able to celebrate a special birthday!
Every time, on the days I go on stage or when I am away from my family traveling overseas, mama always says “Be careful, No matter what happens come back alive!!!”. I feel like she may be over exaggerating… but Moa, for the longest time, due to good or bad luck has been involved in strange accidents, that getting hurt is something that happens often. (sweat)


When I was a child I was in the hospital for pneumonia, I fell between the space between the bed and the wall backwards. I got my hand stuck in an automatic door and caused a commotion… I know I told this before, but during home ec I cut off the skin in my left index finger along the 2nd joint. During the earthquake, the water from the fish tank -that class all took care of- splashed on me, and I got all sticky… In the playground balls come flying towards Moa, causing bruises. Really, a lot of things happen around me. So I understand why my mama is worried, so taking her kind thoughts and feelings, I reply “Yes, No matter what I will come home alive.”

The first stop in the European tour was France!!! It was YUIMETALS Seitansai. The fans were fired up from the beginning!! During the encore, everyone sang “Happy Birthday” and celebrated. I know it wasn’t for me but I was so happy, tears came running down.

Next came Germany!!! We did my, MOAMETAL’s Seitansai. The impression I got in Germany was there were a lot of metaller’s. Are they scary?… is what I was thinking, but they were very warm and kind (heart). Every time a song ended there was a loud applause, I felt it the warmth in my heart. I was so happy.

We left the fortunate Germany, and went to England. We went to famous Sonisphere to perform. Here I ran into the issue where I could not hear from my ear monitor (sweat). At first we were waiting in our position in standby, calming myself and waiting to start, but I heard nothing. Listening carefully, I noticed I can hear the drums right behind me, barely.


Huh? Oh am I in trouble?! Is my ear monitor broken?!! ran trough my mind and I thought about going off stage to get it fixed, but I can feel SU-METAL and YUIMETAL moving. So I thought I’ll just have to move with what faint drumming I can hear, so I quickly assessed what was going on and somehow managed to move. Since we could not do a sound check being at a foreign festival, I heard this kind of stuff happens. The staff noticed what was going on with Moa and quickly addressed the issue, and I was saved. I was so relived when I heard sound coming in through the ear monitor. Thank You! I have been able to participate in many festivals, I felt everything I learned has been useful. And I will never forget the enormous view from the stage!!

Lastly, the Headliner in London!! I heard there was going to be a live streaming to Japan, with fans cheering us on in Japan, was very encouraging! Everyone was so hyped during the show, I felt everyone is enjoying BABYMETAL! I wanted to reply back to that feeling, by giving all of MOAMETAL’s to show. But there was something that happened to MOAMETAL in London. I stepped on something and and lost my footing (sweat) We don’t know what is going to happen, so we have to prepared for anything, is what I took to heart and learned from during the shows this time around!!

One year ago, right after a BABYMETAL show, we were so tired we had to rest for a while. This time all 3 of us were not tired. We were so full of energy that we had to careful not to cause trouble with KOBAMETAL and the Kami band members. (LOL)

Lastly thank you for the European Tour!! and pray for me that no “happenings” will happen in America.


Kami Band: Takayoshi Ohmura wish Happy Birthday YUIMETAL on Twitter

Takayoshi Ohmura, the «guitar God» from the Kami band (BABYMETAL Back band), just tweet this cute Happy Birthday YUIMETAL.