Review of metal Resistance Full Album song by song


Good evening Babymetalheads! So many people in Japan have the new album and i was lucky enough to hear the album today. Here is my review:


Road Of Resistance: Now this one has been out for a while and I think all fans know it. Dragonforce x Babymetal is all you need to know here, a blistering start to the album.

Karate: The most recent single and MV to be released Karate packs a punch for sure with a catchy chorus, killer riffs and loads of Seiya Soiyas. I would still call this the appetiser of whats to come though.

Awadama Fever: Now this one has been floating around for a while now but now I have heard the studio version I think it sounds so much better than id hoped for. The girls are bored of chocolate and moved to Bubblegum here. This is the more Kawaii side of the album that is guaranteed to make you move.

YAVA! (Previously called Chigau by fans): This one has a very awesome intro and some great Ska influences in there with the rapid assault of Guitars that will get circle pits going for sure live. Despite the catchiness of this song I think it left the least amount of impact on me throughout the album.

Amore: Ok here is the first Su-metal solo song of the album. Starts with some beautiful melodic vocals before some blistering shredding kicks in that gives off a very classic Dragonforce vibe. It is not as powerful as Akatsuki from the first album imo but that opinion could change when I see it live on Saturday (April 2nd) at Wembley.

Meta Taro: Now this was an unexpected one, a very Battle metal (Battle Hym) style song with influences from bands like Sabaton for example. It sounds like a song that you would march to and has plenty of lyrics from all 3 girls. A big surprise and im loving it!

From Dusk To Dawn: This album keeps surprising me! Now we have a song that has plenty of dubstep sounds and heavy riffs and not many lyrics. It is a very surreal sounding song and I especially love when they say BREAK! Before the breakdown. Has a lot of Bring Me The Horizon vibes to it

GJ!: Now we are onto the first Black Babymetal song (Moa and Yui) and this one is a favorite for me at the moment. Imagine some heavy Nu Metal riffs with Moa and yui doing some fast and very cute almost Rap like lyrics. You will have Motto Motto Hora! Repeating in your head for a while haha.

Sis Anger: Hands down the heaviest song on the album (maybe even the heaviest they have ever done). The second Black Babymetal song is the death Metal song of the album but with Moa and Yui’s cute vocals instead of growls and a lot of shouts that add to the intensity of the song like BAKA YAROOOO! (Basically a more vulgar version of Idiot or Moron. Who though Moa and Yui were so foul mouthed haha). This song will make you bang your head for sure.

No Rain No Rainbow: Now time to relax a little. An old song that was performed at 2 concerts in 2013 and 2014 finally comes back with a full release on the album. The second Su Metal solo song is a bit of a tear jerker. A beautiful Piano Ballad with an amazing guitar solo and very angelic vocals from Su Metal. So are you relaxed now? Cause buckle up for the next one, it’s about to get crazy.

Tales Of The Destinies: Now I still cannot describe what happens in this song, it is so much thrown at you at once in a mental mind-fuck. It will take a lot of listens to know what’s going on in this blend of many genres. There’s a little piano part, loads of tone changes and a very Math rock sound to it. Is it even possible to play live? Well the Kami Band will have their work cut out for them for sure. For these reasons it makes it a very memorable song from this album that is sure to confuse you haha.

The One: Now this one sounds like an anthem, a full English song about everyone coming together as THE ONE. It’s a beautiful way to end the album and sounds amazing. Will be a great closing song for Future concerts.

Extra song only available on the Japanese version

Syncopation: Now this one sounds very much like it could be an opening of an Anime. It’s a great rock song with some very nice vocals and chants from Moa and Yui. It’s somewhat softer than some of the others which is nice to have. This one is growing on me more and more with each listen.

Overall impression I freaking love the album. If I had to give it a rating it would be 9.5/10 as it can’t be absolutely perfect but it is the closest you will get to perfect. There is a song for everyone on this album and I’m pretty sure it has broken a record of most genres on a single album for sure!

