Moa new diary: Aiko and Megu (translation)

[Moa new diary 2014-11-25]


Title: Aiko and Megu

Good mornooning It’s Moa.
We came back safely to Japan finishing New York and London concerts!!
This time again, Moa could have wonderful times. I’m very thankful for everything
While we went to extracurricullar activity, there were a three-day weekend in Japan. And unusually, there were no Sakura activity in the weekend. So, Sakura members could have time to do something they wanted, or could have rest. Good for them! Moa feels we need some me-time — playing with friends, doing hobbies, studying and doing nothing but rest — to improve ourselves!!
THEREFORE…Please give us some holidays again. lol


Well, this time Moa write about Aiko & Megu!!
Like MoaYui in Sakura Gakuin, or Yuimetal & Moametal in BABYMETAL, Aiko and Megu sometimes are grouped into one pair.

Moa and Yui joined Sakura at the same time and are the same age. So, we have been looked as a pair or have been compared our differences so often. Moa sometimes wondered why so many people didn’t look Moa as a single person. Moa hated to be regarded as a pair when Moa was 1st grade in middle school and said by teachers and a make-up artist to be “chuunibyou”. lol

【Chuunibyou (中二病), or “Middle-school 2nd Year Syndrome”, is a colloquial and rather derisive term in Japan which describes a person at the age of fourteen would either act like a know-it-all adult, or thinks they have special powers no one else has. Some would even go as far as being obnoxious, arrogant, and often look down on adults or older people. This way of thinking or acting is mostly seen in teenagers during adolescence, however there are people who still act like this even after reaching adulthood.
Chuunibyou uses the word “病” for “syndrome” or “disease” but it does not actually relate to any medical condition or mental disorder. It can also be written as 厨二病 in Japanese, where “厨” means “-fag” in net slang. In English it is often abbreviated as chuu2. (– from pixiv dictionary)】

Aiko and Megu are not in the state of chuunibyou yet. They make a lot of noise and have many quarrels — how vigorous and boisterous they are!

Moa also had been said by elder members “Moa is so vigourous♪” or “Moa, you are really free spirit♫”. But, Moa feel they have more energy than Moa had in those days!!

Both Aiko and Megu are smart. They are good in study in school. And , if you look at them one by one, their personalities are different.
Aiko is straightforward, and is like a cute puppy Megu is generous and easygoing.
But, when they are together, Moa feels they are similar in many characters. It’s mysterious!!


Aiko joined Sakura one year earlier than Megu. And Aiko ‘put on a senpai-air’ to Megu【means Aiko act like a senpai–like a boss】. Aiko put on a senpai-air even to Sara –Sara is a year older than Aiko! lol Aiko is very willing to teach something to kouhais(=juniors, in this context, members who joined Sakura later). It’s fun to see ‘Teacher Aiko’ make a mistake or, try to teach but Aiko herself can’t do it.
Most of Sakura girls have similar experiences (try to teach and fail. or vice versa) and seeing such Aiko make us smile. Aiko is faithful. Aiko comes all the way from Kagoshima and it must be very tough, but she is always positive and cheerful. And Moa love Aiko sing!! I’m really looking forward to seeing Aiko’s improvement♫

Megu changes completely on the stage!! Megu can sense what is expected from her and can respond quickly.
The other day, Megu sent Moa an E-mail. It said “Moa-chan, do you have anything you can’t do well and don’t know what to do?” When Moa was in elementary school, there was nothing which bother me as for the Sakura works. Moa had been acting as Moa liked, wondering nothing, just enjoying the works. But Megu is already thinking more than just enjoying herself!! Megu is thinkng how to send our love to Fukei-sans In the E-mail, Megu also said, “Megu is likely to be too greedy on the stage…How can I act more naturally”
…OMG, Megu is extraoridinary!! Moa respect Megu who can think over and can point out her problem by herself
Moa replied to the E-mail “While Megu is in elementary school, you can enjoy yourself freely! But Megu is thinking how to improve yourself. Well done Megu” Megu is full of spirit to entertain people and try to do very best on the stage. How adorable Megu is!


