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Musik Universe: interview with BABYMETAL at HEAVY MONTRÉAL 2014

Musik Universe was one of the rare media to get the chance to get in touch with the BABYMETAL crew during HEAVY MONTRÉAL 2014.

Musik Universe babymetal

We talk with the 3 nice BABYMETAL girls and we have done an interview almost as cute as their cute little face.

The interview have french subtitle (based on a translator on site). English translation is right under the video.

Babymetal : Entrevue vidéo au HEAVY MONTRÉAL 2014

English translation by I_dontliketurtles on BABYMETAL Reddit

Welcome to Montreal girls! How was your first show in Canada?

Su-Metal: While waiting to go on stage, we could hear the crowd scream Babymetal. The response has been really great. It was the first time we played here, so people probably saw us for the first time. During the last song they yelled “Wall of Death! Wall of Death!” and the mosh pit was huge. Everything was amazing! We really had fun!

Was it different from other festivals such as Sonisphere?

Su-Metal: Sonisphere was our first festival abroad, so we were even more nervous before Sonisphere. We had a little fear of the unknown, but after having played at Sonisphere, coming here was less distressing. We are very happy that the crowd reacted positively to our music today. The main difference is that this was not our first festival today. It’s such a big festival with lots of metal bands.

Is it hard to sing while dancing on stage?
Su-Metal: Obviously it’s difficult to learn new choreographies, but everything is different on stage. It’s so fun to play in front of fans that we forget that it’s hard to do both at the same time.

You just did a few shows with Lady Gaga. What was the reaction of her fans?

Moa-metal: When we received the invitation by Lady Gaga we were very surprised! It was like a dream that came true, to go on tour with her and play for her fans. Of course, we still were a little scared because we really did not know what to expect. But once we were on stage her fans also had a very positive reaction. Some even wore Babymetal t-shirts! It was a very pleasant experience.

Do you believe that North americans are ready for Kawaii metal and understand this new musical style?

Su-Metal: Obviously we don’t know if people here are ready for “kawaii” metal, but it was the same thing for us because we did not know metal [genre] before. The first time we heard metal songs we thought it was very cool. So we know there are many others like us who love Kawaii metal. The metal we play is a whole new style and we’re the only ones doing it. We hope there will be more and more people listening to Babymetal.

Who is the most adorable artist in the metal community?

Su-Metal: The most adorable group would probably be us! We are the first to play Kawaii metal, so we hope that one day we will be the most adorable group in the metal scene.
Are you planning to return to Canada soon?
Yes. (don’t really know what one yes is supposed to mean, so hopefully a native speaker can tell us if the way they said it implied a different meaning)

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