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Great article by Idol Lovers about BABYMETAL’s costume, its changes through the years starting from their beginnings (2011) to present (2017).



Check out the costume evolution and recommended costume of the globally successful heavy metal idol, BABYMETAL!

In 2011, BABYMETAL was formed by the trio Sakura Gakuin members, Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal.

It was originally a sub-unit of the Sakura Gakuin but finally became independent. The powerful sound and shout mixed with underground atmosphere of heavy metal, and the chemistry of Japan’s unique culture of idol has been gaining worldwide attention. Furthermore, attracting people by the unique style costumes and also the ‘kawaii culture’. We’ll introduce you to the most popular costumes starting with the evolution of the costumes they wore up until today.


– 2011. The “Doki Doki Morning” era costume.

They were formed as Sakura Gakuin’s heavy music club, with “Doki Doki Morning” as their first single which was released in the format of DVD and delivery distribution. The contrast between red and black is the main point. Ever since the debut, red and black has been the standard uniform of BABYMETAL’s costume.


– 2011. The “Headbangerrr!!” era costume

Headbangerrr!! was BABYMETAL’s first single which was released in CD via Indie Label. I wonder if the neck brace was intended to show the effect of headbanging too much? I suppose the main point is the fluffy skirt as an addition to the simple red and black.


– 2013. The “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” era costume.

Ijime, Dame, Zettai was the 2nd single which was released in January 2013. BABYMETAL was getting a lot of people to know them with this song. The motif of the costume was armor, Su-metal’s upper half is decorated in silver armor while Yuimetal and Moametal are equipped with spikes.

They also appeared in idol-ish retro costumes for the world reformation.


– 2013. The “Megitsune” era costume.

As the 3rd single “Megitsune” was released, BABYMETAL continues their activities vigorously. The main point is the 2 layers red-black pannier skirt with black blouse with red frills.

Furthermore, the costume had 2nd version which was a Kimono-style, a modification of Japanese-style clothing.


– 2013. The Festival era costume.

In the later half of the 2013, BABYMETAL was performing in many summer festivals. The armor costume was upgraded and became bustier-style.


– 2014. The “Music Station” performance era costume.

The costume has undergone minor changes in details over and over again throughout 2014. The main point of this elaborate design is the dot pattern, silver armor shoulder rests and the 3 layered leather skirt.


– The 2014~2015 era costume.

The armor design costume was upgraded little by little. The flared-sleeves gave BABYMETAL a little bit of feminine look.


– The year end of 2015 costume.

The bustier design has changed into futuristic design.


– The 2016 era costume.

BABYMETAL has released their 2nd album “Metal Resistance” and doing world tour. The costumes has also changed from red to more black in tone, and different design for each of the trio.


-The 2017. present.

The current BABYMETAL costume has completely evolved into black tone. With the use of glossy materials, the costumes have made them shine even more on the stage.


This is BABYMETAL’s most popular costume!


BABYMETAL have gone through many transitions since their debut 6 years ago. They are popular not only by their songs but also their costumes, so much that the costume exhibition was held. And among those costumes, which is the most popular one? By summing up the voice of the fans we’ll find out the result.



2nd single “Megitsune” Kimono style clothes

BABYMETAL interacted with a lot of artists in outside of Japan. The kimono-style costume which also represents Japan culture is the most popular among foreigners. The costume have only been used in a small amount of performances, a lot of fans want to see them wearing this costume again.


If you want to cosplay BABYMETAL, go to this store!

BABYMETAL’s costume has been drawing attentions. Recently, it also become popular as a cosplay in Halloween. They even sold a lot of them by mail orders, right? And among those which became hot topics, this one is the highlight, the costume which sold at don quixote (*don ki) store in Akihabara.

This is a complete set of costume to become BABYMETAL, and it is well known among the fans. If you happen to be near the don ki store, why not try to look for this costume?

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Translation by: BFC ADMIN Ari Santoso

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Nylon: Music Sensation Babymetal Talks Overlords and Ariana Grande

Japanese idol culture has nothing to do with Keith Urban or jazzy interpretations of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.”