On open school events the other day, in which Aiko and Megu were separated to other class. And Aiko said “Without Megu, I feel something is missing…” Soooo cute Aiko is!! They are a pair after all!!
♪The two of us have the faces of rivals and close friends♪
Aiko and Megu…they are in really good relations, Moa think
Maybe, they will grow up bigger than MoaYui. (or already they are?)

Now, Moa think of the name of the (would be)unit!

Aiko愛子 and Megumi愛 make “Love×2” 【愛 means Love】
Call them “LoveLove” Doesn’t it sound good? (self-praise)
Or…”Megu ri Ai” 【Meguriai means ‘meeting with long-separated beloved one’ or ‘meeting with the one having been seeking’ 】
Ah…this sounds like enka. lol 【enka is a Japanese traditional love-ballads】
Fukei-sans, Please cherish Aiko and Megu’s growth with Moa.

Credit to Onji Kobe-san for the translation~ Source: Babymetal 重音部


Five moments that differentiated BABYMETAL as what it is today

Prologue: To the Metal Resistance

Many reactions, reviews and news have been issued about BABYMETAL. Many of those referred to their forming as an Idol unit, their ignorance of Heavy Metal before the beginning, their going viral with Gimme Chocolate MV, and their successful performance at a main stage of Sonisphere festival.

But how many people know what happened between these moments? Everything has a chain of cause-and-result cycles. The same does to BABYMETAL. Here reviews a series of five critical moments from its birth to date that became causes/results made them what they are now.

1. Kobametal the producer found the way to shine Suzuka Nakamoto aka Su-metal, the talented lead vocalist most

Suzuka Nakamoto has been in show biz over 10 years even she’s 16 now. She’s said to have been always recognized as special talent and had already proved her powerful and distinctive voice and live performance skill when she was ten as a member of Karen Girl’s, one-year-only idol group act. They fired up an arena with 10,000 audiences by their performance. When the group disbanded as planned in 2009, her bright future was promised as an idol singer in Japan.


But her voice and dance was just out of standard from Japanese idol, even too powerful and straight. The fact that her office Amuse didn’t promote her like that was the proof of it. Here was the one who worked at the office. His name was Key Kobayashi – future Kobametal the producer.

Key was decades-long fan of Heavy Metal, had experience on PR and an administrative job of some rock bands back then. He thought carefully about the best way for Suzuka to make full potential of her unique talent of singing and dancing out to the world. He saw her as a limitless type of performer. She said by herself that she didn’t remember anything when she’s in the zone on stage. And everyone saw her hit unexpected quality in singing and dancing.

An idea finally hit the man that a speed and loudness of Heavy Metal was the answer that could bring chemistry with Suzuka’s full power. At the same time he went to Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, US to see Japanese Metal band X Japan performing. He saw many people there finally jumping around here and there along with its Japanese-lyrics song with their X-shaped arms high up to the sky, even hard-looking reggae guy.

He felt confident in these jumping clouds that Japanese heavy music could transcend a border of languages, nationalities and music preferences to touch and move people who even didn’t understand Japanese at all.
So he was sure he could make it by blending two powerful weapons together – one was Suzuka Nakamoto the quality-proven performer and the other was heavy music, his lifetime devotion and profession.

2. BABYMETAL was formed with twins-like enchanting girls Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi with Suzuka

Suzuka was a powerful asset but she’s so distinctive by any means. Also in Japan a solo idol became out of fashion. So he thought to add partners to her but at the same time standard girls’ group format didn’t seem to work. In the recruiting period, he wanted a feel of little twins dancing around of Suzuka like former famous twins idol The Peanuts signing for Mothra, and finally Yui and Moa caught his eye.


