BABYMETAL incident: L.A. City Fire Department confirmed a call for a 15 year-old female

A show review from OC Weekly report on the medical incident concerning a 15 year-old female.

In the show review: Babymetal – The Fonda Theater – July 27, 2014, you can read:

However, it actually might’ve been a little too much for one of the members themselves by the show’s end. We spotted an ambulance parked behind the venue, red lights blazing as fans gathered around. A spokeswoman for the L.A. City Fire Department confirmed that paramedics did respond to a call for a 15 year-old female unconscious at the venue shortly before 10 p.m. A girl was transported to an area hospital. Common sense dictates that the 15 year-old could’ve been either Moa or Yui, though we don’t have sound confirmation on the identity of the female as of yet. But considering that they’ve been just about everywhere lately, dealing with exhaustion is an inevitable part of the gig they’ll have to learn to deal with. Even though rocking out until you pass out is still pretty metal.

Just A bit of update from Pure Idol Heart

The story is that all the ladies of BABYMETAL had trouble with the heat in the venue especially MOA and she was taken for observation and treatment and is resting fine. All Members were checked to be safe. This is being reported by someone who is reported to be a staff at the venue event. No changes in tour is planned.

Update 1:

A little more info one


Update 2:

I double check it will Amuse management and told that she was taken to hospital and walk to ambulance and while sitting, she sleep before getting there to get a proper check up (source: John M.-Location Manager – Amuse USA Team)

Update 3:

Well they seem to be OK 🙂

All our wishes and thinking are going to BM girls and staff.