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A Look at Idol Metal and Idol Rock , Other Than BABYMETAL Part 1

Our good friend at Pure Idol Heart has post this very nice 2 part article titled : A Look at Idol Metal and Idol Rock, Other Than BABYMETAL


If you look around You Tube, heavy metal media sites and Japanese media in general, you are left with the impression that BABYMETAL is the only Idol Metal or Idol Rock group on the planet. Even BABYMETAL themselves are so isolated from other groups, that they themselves claim to be the only Kawaii Metal group.

Today heavy metal music has come a long way from its original blues rock and psychedelic rock influences to have a wide range of influences, sub-genres and fusion-genres.

In the same way Idol pop has started to create it`s own sub-genres with Idol metal and Idol rock.


Idol metal, Kawaii metal, Idol hard rock are all fusion genres of Idol pop. To give you a better understanding of what a fusion genre is, let`s look at the fusion metal genre industrial metal.
Industrial metal draws its influences from industrial dance, thrash metal, hardcore punk. With repeated metal guitar riffs, distorted vocals, synthesizers and sampling.

As you can see they have taken many influences and fused them into a type of heavy metal genre.

BABYMETAL the leaders of Idol Metal/Kawaii Metal backing musicians and songwriters have taken their various backgrounds and influences in heavy metal and fused it with traditional Idol Pop to open the door to a new sub-genre.

With BABYMETAL opening the doors to this fusion sub-genre of Idol music, let’s take a look at some groups that have entered this new fusion sub-genre and are creating their own styles and fan bases.
BABYMETAL in interviews claim to be the only Kawaii metal group. Death Rabbits may have a different opinion on that claim.


Death Rabbits

Death Rabbits feature`s their producer as a member, giving the group the metal balance to the Idols cuteness. With the members being younger then BABYMETAL at 11, 12, 13 yrs old, they lack the impact that BABYMETAL has at this stage.


[nIo] new Idol order

The group members go by the names #1, #2, and #3 and have taken the nu metal/hardcore punk band Maximum the Hormone and other bands songs and decided to make them as angry as possible. The group features two vocalists that use clean vocals, one that uses harsh vocals, fits of anger and mixes them into their own style of angry Idol metal.
nIo just like BABYMETAL are members of a traditional Idol group whose English name is Thumb Princess, with member #2 trading in her pink bunny for the cuteness of her Punitan character.

next jiken 03


This group brings the same level of rebellion as nIo, with their use of toy knives, profanity in songs, free use of the middle finger, and creating random mischief in their lives. The group`s focus is on their stage theatrics and clean vocals while often wearing handkerchief scarfs ,masks over their mouths



This group has spent much of this year touring with heavy metal bands and the one off Idol festival live.
As a group, I feel they are next group that is ready to breakout .Their songs feature strong guitar riffs and catchy harmonies. It`s one group that feels like an traditional metal group as they have put most of their focus on their songs and limited the dances. The songs feel more like metal songs and don`t follow the fusion of Idol pop + metal.




Whose focus is on dark synth music and dark metal to create an ambient style. By using dark wave and retro synth they have set their path on being a separate fusion within a new fusion sub-genre of Idol music.



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