Both of them were eleven years old, almost identical outfit like twins also had years of experience of CMs, fashion shows and stages at the time. The miracle was that those twins-like two girls were in the same office along with Suzuka. The two are becoming less identical now but they kept almost identical like twins in years.
Both of them easily cleared average qualities in performing, but each of them have different strong points. Yui is good at dancing and more modest and Moa is good at charming and communicative type. And Suzuka is also well known as gno-brainerh type of person at her own pace. They are capable also professional, synchronized also complementary like a stable triangle.

3. BABYMETAL came with a unique and quality coupling of Heavy Metal sound, J-pop melody, dynamic dance and Idol appearance by their debut song Doki Doki Morning

Doki Doki Morning was released on 2011/10/24 from Juuonbu Records label that was just built for BABYMETAL only. Juuonbu means a heavy music club that is a name of a subsidiary of Sakura Gakuin that is an idol academy in their office, Amuse Inc. The song is catchy J-Pop number with cute choreography of three little girls, but once you listen to its instrumental version you’ll find how heavy its sound really is. It uses some of PANTERA drum sounds (how many other girls’ groups use sounds from PANTERA?)


It didn’t become a big hit but it could make BABYMETAL survive, and it set the tone of its sound since then – brutality of Heavy Metal and catchiness of J-Music with complexity of Idol song. Japanese Idol song is even chaotic. It can allow almost anything under the name of Kawaii girls. Many music talents from other genres have come to the genre and create vast range of songs, and it became like a meta-genre that holds a lot of genres underneath because it would be said that music industry has been shrunken much in Japan and Idol is now the only genre that generates enough sales to be able to sustain Japanese music industry.

In fact, there have been a lot of songs of Idols with heavy taste and Heavy Metal bands with cute girls in Japan. But the genius of Key and greatness of the girls are that they never accept BABYMETAL to stay just a taste but challenge to be a real thing. Their Heavy Metal sound is real. So is their Pop melody, choreography, Idol charisma, Suzuka’s voice and Yui and Moa’s cuteness, too. That makes the difference. You can tell by yourselves and those who came to see them live left their comments that even metalheads in decades really enjoyed their performance, held their breaths away by Su-metal’s voice and melt their hearts by Yui and Moa’s cuteness. And to our surprise their performances seem to keep improving from comments and reviews.

4. BABYMETAL made a successful first appearance to a big rock festival, Summer Sonic with the youngest performer record

Summer Sonic is a big rock festival in Japan with a long history since 2000 which now hosts over 120,000 audiences in two days. Its headliners were big names like Green Day, Marilyn Manson, Guns N’ Roses, Oasis, Linkin Park, Metallica, Stevie Wonder and more.
BABYMETAL appeared there in 2012 by invitation from its host which saw BABYMETAL as something new with potential though they had only 5 songs, released only 3 singles and no album and little appearance on TV and magazine back then. They played at sub stage rather small. But it was their first exposure to many non-Idol fans, musicians and persons in music industry and media of broader music genres.


The band got into the second level from the performance. They didn’t play at small event space anymore, held first solo live with 1,300 audiences and did first performance abroad in Singapore. And these lead them to their major debut and to their back band, Kami Band.

5. BABYMETAL acquired authentic Heavy Metal feel with their major debut song Ijime, Dame, Zettai and introduced Kami Band as a back band in their live

And early in 2013 their major debut came with Ijime, Dame, Zettai. It was actually their second song, but it was their fourth single. It might be that Kobametal kept waiting for the release until the time came. It was a straight and strong power metal number with well-structured melody line that could maximize power of Su-metal’s power with impressive shredding guitar solo and endless twin bass drum roams.

Kobametal said that he “thought it’s time for a fast ball hard enough to surprise metalheads,” and they won the bet. He “finally got some credit to talk with metalheads,” and it earned “pretty good sales figure. The CD sales kept its moment long in the front of stores.”

