BFC reviews Babymetal’s new single ‘KARATE’

BABYMETAL’s 2nd album is a month away, and the 1st single KARATE is kicking it’s way to the top.

BABYMETALCHART1Babymetal’s new track KARATE has been released, getting airplay on major radio stations, and is topping the charts this past week. While some fans have said that they were hoping for a stronger representation of the sound that we know and love from Babymetal’s debut album, this first single from METAL RESISTANCE has given us a powerful, inspirational song from vocaloid producer Yuyoyuppe.

KARATE‘s lyrics translate to ‘fighting with all their heart/spirit’. The inspirational message seems to come across even without translation. Su-metal’s vocals are as powerful as ever, the words connect with the riff and beat throughout the chorus whilst her delivery on the verses soars, slowly and steadily. Su-metal’s calm collected voice is offset by the more emphatic Yuimetal and Moametal, who set the tone with their in-your-face backup vocals.

While some could do without the ‘studio fluff’, presumably added to gain commercial appeal by the single’s producer Yuyoyuppe, any fan who has seen the performance from Yokohama last year will tell you that KARATE will kick your butt live with the Kami Band on the stage.

Full karate lyrics at our website:

Teasers from Metal Resistance:

BFC reviews Babymetal’s new single ‘KARATE’

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BABYMETAL – KARATE official audio

Official BABYMETALVEVO channel has just released the Karate audio single from their upcoming album BABYMETAL – Metal Resistance!



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Last night, BABYMETAL gave us two new song from the coming album and we have two fan cam videos for you!

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