Doki Doki Morning: a brutal deathcore cover from Mitch Howie

Mitch Howie, the signer from the deathcore band The Dialectic, is doing a very brutal cover version of BABYMETAL – Doki Doki * Morning.

You can visit his band page and buy their album We Are Obscurity here:

BABYMETAL- Megitsune – Deathcore cover by MItch Howie from The Dialectic

Here is a pretty intense death metal/Deathcore version of BABYMETAL – Megitsune by MItch Howie.

This cover is a must for all BABYMETAL-outhere and probably one of the best to date. MItch Howie is the signer of the band The Dialectic

Is you want to know more about The Dialectic, here is their video “March of Leviathan”. Not my cup of tea but deathcore and more heavier metal fan sould give them a try!