Fruitpochette: Crest of Evil album cover and tracklist

Idol metal band Fruitpochette, sister group of Hime Kyun Fruit Can and nanoCUNE, has unveil their new «Crest of Evil» coming album cover and tracklist today.

Parasite is from their first cd «Shippu Jinrai»

FruitPochette (フルーツポシェット), formerly known as Frupoche (フルポシェ), is a Japanese idol metal group formed in 2012. It currently consists of 2 members : Teratani Mina and Azuma Shiori. FruitPochette is a sister group of Hime Kyun Fruit Can and nanoCUNE.


So here is «Crest of Evil» tracklist

Fruitpochette crest of evil

『The Crest Of Evil』
1. 静寂-Lacus-
2. 蒼天-Paradox-
3. 饒舌-DieOut-
4. 落花-Deadly-
5. 狼煙-Action-
6. 狂気-SheerMadness-
7. 灼熱-Drop-
8. 唯我-Vainglory-
9. 偉人-CleverDick-
10. 撃攘-Advance-
11. 殲滅-Effect-
12. 闇-Happiness-
13. 堕天使-Repose-

You can pre-order Crest of Evil on Cd Japan


Their first mini-album is available on CD japan


30POSSE: a new rock Idols group is born!

Our friend at Pure Idol Heart has this new rock idols group for us, read what they have in store for us!

30POSSE is an Idol group that I have wanted to write about for some time so tonight is the night.

30POSSE is not an Idol Metal group ,I really wish they would go that direction as they could pull it off ,they are a group that has just enough rock elements in their show to be considered rock Idols ,that middle ground between the traditional Pop Idols and the more extreme Metal Idols.


It may not seem like it from the first song of the live as that`s really just a warm up of the up-tempo show to come.

They have a live show full of up-tempo catchy shows that you want to clap to or get your towel out and wave. It`s like watching a good movie that builds up to a climax finish.

At 8 min into the live 30POSSE shows just how great and rocking they are.

30POSSE is one of those Idol groups that you don`t want to miss when they roll into town.

30POSSE on the web: