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BABYMETAL at Chokotto Naito Nippon radio show

BABYMETAL were lastly at the radio program “Chokotto Naito Nippon” broadcast by Nippon Broadcasting System on 2014 Feb. 21st.

[Choko-Nai-Pon ’14 Feb.17]
In short: BABYMETAL were tense when appearing on Music Station.
This is a copy of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGiVVzNV4fQ with an English subtitle.
This is a short radio program “Chokotto Naito Nippon” (= a bit of ‘All Night Nippon’) broadcast by Nippon Broadcasting System on 2014 Feb. 17th (#1 of 5).

I am sorry if I have mistaken the voices of SU-METAL, YUIMETAL & MOAMETAL. The strange male laughter you may hear is probably the voice of the assistant director beside Mr. NISHIKAWA.

Takanori NISHIKAWA (aka T.M.Revolution) is a Japanese rock/pop singer, and he has some radio programs.

This is probably exaggerated a bit, but the average age of radio listeners is getting older because most young people don’t start listening to the radio but the people who was young keep on listening. Mr. NISHIKAWA himself is 43 yr. as of 2014 Feb.

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