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Sneak Peek of Babymetal’s 2nd album.

Metal Hammer spoils Babymetal fans with a track by track breakdown of ‘Metal Resistance

With ‘Metal Resistance‘ now a month away, Babymetal fans are teased with a breakdown of the album in the March 2016 issue.  Eleanor Goodman from Metal Hammer dissects Babymetal’s still unreleased album.


Released a year ago to proudly set the scene for Babymetal’s evolution, this song shows the band’s synthesis of pop and metal at its finest. Kitsunes up!


Kicking off with a meaty modern metal riff and minor vocals, Karate packs one hell of a punch, before striking into an Idol-like chorus. Set necks to headbang.


Forget chocolate – it’s all about ‘chew-chew-chewing gum’ now. Out last November, it has a ferocious drum’n’bass background, in keeping with Kobametal’s penchant for genre-blending.


It opens like a demented video game and drifts into Eurovision territory, before massive nu metal riffs take it to a mystical-sounding bridge.


Beginning like a ballad, Amore swiftly descends into the realm of riffing, taking cues from friends and collaborators Dragonforce. Su-metal’s vocals are huge.


Babymetal? Battlemetal, more like. It opens like a hymn, before male voices spell out the title in a Viking warrior chant, and they’re all off on metaphorical longboat.


The influence of BMTH looms large. There are layers of electronics, a touch of Can You Feel My Heart, and then it all goes surprisingly Skrillex.


Sneak Peek of Babymetal’s 2nd album.The title’s unclear, but there’s a line that goes, “Monster, monster horror!” Heaviness and melody blend into the ultimate Babymetal Frankenstein song.


It’s the death metal song! There is a fearsome sample from The Book Of Revelation, before a frantic flurry of noise and some syncopated vocals.


The clue’s in the title – it’s uncannily like X Japan’s Endless Rain and GN’R’s November Rain. From sweet strings to tinkling ivories pours a huge ballad.


The nuttiest track yet. A load of mathcore comes crashing in, before mutating into galloping power metal, while Su-metal croons like Lady Gaga.


Another song they’ve played live. It’s Disney’s Frozen x heavy metal – an earnest track designed to light up arenas. Anathema to some, rapturous to others, this is the Fox God’s parting shot.Sneak Peek of Babymetal’s 2nd album.

March 2016 issue of Metal Hammer featuring Babymetal on sale now. If you live in the states, Barnes and Noble import the UK based metal magazine.

Sneak Peek of Babymetal’s 2nd album.

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BABYMETAL – KARATE official audio

Official BABYMETALVEVO channel has just released the Karate audio single from their upcoming album BABYMETAL – Metal Resistance!



Metal Resistance offers exclusive for non-Japanese fans.

Babymetal had an announcement for non-Japanese fans in the Jan 2016 issue of Kerrang Magazine. To recognize their non-Japanese fans, an exclusive track will appear on the new album ‘Metal Resistance’.

Kerrang Magazine

Kerrang Magazine Jan 23, 2016 edition.

While not much about this is mentioned, the new album recently announced ‘Metal Resistance’ is going to release the album in multiple regions including EU/US. We believe this could mean an English language track of some sort. Possibly a rerelease of a debut album hit? or maybe a new hard hitting intro song like Babymetal Death? Leave a comment what you think it may be.

Babymetal’s 2nd album ‘Metal Resistance’ is due out on Fox Day, April 1, 2016 with the next world tour to follow.