And at the same time, he made a decision to introduce live back band into their stage performances. BABYMETAL had played with pre-recorded track till the period. Despite of financial and temporal cost, the back band could improve their live performance a lot. And it needs mentioning to the quality of these band players.


It’s named as Kami Band. Kami is a word that refers to god. All the member deserve the name because every one of them is regarded as top notch musician in Japan. But why these best of the best join to this three-piece idol girls’ unit? They are the ones who never be pressed for good offers. More money? Maybe. A pressure of big music agency? Maybe.
But some of them said playing in BABYMETAL behind of these hard-working talented girls and trying different types of well-produced music are just so much fun also challenging. Also they said they felt confident that BABYMETAL was going to be something before it became as it is now. They even said these girls were so professional enough to respect as a musician. They are all top notch performers. Both the girls and the band. And here would be chemistry between them. So is there any reason that BABYMETAL is NOT going to be a real thing in the world?

Epilogue: The Metal Resistance is going on

So these are critical moments that BABYMETAL has had until it became the Internet viral with Gimme Chocolate. Maybe many of you know what happened after the song. And I want to say. The song IS – or was – viral. It is watched over 17,000,000 times from last April on YouTube. Some said it’s another WTF thing from Japan. Yes it’s very different from American or Europian Pop, Heavy Metal or any other music. It might have surprised tons of people in the world in various senses.


But is BABYMETAL itself just a viral in the Internet? Three months later when BABYMETAL appeared into curios eyes from 60,000 people and left from a main stage of Sonisphere with great amount of applause under the opening-up UK sky on July 5, audiences there and so many other people in the world who watched it via YouTube later would have felt that BABYMETAL was something in the real world. Or anything different with potential to the future.
Now they just closed the Metal Resistance Episode II with live performances in Japan, Germany, France, UK and US. Audiences and media people from various countries felt their performance live by their own eyes, ears and hearts. They must have felt BABYMETAL was not another WTF from Japan but something new that can deliver quality experiences that  can trancend borders of languages, nationalities and music preferences to touch and move people who even didn’t understand Japanese at all. And BABYMETAL declared the beginning of Metal Resistance Episode III from O2 Academy, Brixton in UK.
We don’t know what it is yet. But whatever it will be we already know this will come next year with quality. It will come. We will see it before long.


Moa’s Sakura Gakuin new Diary Entry

Thank you ✖ BABYMETAL ✖ ☠ ✖ 重音部 ✖ for the translation

Good Mornooning
It’s Moa

At 27th Sept Live,
It was really happy because can cerebrate together with fukei-san on the birthday surprise for Shi-tan that planed by everyone from Sakura Gakuin
That was a great success!
Thank you for your cooperation! !
I want to cerebrate someone’s birthday together again!
I hope there will be a good timing for that…
I wonder if there is any~~~??

Moa Kikuchi

When the live,
From Talk Chairman Yunano,
The theme for self introduction today was “Your uneasy subject and weak subject in test”.
At that time,
Sakura Gakuin members was proud with the points they score,
But Moa did not think like that at that time.
Can I brag a little here?
I will do that even you say cannot~~~ (laughs)

Actually for Moa,
the result when middle school year 1 is (three 5, five 4) (5 is full mark)
It was a pretty good result.
(I talked on the radio, so did you know right?)
From that time, the result gradually decreases ….
But, the result was maintain at middle to upper middle up until now.
Oh dear, it’s too ordinary and boring result

But you know! But you know! !
I did the National academic and learning Investigation test in the first semester!!
And the result had coming out.
the test difficulty for National academic and learning Investigation test is not different depending on the school in Japan,
It is the test to get know how much is your academic ability, and your grasp.

In that test,
I get 30 right answer over 32 question in Japanese language A~
(National average is 24.5)
And I get 8 right answer over 9 question in Japanese language B~
(National average is 4.6)
As a Japanese,
The people with confidence in national language can communicate well about feeling and thought,
I want to continue to grow every day! !

