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BABYMETAL supporting LADY GAGA’s artRAVE (video compilation)

BABYMETAL support act 5 days [LADY GAGA’s artRAVE]July 30 – August 6, 2014

This guy have edited more than 2 jours of video footage from BABYMETAl as they were opening for LADY GAGA’s artRAVE.

BABYMETAL: news report on Nippon TV

BABYMETAL were featured on NTV (Nippon TV) about their shows overseas and their mini tour with Lady Gaga.

BABYMETAL Full concert Lady Gaga’s artRave part 1 and 2

Youtube user Braun von is back with this nicely edited multicam video that put together the most memorables fan vids from the BABYMETAL X Lady Gaga tour.

BABYMETAL Lady Gaga stage

op- Kamishibai 0:00
1-Megitsune 1:33
2-Doki Doki Morning 7:09

Support Act for LadyGaga’s artRave:the Artpop ball
DAY1: Phoenix, US Airways Arena
DAY2: Las Vegas, MGM Grand Garden Arena
DAY3: Stateline, Harveys Lake Tahoe
DAY4: Salt Lake City, Energy Solutions Arena
DAY5: Denver, Pepsi Center

3- Gimme Chocolate 0:00
Narration movie-Kamishibai 4:54
4- Ijime,Dame,Zettai 5:54

Support Act for LadyGaga’s artRave:the Artpop ball
DAY1: Phoenix, US Airways Arena
DAY2: Las Vegas, MGM Grand Garden Arena
DAY3: Stateline, Harveys Lake Tahoe
DAY4: Salt Lake City, Energy Solutions Arena
DAY5: Denver, Pepsi Center

BABYMETAL at Pepsi Center, Denver, CO 2014-08-06 HD

YouTube user kkazu1029 has just upload this very impressive BABYMETAL full concert in Denver.

BABYMETAL opening for Lady Gaga at Pepsi Center, Denver, CO 20140806

BABYMETAL and Lady Gaga at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas

YouTube user Teepu Khan has post this entire BABYMETAL concert at at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, including some images from the Lady Gaga concert.

LADYMETAL at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas (LIVE – BABYMETAL and Lady Gaga)

LADYMETAL: There and Back Again show review from the guy behind the camera


NOTE: The Lady Gaga sections MAY contain foul language. You have been warned.

Performers: BABYMETAL and Lady Gaga (aka LADYMETAL)
Venue: MGM Grand Garden Arena
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)
Date: August 1, 2014

I wanted to begin by apologizing for the poor quality. We were quite far from the stage, so I had to zoom in to make anything worthwhile. Also, due to the way I was holding the phone, I oftentimes covered the microphone accidentally, which ruined the sound. I would move my hand when I realized it, but unfortunately I didn’t notice it very often. My apologies. Finally, the picture quality can be a little bad due to the way the lighting was done. The Note 3 doesn’t do very well in low-light conditions, so sometimes it wouldn’t focus properly.

That being said, the concert was an absolute blast. It was very nice to see BABYMETAL again. On top of that Lady Gaga managed to instantaneously turn me into a fan. THAT’S how awesome she was. If you ever get a chance to see either of them live, TAKE IT! I guarantee you won’t regret it. Here is a link to my written coverage of the trip:

My Full Blog Coverage: http://ameblo.jp/tkhan05/entry-11904252624.html

BABYMETAL Las Vegas intro & 1st Two songs: finally a good quality video

The guys from BabyMetal Death Youtube channel has just post this exclusive video from the Las Vegas concert.

As you know BABYMETAL are touring for a few date as opening act for Lady Gaga and good quality videos are very rare, almost impossible to find, and finally this one has been dropped on Youtube and the video and the sound is very good compared to others ive seen and hear lastly!

From the author!

Because of the Crazy Light Show, the camera had problems focusing, it gets better, hang in there it gets better


Update: the seconde part

Another nice vids from Vegas here

BABYMETAL play Salt Lake City Tonight

Our girls are playing as opening act for Lady Gaga at the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City tonight, we will post photos and video later, stay tuned!

So here what they post on Twitter earlier today!

BABYMETAL X Lady Gaga live at Stateline, Nevada: photos and videos

Well, today our girls have done an outdoor concert at Harveys Lake Tahoe in Stateline, Nevada as opening act for Lady gaga and her ArtRave tour.

[jwplayer mediaid=”4259″]


Another Phoenix live clip

A new one from Vegas concert

BABYMETAL Opening for Lady Gaga in Phoenix: The first videos are coming out!

The fist video from the BABYMETAL opening concert for Lady Gaga in Phoenix are slowly begining to appear on the web here are some coming from different instagram account!

Setlist: 07/30/14 Phoenix, AZ – US Airways Center – United States

1- Megitsune
2- Doki Doki Morning
3- Gimme Choco
4- Ijime,Dame,Zettai









Update 1

Update 2: Lady Gaga dancing to BABYMETAL

Update 3:


The girls from BABYMETAL are set to wow the Lady Gaga crowds tonight !


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