A Look at Idol Metal and Idol Rock, Other than BABYMETAL Part 2

In part one we looked at Idol Metal groups other than BABYMETAL, for part two we shall look at Idol groups that follow more rock influences, with a touch of metal and Idol pop.



PASSCODE adds all elements of Idol, metal and rock to create an interesting mix that fits perfectly with Idol metal or Idol hard rock, while having ballads that reflect their Idol pop side.



30POSSE is an Idol group that still carries a lot of Idol pop inside them. When you attend one of their lives it starts off with a more traditional Idol pop feeling and within ten minutes has evolved into a rock show.


Tsubasa Fly

Tsubasa Fly first two singles have been up tempo rock tracks .Unforgettable Days is currently my favorite Idol rock track.



The oldest of all Idol Rock groups having made their debut in 2009, they are known for having a live band at big venue lives, spitting water on fans and walking across the shoulders of fans. The group is creative and fan-friendly as they enter the crowd many times during their concerts.
SHIZUKAZE & KIZUNA while having a rock influence they hold on to some Idol pop influences. They are also known for having some of the best shirts for sale and the loudest and intense fans in the genre.

Tsukushinbo / Shizukaze & Kizuna
Shizukaze & Kizuna

There are also groups that are not 100% Idol rock or Idol metal that have some songs influenced by this new fusion genre, two such groups are




Fukuoka Kanbe Girls

While Nato*Kan and FKG , are mostly pop Idols they do show that the fusion of Idol pop with metal and rock is not limited to 100% Idol rock or Idol metal groups and reflects the changing face of Idol genre.

The groups that I have presented in these two parts are not all of the Idol metal or Idol hard rock groups, there is many more with new groups debuting every month across Japan. Nor is Nato*Kan and FKG the only pop Idols that are starting to show more of a rock side, no this is only the beginning of the story.

This is a story that has many chapters yet to be told.

PassCode : your new guilty pleasure band

If you are a BABYMETAL fan, you’ll probably fall in love with this new Japanese band named Passcode.

PassCode is a new metal/rock*j-pop band featuring 4 idols : Kurohara yu-ri, Takashima Kaede, Imada Yuna and Minami Nao. Their first cd is named «PassCode – ALL is Vanity» and sales begin in late May at CD Japan. their is not much info about Passcode right now, but their YouTube Channel PASSCODE0000 has some pretty nice videos.


Musically PASSCODE mixes Rock, Heavy Metal and Idol elements together, while not to the level of BABYMETAL, PASSCODE style works for them. Strong points for PASSCODE include a unit that is good singers and creative when acting in videos. In short they enjoy using comedy to get across stories. If you like high-energy, rock/metal groups that balances metal and Idol together then PASSCODE should be on your list.





Source: Pure idol heart