One thing that Moa can taught.
To taking care of both work and study is tough,
But I wont lose!
I hope it can be deliver to everyone in Sakura Gakuin~



– Moo

Moa Kikuchi new diary 2014-09-22: Moa is scared to sleep alone

Moa new diary 2014-09-22

Good Mornooning
It’s Moa
Everyone, do you ike sleeping???
I love sleeping very much !!
But I don’t like bedtime (sweat)
The feels like “It may have something else fun to do”,
or no longer want to sleep because feeling wasteful to sleep like that…
But, If I fall asleep,
I cannot get up even if you wake me up because I want to sleep more.

Moa Kikuchi

I sleep together with Yui in the same room during sleepover for BABYMETAL activities.
Since that the case of Su-chan sleep alone is increased,
I will become trouble when I (who cannot sleep alone) cannot sleep together with Yui…
Yui and me will have quite a bad mood in the morning.
Even though we are very close in the night,
But we get dressed without talking in the morning.
After a while when our stomach starts to move,
Both of us will return as usual.
We both say that we like our good relation which allow us to be in bad mood ★

For Moa,
There is something I will always bring together when going to a long trip!
That is, the white sesame color stuffed seal – Shirotan,
and stuffed monkey – Monchan! ! !
Monchan is the guardian to stand watch the luggage in suitcase,
While Shirotan will be the my pillow in Airplane and Shinkansen.
It just good to placed on shoulder and leaning on it,
And also hug it.
I always keep it like that when I bring Shirotan,
(refer picture in the comment)
Isn’t it super kawaii??
Kawaii uhuhu (laughs)
and hey,
Is that members of Sakura Gakuin particular about the pillow??
And what kind of the pillow they are using???


I’m concern, so I make a questionnaire this time ★ ★

[Emphasize-Scent type]

Hana – Flat pillow with red and pink rose-patterns. Love the smell!!
Sara – Like a little firm one! I will put a towel with the smell I like near to the pillow!
Aiko – Light pink and dark pink (using two pillows?). When stay at dorm, I will bring pillow cover because I cannot sleep without smell of home

[Anything is good type]

Yunano – Light pink. Do not very concern about it, but actually alittle bit more thick pillow will be good!
Shi-chan – Using rabbit shape pillow at home! But it’s okay to use dormitory pillows at dorm!!
Megu – Using memory foam pillow at home! Same with Shi-chan, it’s okay to use dormitory pillows at dorm!!

[Niggle type]

Saki – Using it since little, A pillow filled with buckwheat husks! It’s fluffy, sleep with my face on the pillow!!

[Without pillow type]

Yui – Pillow is place there, but I sleep without using it!!
Rinon – Sleeping on floor (< laughs) so she can sleep without pillow or anything! ^ She's wild (laughs) ✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿ Moa can sleep with any kind of pillow ♫ But, at home, I place many pillow beside my bed, K-ON! pillow, Funnassyi pillow, Love Live! Pillow etc... Even that they has fallen when I wake up.... (laughs) Wish you also have a nice dream today~~~ - Moo Source: Babymetal 重音部


Sakura Gakuin TIF 2014 Digest

Moa and Yui unable to perform at TIF 2014 (Tokyo Idol Festival) due to Lady Gaga supporting act.

But here is a short but precious moment of them appeared on the large monitor at TIF 2014~
They dance together on the last song “Yume ni Mukatte”~
Me myself watching that part for so many times~


Source: Babymetal 重音部

Mini-Pati live at YATSUI FESTIVAL! 2014

Mini-Pati, a Sakura Gakuin subgroup featuring Yui Mizuno (YuiMetal) and Moa Kikuchi (MoaMetal) of BABYMETAL and Hana Taguchi, were part of the YATSUI FESTIVAL! 2014.
Sakura Gakuin Cooking section Minipati

Club activities unit on the theme of cooking continue to express their individuality in various fields on the theme of club activities and school life of Sakura Gakuin.

