Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150222 Yui Mizuno

Title: Kurage-hime

Hello☆ It’s Yui 🙂

The other day, I had a date with Rinon.
We watched the movie “Kurage-hime”!! 【”Princess Jellyfish” Summary of original comic on wiki

Kurage-hime trailer

As Rinon said on LoGiRL, Yui and Rinon never miss to watch movies together, in which our adoring Nounen Rena-chan play the leading part♡♡ We had been longing to watch ‘Kurage-hime’ together since we heard Nounen Rena-chan play in the movie, and finally, our hope came true♪

Yui Mizuno Rinon Isono

In the movie, there were many eccentric otaku-characters and it was so fun. The movie described that something which can’t be fulfilled by a person might be come true by joining forces of many people!! Yui felt it wonderful after all to make efforts for a goal together, with trusting each other. And I felt happy to think that is exactly what we Sakura Girls were just trying✿
And two of us bought Kurage-hime goods, then went to an all-you-can-eat buffet. We had a lot. talked a lot, and stuffed ourselves. 😀

Hot Road trailer

In this school year, Yui and Rinon also went to watch the movie ‘Hot Road’. Joining Hana, three of us went to an amusement park, or ate together so many times. (there has been too many times to mention each one of them lol). Once we even ate together for three days in a row♥ lol

I think I had dates with Rinon the most in this school year.
Rinon, let’s have a movie-date again♥


Sakura Gakuin at LoGirl complete webcast

Here is the complete video webcast of LoGirl さくら学院 with Sakura Gakuin as guest, the show was webcasted the 2015-01-19.

LoGirl さくら学院 Sakura Gakuin 20150119
水野由結 Yui Mizuno(YUIMETAL)
菊地最愛 Moa Kikuchi(MOAMETAL)
田口華 Hana Taguchi
野津友那乃 Yunano Notsu
磯野莉音 Rinon Isono

Sakura Gakuin: Yui, Moa and Rinon on Hot wave TV Show

Yui Mizuno, Moa Kikuchi and Rinon Isono from Sakura Gakuin on Hot wave Oct. 22, 2014 with English subs

A lively and enjoyable interview with 3 Sakura Gakuin members on the date of the release of “Heart no Hoshi”.

Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 2014-09-18 Yui Mizuno & Rinon Isono

Title: It’s been a long time, we are Newspaper Club

Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 2014-09-18 Yui Mizuno & Rinon Isono.

Hokago Anthology from Saskura Gakuin / Saskura Gakuin Bukatsudo
Saskura Gakuin Bukatsudo

【Yui & Rinon stood as a candidate for the successor of Scoopers(Newspaper Club by Ayaka & Airi) in the diary May 14th,2013. They post one more diary Sep.28th,2013】
✿It’s Yui. ♪It’s Rinon
✿It’s been about a year since we–Newspaper Club post a diary. lol
♪It’s been a long time…

✿This time, again, we prepared a lot of articles.
♪We will show you some episodes in this summer or a few words about the events!!
✿Well, let’s start from the TIF〜
♪Yui, I hear you watched the streamlined movie of our Hot Stage performance?
✿Yeah★ I have so many sentiments and it’s hard to describe them all. So I bring them into a word.
–I had been thinking of Sakura from my heart 🙂
♪Nextly, with a weeks leap, about the lesson for @JAM.
✿It’s not only for @JAM. In the lessons of Sakura, there happens to be like this!
→see Photo
♪Ta-dah! There are so many PET bottles. lol The trash box is really big one. But sometimes it cannot hold them all.
✿We write our name on the bottles.
♪Every one of us drink about 2 litters of tea for one lesson. lol
✿Now then, about a thing which had been in fashion this summer.
♪That is….’Serious Peace’
✿There may be many Fukei-sans who don’t know it. So!!!
♪So!! we would like to show you the Photos!

Isono Rinon
Isono Rinon

♪These are the ‘Serious Peace’
✿Fukei-sans, please have a try. lol
♪And we asked newcomers about the memories of this summer.
–Sara: My summer memory is…having been up to my neck in The lessons for TIF and @JAM, I enjoyed them!
–Megu: My best memory is the lessons for TIF and @JAM! I was so pleased to have been with Sakura members all through this summer.
✿I think we could spread Sakura color all over the world in this summer.
♪Please look forward to next newspaper-club article〜
It was self-appointed Newspaper Club♥ See you♥

Source: Sakura Gakuin on Reddit