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BABYMETAL : The Cant of Words Part 2 (From the BAW booklet 1)

The Cant of Words (Page 2)

 Gyakudai, Sakudai, Korodai

This is a dive term that makes its appearance in the middle of “Hedobangya!!”. Bending at the elbow with one arm, and then at the determined point in time in the song and while making a fist with the hand of this arm the fan makes his or her body fall forward from the chest in unison with the other fans. This is known as “Gyakudai”. Placing one’s body so it rides on a barrier or partition in the concert hall, the fan then does a “Gyakudai”. This is known as “Sakudai”. Being lifted up by the surrounding fans and then rolling on top of them toward the stage is what is called, “Korodai”. It is an ironclad rule of manners that when doing the “Korodai” one first removes their shoes, and since many concert halls prohibit such dive actions, one must honor these rules of manners and have fun in the concert without causing injuries to oneself nor others. Not doing so is “Dame, Zettai”.


 Kurenai no Kishi
 The Crimson Knight

In order to return the Metal souls of Yuimetal and Moametal who have fallen into the dark side by transforming into Black Babymetal, Su-metal transforms herself into the Crimson Knight by engulfing herself in Dark Crimson flames. At many performances Su-metal saves the 2 girls by singing “Akatsuki”.


Kobametal is the producer of Babymetal and the successor of the records of Apocalypse of Kitsune-sama. The divine instructions of Kitsune-sama are passed on to the members through Kobametal. In other words, he performs the function of what could be called a psychic medium.

(さ) (Sa) Line

 Sakura Gakuin/Jyuuonbu

Sakura Gakuin is the venue in which the 3 girls carry out their activities of “Metal Resistance in the Idol world in their guises of stealth. “Juonbu” (Heavy sound club) was established so these club activities could be carried out in a manner differing from “Keionbu” (Light sound club). When Juonbu was first established there were incessant complaints from the other clubs about the explosive sounds coming from their performances, and so when Su-metal graduated from Sakura Gakuin in March of 2013, Juonbu was abolished and Babymetal went on to carry out its activities independent from the school.

 (See you!!)

Basically speaking in theses live performances carried out without MC, the only words coming from the stage are this phrase “See you!!” said at the end of each show. The closing greetings the girls use when transmitting messages through the media is also this phrase of, “See you!!”.


This is a very important role that has been issued by Kitsune-sama to Yuimetal and Moametal. For Babymetal, the scream is an amazing and unexpected “Ai no Te” (an interjected chant) performed in instrumental sections of songs. At times they are also in charge of the Death Voice parts.

(た) (Ta) Line

 Dame! Jyanpu
 Not good! Jump

In chorus section of “Ijime, Dame, Zettai”, when Su-metal vocalizes “Ijime!”, in unison Yuimetal and Moametal scream out, “Dame!” while at the same time cross their arms about the height of their faces in the Fox sign and jump up performing one of Babymetal’s ceremonial movements.


The members of Babymetal often say “Death!!” at the end of conversations. Doing so they bite their tongue, not so so hard as to cause pain, in order to properly make the “TH” sound.

 Death voice

A wide variety of both high pitched sounds and low pitched Death voices such as “Gya-!!” and “??” make their appearance in Babymetal songs and are utilized as a form of interjected chant signalling the fans to raise their voices. Some parts are handled by Yuimetal and Moametal. These Death voices were introduced into early songs such as, “Doki Doki Morning” and “iine” and are pioneering developments that were the first Death Voices to be utilized in a full fledged manner in the Idol world.

 Dogeza Hedoban
 Hedoban done from a kneeling position

This appears in the middle of the song, “Hedobangya-!!”. This is a form of Hedobanging where one kneels on the ground and bows in manner that one’s head rubs on the ground. It also appears to be a ritual for summoning the Hedoban kami. This is also a symbolic Hedoban ceremonial homage to Headbanging carried on throughout the Visual band world.

 The front and center seat

This is term about seating that appears in the middle of “Hedobangya-!!”. This means the very center, or in other words, the center seat of the front row. This is a term that is used often in the Visual band world.

 (な) (Na) Line

 Nanba-wan jyanakute onri-wan
 Not number one, but rather, the only one

This is one of the missions assigned to Babymetal by Kitsune-sama. Based on the concept of “Fusing together Idol with Heavy Metal”, Babymetal is to carry out the Metal resistance as a presence in the world of both Idol and Heavy Metal that is completely unique and without peer.