YATSUI FESTIVAL was held on June 21, 2014 at the TSUTAYA O-EAST / TSUTAYA O-WEST / TSUTAYA O-nest / TSUTAYA O-Crest / duo MUSIC EXCHANGE / 7th FLOOR / club asia / VUENOS / Glad / SOUND MUSEUM VISION

Moa Kikuchi talk about a new Sakura Gakuin song

Babymetal 重音部 have translate this brand new Moa blog entry.

moa blog entry

Good Mornooning
It’s Moa.
After came back from the United States & Canada,
There was a recording of the new song of Sakura Gakuin ♫
The new song packed fully with Sakura Gakuin this year! !
Each of us sang the song with our thought,
Looking forward to what’s shaping up to be !
(Actually…! The song is written by a person who I love so much) uhuhu

After a few days meet with everyone in Sakura Gakuin,
Although I was very happy about it,
But there was also one thing that make me ashamed.
That is……!!
Everyone told me that “You shrunk in height ?!?!” ~~~~ (Sweat)
Even Yui who always together with me told that “Huh? Do we have height different like this? ” (laughs)

Whatever! fine!!
Perhaps, until I graduate,
Only Saki and Aiko does not catch over me in height.
It must be……
Undoubtedly, I think like that…
Oh God, please

There were also changes in height order in Sakura Gakuin while you do not meet us these day.
Please looking forward on the Open Class

– Moo


Kikuchi Moa (MoaMetal) 100 Facts About Herself w/ Translation

TEntame magazine just ask 100 questions to MOA
Below is the English translations, enjoy!

Source: Babymetal International Fan Club


01.Are you a dog lover? or a cat lover?
Hmm can’t decide,i love both!

02.Favorite sushi topping?
Chuutoro (tuna), salmon, shrimp avocado!

03.Favorite Sakura Gakuin’s song?
It’s definitely the one that we sang from the beginning [Yume ni mukatte]! and i like [ Marshmalow iro no kimi to] [Mikansei silhouette] too !

04.Recent addiction?
I’m addicted to [Love live!] anime and [Love live! (school fes)] game

05.Favorite sports?
I love sports! since i was a kid i went to ballet, tennis, gymnastic, and swimming. i put my life on team rope jump because we had team rope jump tournament in school recently.

06.Sports you dislike?
Baseball (because i’ve never done baseball)

07.Favorite anime?
My latest best 3 are, [Love live!], [Anna and snow queen / *Frozen], [Kaze no tani no Nausicaa / *Nausicaa of valley of the wind]

08.Place you like to go to? (national)

09.Place you like to go to? (abroad)
Australia! koala! koala O([email protected])O i wanna hug koalas!

10.Favorite idol?
Suzuki Airi from ℃-ute

11.Dream job if you were not idol?
Pharmacist! i wanna mix things (lol) like a magic (*^_^*)

12.Favorite color?
I love all colors! but if i have to pick, it is white

13.Which would like to be if you are reborn? boy or girl?
Absolutely girl!

14.Things you often buy at convenience store?
The one that’s been promoting. ice cream.

15.What do you do when depressed?
Holding my stuffed animals tightly in a hammock. and eat something delicious.

16.Your weakness?
I cant sleep alone (i’m scared alone (;゚ロ゚) )

17.Favorite onigiri fillings?
Tunamayo! i really love mayo-based onigiri (lol)

18.What were you in the previous life?

19.Favorite foreign artist?
I don’t listen to foreign music much, i want to learn a lot from now.

20.Are you popular?
This girl popular you know (lol)

21.Your charm point?
big black roouund eyes and dimples.