The idol performers are interchangeable figurines who, unlike American pop culture icons, are not individualized. Idols typically sing saccharine, Kawaii-styled J-pop, but there are rare occasions in which these teenage performers jump genres, moving away from the existing, seizure-inducing model. Yuimetal, Su-metal, and Moametal are the trio behind the Japanese sensation Babymetal—a group that both embraces and defies the Idol genre.

Before her turn to the dark side, Su-metal was a member of two bands, Sakura Gakuin and Karen’s Girls, both of which produced up-tempo dance pop. Now, with the help of the Fox God, their fictitious, benevolent spiritual overseer, Su-metal and the rest of the gang have transitioned into hardcore music overlaid with j-pop vocals. The result is undeniably fantastic and bizarre. Babymetal is a craze, drawing tens of thousands of diehard fans into arenas around the world. Read the transcript below, or watch NYLON’s interview in which we sweat under the sheer force of this epic teenage trio.

Hi this is Mickey from Nylon and this is…

Su-metal: Su-metal

Yuimetal: Yuimetal

Moametal: Moametal

Su-metal: We are…

All: Babymetal!!!

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen at a concert?

Moametal: Once when we performed at a festival there were between 50, 000 and 60, 000 people in the audience we were so shocked. It was crazy.

Nylon: Who is your favorite singer?

Yuimetal: Ariana Grande.

Oh! Mine too. Can you sing any part of any Ariana Grande songs for us?

Who is the Fox God and what is his purpose?

Su-metal: we don’t really know a lot about the Fox God, but we believe in him. We never imagined ourselves in this unbelievable situation that we’re in today such as having concerts all over the world and we believe this is all given to us by the Fox God.

How do you communicate with the Fox God?

Su-metal: We receive revelations through Kobametal the only person who can receive revelations directly from the Fox God.

And who is Kobametal?

Yuimetal: The producer.

What are the Babymetal fans called?

Su-metal: We are called ‘the one.’

Oh, so all of them together are ‘the one.’ Alright. Powerful. Who are your typical fans and what do they look like?

Su-metal: Depending on the country there are different types of fans from older generations to kids, males, females, pop fans, and metal fans, there are varieties of fans that like different genres.

What happens when your pop fans and your metal fans come together and mix it up in the mosh pit?

Su-metal: Well, I think the pop fans were surprised by the metal fans in the beginning but now they all enjoy moshing and getting together.

So how do you guys talk to your fans? Is there a scream or is there a gesture or is there a hand movement?

Su-metal: We always do this fox sign that appears in our choreography very often. Our fans enjoy doing this sign together at our shows.

What is one thing that you love about America?

Yuimetal: I like the freedom America has in Japan people tend to think too much about others’ opinions and how to be like everybody else but to Americans it seems more important to be who you are and find your own way.

So as a very rad and intimidating metal singer yourself is there anything you’re afraid of?

Yuimetal: Ghosts.

Oh ghosts? Me too. I’m terrified of ghosts. And you?

Moametal: My mom when she’s mad…

Hime Kyun Fruit Kan (Himekyun): a japanese idols rock band with attitude

Some of you are searching for similar band to BABYMETAL, but its not very easy to find those band since most of all their name, lyrics and website are very often in Japanese language, and if you are here surfing this is probably because you do not read or even speak Japanese.


So, your truly is working for you and trying to find the best J-pop mixed with hard rock and metal. Last week we presented you the idol metal band FruitPochette and this week we offer our readers a very cool 5 girls Japanese idols band with a very kawaii hard rock edge named Himekyun.

Hime Kyun Fruit Can (ひめキュンフルーツ缶), also known as Himekyun, is a Japanese pop and punk-pop girl group from the Ehime Prefecture. An audition was set up in 2010 and later that year the group was revealed. They made their debut in 2011 with the single “Renai Energy Hoson no Housoku”. All members have their own assigned fruit.

The actual members are :
Tanio Sakurako (谷尾桜子, leader) – Blueberry
Kono Honoka (河野穂乃花) – Grapefruit
Okumura Mayuri (奥村真友里) – Apple Mango
Okamoto Mai (岡本真依) – Strawberry
Kikuhara Yuria (菊原結里亜) – Green Apple

Moratorium / Himekyun Fruits Kan
Himekyun Fruits Kan

Source: Generasia