(は) (Ha) Line

 Fuokkusu sain
 The Fox sign

When the members of Babymetal were being taught the Maloik sign which is a symbolic and ritualistic sign in the world of Heavy Metal, the girls mistook it for a shadow picture hand formation of the Fox. This is what led to the creation of the Kitsune sign, or Babymetal’s style of the Maloik sign. The shape of Kitsune-sama can be envisioned by the form of the fingertips.

 Burakku Bebi-metaru
 Black Babymetal

This is the unit name of Yuimeta and Moametal when they transform in their incursions into the entertainment world of various conspiracies of the gigantic and powerful “Idol”. When they go through their transformation, they say, “This isn’t Metal, is it?” as they begin to disrespect Metal for violating the true meaning of Metal. When Yuimetal and Moametal transform into Black Babymetal in “Onedari Daisakusen” they chant the sounds of “Yo! Yo!”.

Five moments that differentiated BABYMETAL as what it is today

Prologue: To the Metal Resistance

Many reactions, reviews and news have been issued about BABYMETAL. Many of those referred to their forming as an Idol unit, their ignorance of Heavy Metal before the beginning, their going viral with Gimme Chocolate MV, and their successful performance at a main stage of Sonisphere festival.

But how many people know what happened between these moments? Everything has a chain of cause-and-result cycles. The same does to BABYMETAL. Here reviews a series of five critical moments from its birth to date that became causes/results made them what they are now.

1. Kobametal the producer found the way to shine Suzuka Nakamoto aka Su-metal, the talented lead vocalist most

Suzuka Nakamoto has been in show biz over 10 years even she’s 16 now. She’s said to have been always recognized as special talent and had already proved her powerful and distinctive voice and live performance skill when she was ten as a member of Karen Girl’s, one-year-only idol group act. They fired up an arena with 10,000 audiences by their performance. When the group disbanded as planned in 2009, her bright future was promised as an idol singer in Japan.


But her voice and dance was just out of standard from Japanese idol, even too powerful and straight. The fact that her office Amuse didn’t promote her like that was the proof of it. Here was the one who worked at the office. His name was Key Kobayashi – future Kobametal the producer.

Key was decades-long fan of Heavy Metal, had experience on PR and an administrative job of some rock bands back then. He thought carefully about the best way for Suzuka to make full potential of her unique talent of singing and dancing out to the world. He saw her as a limitless type of performer. She said by herself that she didn’t remember anything when she’s in the zone on stage. And everyone saw her hit unexpected quality in singing and dancing.

An idea finally hit the man that a speed and loudness of Heavy Metal was the answer that could bring chemistry with Suzuka’s full power. At the same time he went to Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, US to see Japanese Metal band X Japan performing. He saw many people there finally jumping around here and there along with its Japanese-lyrics song with their X-shaped arms high up to the sky, even hard-looking reggae guy.

He felt confident in these jumping clouds that Japanese heavy music could transcend a border of languages, nationalities and music preferences to touch and move people who even didn’t understand Japanese at all.
So he was sure he could make it by blending two powerful weapons together – one was Suzuka Nakamoto the quality-proven performer and the other was heavy music, his lifetime devotion and profession.

2. BABYMETAL was formed with twins-like enchanting girls Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi with Suzuka

Suzuka was a powerful asset but she’s so distinctive by any means. Also in Japan a solo idol became out of fashion. So he thought to add partners to her but at the same time standard girls’ group format didn’t seem to work. In the recruiting period, he wanted a feel of little twins dancing around of Suzuka like former famous twins idol The Peanuts signing for Mothra, and finally Yui and Moa caught his eye.