22.Favorite tv show?
[Love live!] 2nd generation

23.Favorite season?
It was summer when i was born♪ long vacation in summer♪

24.Favorite event?
Tokyo idol festival, Gakuinsai (school fes), camping & bbq with my family

25.Favorite habitual phrase?
[What’s for dinner?], [I’m staarrving]

26.What is your strength?
Positive thinking, punctual, i treasure my friends.

27.What is your weakness?
Cry easily, can’t sleep alone, bad at waking up, i can’t wake up on my own.

28.Things you wont give up?
eat a lot of vegetables in every meal.

29.First thing to do when waking up?
Brush my teeth first

30.Sensitive to cold? or heat?
Sensitive to cold in winter, sensitive to heat in summer

31.Shoe size?
I’m wearing 23cm size even though my feet is 22.5cm

32.Favorite hairstyle?
Loose curl twin tail, or just plain straight. i wanna try bobcut

33.Clothes you buy recently?
T-shirts and easy one-piece

34.Favorite subject?
Japanese, music, physical ed♪

35.Favorite movie?
[Mahou shoujo Madoka ☆ Magica], [ Charlie and the Chocolate factory]

36.What would you do if you had 600 million yen?
First i wanna travel all around the world with my family, build a house in Tokyo, and donate the half 300 million

37.How long do you take a bath?
Usually 20 minutes, but when i’m on the phone with Hana, i can spend about an hour in the bath

38.How long do you dry your hair?
I wasn’t paying attention because papa always do it for me, even though i’m already a 3rd grader, sorry!

39.Describe yourself in one word?

40.Things that makes you happy recently?
I’ve been told by my parents “somehow you have grown big” when we came back from school trip

41.Things that makes you sad lately?
My mom told me “you have no sense” when i bought weird tasting Yatsuhashi (*a Japanese confectionery) from school trip…

42.Things that makes you angry lately?
Homework is too many, i did it in anger

43.Favorite snacks?
I love snacks! i’m addicted to [love live! wafers] lately

44.Did you ever receive an award?
When i was in kindergarten, i won the first prize for “gluttony award”

45.Favorite drink?
Tomato juice, vegetable juice, green juice is delicious!

46.The person you respect most?
Mama!! Kousaka Honoka*! Toujou Nozomi*! Fuwa Aika**! (*Love live! characters) (**Zetsuen no tempest character)

47.Age you want to get married?
28 years old

48.Do you have any fear of any people, things, or places?
I’m scared when im washing my hair. I don’t like dark places too

49.Most difficult kanji you knew?
薔薇の棘 / Bara no toge (*rose’s thorn)

50.Things you want to do before you die?
I want to give any form of love. I wanna eat my mom’s cooking until i die!

51.What do you think about the world is today?
Not enough love! i wish the world had more connection, it would be wonderful if i have the opportunity to connect it (*^_^*)

52.Your cooking specialty?
Curry rice, hamburger, potato salad!

53.what would you do if i you can do magic?
I will call Doraemon♪

54.Groups you’d like to perform with?
℃-ute! i just wanna meet them!

55.What time do you sleep?
I wanna sleep at 09:00pm! but if there is nothing going on, i go to bed immediately

56.What time do you wake up?
On school day is 07:40am! but on holidays usually an hour before i go out

57.Favorite novel?
[Oja majou Doremi] novel. I like the version where Doremi and friends from anime series became adult

58.Favorite famous person?
The ones who’s written in Sakura Gakuin shcool book, mother Teresa and Helen Keller

59.Favorite warlord?
Oda Nobunaga, because he was from Aichi like me

60.Which country you expect to be at the world cup winner?
Brazil! Japan! cha-cha-cha! Japan will get in the best 4!

61.Which (train) line is you favorite in Tokyo?
The Ginza line (because it’s vacant)

62.Your favorite amusement park attraction?
It’s scary but i wanna ride jet coaster

63.What magazine you often read?
[ Risuani /*Lis Ani] an idol magazine in which Sakura Gakuin and BABYMETAL featured in

64.Which anime character you think is cool?
Nausicaa, Takigawa Yoshino, Fuwa Mahiro, Kusaribe Hakase, Fuwa Aika, Yarizakura Hime, Hiizumi Akina, Rivaille, Mikasa.

