PassCode : your new guilty pleasure band

If you are a BABYMETAL fan, you’ll probably fall in love with this new Japanese band named Passcode.

PassCode is a new metal/rock*j-pop band featuring 4 idols : Kurohara yu-ri, Takashima Kaede, Imada Yuna and Minami Nao. Their first cd is named «PassCode – ALL is Vanity» and sales begin in late May at CD Japan. their is not much info about Passcode right now, but their YouTube Channel PASSCODE0000 has some pretty nice videos.


Musically PASSCODE mixes Rock, Heavy Metal and Idol elements together, while not to the level of BABYMETAL, PASSCODE style works for them. Strong points for PASSCODE include a unit that is good singers and creative when acting in videos. In short they enjoy using comedy to get across stories. If you like high-energy, rock/metal groups that balances metal and Idol together then PASSCODE should be on your list.





Source: Pure idol heart