Both of them were eleven years old, almost identical outfit like twins also had years of experience of CMs, fashion shows and stages at the time. The miracle was that those twins-like two girls were in the same office along with Suzuka. The two are becoming less identical now but they kept almost identical like twins in years.
Both of them easily cleared average qualities in performing, but each of them have different strong points. Yui is good at dancing and more modest and Moa is good at charming and communicative type. And Suzuka is also well known as gno-brainerh type of person at her own pace. They are capable also professional, synchronized also complementary like a stable triangle.

3. BABYMETAL came with a unique and quality coupling of Heavy Metal sound, J-pop melody, dynamic dance and Idol appearance by their debut song Doki Doki Morning

Doki Doki Morning was released on 2011/10/24 from Juuonbu Records label that was just built for BABYMETAL only. Juuonbu means a heavy music club that is a name of a subsidiary of Sakura Gakuin that is an idol academy in their office, Amuse Inc. The song is catchy J-Pop number with cute choreography of three little girls, but once you listen to its instrumental version you’ll find how heavy its sound really is. It uses some of PANTERA drum sounds (how many other girls’ groups use sounds from PANTERA?)


It didn’t become a big hit but it could make BABYMETAL survive, and it set the tone of its sound since then – brutality of Heavy Metal and catchiness of J-Music with complexity of Idol song. Japanese Idol song is even chaotic. It can allow almost anything under the name of Kawaii girls. Many music talents from other genres have come to the genre and create vast range of songs, and it became like a meta-genre that holds a lot of genres underneath because it would be said that music industry has been shrunken much in Japan and Idol is now the only genre that generates enough sales to be able to sustain Japanese music industry.

In fact, there have been a lot of songs of Idols with heavy taste and Heavy Metal bands with cute girls in Japan. But the genius of Key and greatness of the girls are that they never accept BABYMETAL to stay just a taste but challenge to be a real thing. Their Heavy Metal sound is real. So is their Pop melody, choreography, Idol charisma, Suzuka’s voice and Yui and Moa’s cuteness, too. That makes the difference. You can tell by yourselves and those who came to see them live left their comments that even metalheads in decades really enjoyed their performance, held their breaths away by Su-metal’s voice and melt their hearts by Yui and Moa’s cuteness. And to our surprise their performances seem to keep improving from comments and reviews.

4. BABYMETAL made a successful first appearance to a big rock festival, Summer Sonic with the youngest performer record

Summer Sonic is a big rock festival in Japan with a long history since 2000 which now hosts over 120,000 audiences in two days. Its headliners were big names like Green Day, Marilyn Manson, Guns N’ Roses, Oasis, Linkin Park, Metallica, Stevie Wonder and more.
BABYMETAL appeared there in 2012 by invitation from its host which saw BABYMETAL as something new with potential though they had only 5 songs, released only 3 singles and no album and little appearance on TV and magazine back then. They played at sub stage rather small. But it was their first exposure to many non-Idol fans, musicians and persons in music industry and media of broader music genres.


The band got into the second level from the performance. They didn’t play at small event space anymore, held first solo live with 1,300 audiences and did first performance abroad in Singapore. And these lead them to their major debut and to their back band, Kami Band.

5. BABYMETAL acquired authentic Heavy Metal feel with their major debut song Ijime, Dame, Zettai and introduced Kami Band as a back band in their live

And early in 2013 their major debut came with Ijime, Dame, Zettai. It was actually their second song, but it was their fourth single. It might be that Kobametal kept waiting for the release until the time came. It was a straight and strong power metal number with well-structured melody line that could maximize power of Su-metal’s power with impressive shredding guitar solo and endless twin bass drum roams.

Kobametal said that he “thought it’s time for a fast ball hard enough to surprise metalheads,” and they won the bet. He “finally got some credit to talk with metalheads,” and it earned “pretty good sales figure. The CD sales kept its moment long in the front of stores.”

And at the same time, he made a decision to introduce live back band into their stage performances. BABYMETAL had played with pre-recorded track till the period. Despite of financial and temporal cost, the back band could improve their live performance a lot. And it needs mentioning to the quality of these band players.