65.What is the most embarrassing moment?
A funny thing that i thought Matsuko Deluxe* (*a transvestite presenter) was a pregnant woman all the time, i told my friend “she is not giving birth forever”

66.How do you spend your 1 day vacation?
I charge my self sleeping a lot until noon and then go on a date with my girl friends

67.How do you release stress?
I talk to mama. eat delicious things and play a lot in my house

68.Which part of yakiniku you like?
I love meat (*^_^*) salted tongue, top class roast beef.

69.What animal analogy is Taguchi Hana?

70.What animal analogy is Isono Rinon?

71.What animal analogy is Notsu Yunano?

72.What animal analogy is Ooga Saki?

73.What animal analogy is Shirai Saki?

74.What animal analogy is Yamaide Aiko?
Monkey kid

75.What animal analogy is Kurashima Sara?
white alpaca

76.What animal analogy is Okada Megumi

77.In this opportunity, is there anyone you would like to apologize to?
Previously, when we talked about what my mom told me my name was originally came from a earth shaker’s song [more] on the radio? then i answered excitedly “that might be so”, but it is completely not related to my name, i’m sorry!

78.How fast can you run in 50m dash?
Being a 3rd grader, in just 8 seconds

79.If it’s the end of the world, what would you like to eat?
Mama’s home cooking! right now my favorite is my mom’s stew♪

80.Favorite comedian?
Zakiyama! (Yamazaki Hironari)

81.The thing that praised the most by your parents?
They praised me for eating a lot (lol)

82.Female celebrity you admire?
Shibazaki Kou

83.Male celebrity you admire?
Lupin the 3rd from Cagliostro castle

84.Iif you can travel to 200 years in the past or future, which would you like to go?
200 years in the future! because the future is exciting!

85.Which do you prefer, able to talk to animals, or fluent in any language of the world?
Speaking in different languages can be learned, so i choose talking to animals!

86.Favorite character?
μ’s member, Hiyoko. an unusual loose character

87.Are you headphone type? earphone type?
I was headphone type! but papa allowed me to use earphone because my ears grows, so earphone type recently!

88.What is your one wish to be came true?
I want a peaceful world where there is no discrimination, war and poverty

89.The thing that you bought that failed?
I regretted buying a [Shingeki no Kyoujin] investigation corps pendant on a school trip to Kyoto. its probably doesn’t match my clothes, and not necessarily bought it in Kyoto…

90.What would you do in front of an alien?
Become friends and say “nice to meet you”, but if its scary alien, i will get away quickly

91.What is your favorite phrase?
“I want to be a reason for someone to smile”

92.Have you ever seen a ghost?
No! no! never wanna see one! i’ll cry if i see one!

93.What do other people say about you?
They said i love fun things and tasty foods, love to touch other girl’s legs and butt, seriously punctual, and a unpredictable kid who has a lot of faces

94.Are you methodological type? or a loose type?
I’m methodological in a weird way, but i got loose more often, and got warned

95.Your first bought cd?
I bought [Chance!] by Tsukishima Kirari (*Kusumi Koharu) by saving my pocket money

96.What kind of person you can easily contact with?
The one who is friendly, i can immediately get along with them

97.What kind of person you dislike?
A person who is good only at public but talking trash behind

98.The thing that troubles you recently?
How to convey my love to Sakura, high school exam

99.The thing you treasure most?
(*Sakura Gakuin) members, papa & mama, my friends, all the fans (all the people i’ve been involved with)

100.Please say a word to miss Mizuno (*Yui)
We may have a different dreams, but we share the same road. We will fly into the sky by accomplishing things in front of us one by one. Yui, from now on, please take care of me