BAND-MAID to Release “New Beginning” on November 4

BAND-MAID New Beginning

BAND-MAID is releasing a mini-album “New Beginning” on November 4, 2015.

This album includes nine tracks total, including “REAL EXISTENCE” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” whose music videos were released in advance and have got huge positive feedback.

The album also includes a bonus DVD with the two videos. Furthermore, this album includes a remastered version of “Thrill,” the second track of their first single “Ai to Jonetsu no Matador” (currently out-of-print).

Band-Maid new music video : Real Existence

Band-Maid grabbed a little attention earlier this year with the release of the groove-heavy song “Thrill.”


Now they’ve got a new single, “Real Existence,” with the girls performing in front of and inside a Shinto shrine.

For those who don’t know (which is likely everyone but me and 3 other members), Band-Maid is an all-girl metal band from Japan that adopted that country’s infamous maid cafe gimmick in their look. “Thrill” was even written up by Guitar World. The guitarist, bassist and drummer are outstanding, especially the guitarist, whose solos are killer.


BAND-MAID 2nd mini album『New Beginning』

4.Price of Pride
5.Arcadia Girl
6.Don’t Apply The Brake
7.Beauty and the Beast
8.Don’t Let Me Down
9.Shake That