It’s named as Kami Band. Kami is a word that refers to god. All the member deserve the name because every one of them is regarded as top notch musician in Japan. But why these best of the best join to this three-piece idol girls’ unit? They are the ones who never be pressed for good offers. More money? Maybe. A pressure of big music agency? Maybe.
But some of them said playing in BABYMETAL behind of these hard-working talented girls and trying different types of well-produced music are just so much fun also challenging. Also they said they felt confident that BABYMETAL was going to be something before it became as it is now. They even said these girls were so professional enough to respect as a musician. They are all top notch performers. Both the girls and the band. And here would be chemistry between them. So is there any reason that BABYMETAL is NOT going to be a real thing in the world?

Epilogue: The Metal Resistance is going on

So these are critical moments that BABYMETAL has had until it became the Internet viral with Gimme Chocolate. Maybe many of you know what happened after the song. And I want to say. The song IS – or was – viral. It is watched over 17,000,000 times from last April on YouTube. Some said it’s another WTF thing from Japan. Yes it’s very different from American or Europian Pop, Heavy Metal or any other music. It might have surprised tons of people in the world in various senses.


But is BABYMETAL itself just a viral in the Internet? Three months later when BABYMETAL appeared into curios eyes from 60,000 people and left from a main stage of Sonisphere with great amount of applause under the opening-up UK sky on July 5, audiences there and so many other people in the world who watched it via YouTube later would have felt that BABYMETAL was something in the real world. Or anything different with potential to the future.
Now they just closed the Metal Resistance Episode II with live performances in Japan, Germany, France, UK and US. Audiences and media people from various countries felt their performance live by their own eyes, ears and hearts. They must have felt BABYMETAL was not another WTF from Japan but something new that can deliver quality experiences that  can trancend borders of languages, nationalities and music preferences to touch and move people who even didn’t understand Japanese at all. And BABYMETAL declared the beginning of Metal Resistance Episode III from O2 Academy, Brixton in UK.
We don’t know what it is yet. But whatever it will be we already know this will come next year with quality. It will come. We will see it before long.


Herman Li from DragonForce have a message for us!

Herman Li has just post this statut on Facebook!!

You have to know that Dragonforce’s Herman Li and Sam Totman are behind the new BABYMETAL song «The one».


I’ve been summoned by the Fox God along with Sam Totman of Dragonforce to join the Metal Resistance with BABYMETAL.

Herman Li from DragonForce have a message for us!

Herman Li has just post this statut on Facebook!!

You have to know that Dragonforce’s Herman Li and Sam Totman are behind the new BABYMETAL song «The one».


I’ve been summoned by the Fox God along with Sam Totman of Dragonforce to join the Metal Resistance with BABYMETAL.

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Transcript of the narrations in Legend Y (Paris concert)

Here is the Transcript of the narration from Legend Y, the Paris concert.


This is a story of the Angel of Dance.
The Angel of Dance(YUIMETAL) will be summoned by the God of Metal and she will receive the blessing of the night of the full moon in Paris.
The dance of the Angel will enchant the citizens of Paris, then the sound of her shoes will echo throughout the world.
This is the legend of music that surpasses art.
Now, the Angel of Dance descends to the floral city of Paris.
In a period of civil war in the world.
The METAL MASTER grieved about the world’s chaotic situation The METAL MASTER said.
All HEAVY METAL Roads lead to Europe.
In Europe there is THE BIG FOX THE HEAVY METAL GOD. He was determined to make the world become one with HEAVY METAL again.
Then, In the land of the Rising Sun. the HEAVY METAL RESISTANCE began.
Three girls were chosen and given the holy metal name by the FOX GOD.
He named them BABYMETAL which meant birth of a new style of HEAVY METAL.
He gave them the mission to make the world become one with HEAVY METAL again.
Now is the time to join the METAL RESISTANCE.
As BABYMETAL – the guardians of HEAVY METAL – travel across the galaxy.

credits to bbymetal from tumblr