BABYMETAL And Dragonforce – Road Of Resistance, PRO SHOT Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2015

Finally here it is! BABYMETAL And Dragonforce – Road Of Resistance, PRO SHOT at Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2015

Hedoban magazine Vol. 6: Interview with Kobametal

The number of things we would like to ask Kobametal are almost unlimited in scope.

The producer of Babymetal who should more properly be called the “Metal command tower” appears in “Hedoban” for the first time in about 1 year!

“Road of Resistance”!
“Live at Budoukan ~ Red night”!
Overseas warrior training journey!

This can not be reduced simply to the genre of “Melodic Speed Metal”.
“Road of Resistance” which should be referred to as the greatest Metal Anthem coming of out Japan in recent years.
The clear and blaring sound of the “Red Night Edition” is knocking people over right and left.
The multitude of Miracles shown during the overseas warrior training journey that followed on the heels of the “Live at Budoukan ~ Red Night”.
Due to the fervent love call of “Hedoban” Kobametal answered our requests with a mail based interview about hints as to where Babymetal is headed following their “Legend 2015 ~ New Spring Festival” performance.

Regarding “Road of Resistance”

When did you begin to start creating “Road of Resistance”? I remember you saying before when we talked with you when you were working on the Babymetal album that “you had a song in the works that had an even higher BPM”. Were you referring to the “Road of Resistance”?

The basic form of the song was ready quite a ways back, but it took on the structure of a song in 2013, I think.

With Babymetal songs made up to this point you have incorporated things from a variety of Metal sub-genres. “Road of Resistance” has a 100% degree of pure so-called “Melodic Speed Metal” to it. Were you, Kobametal, personally pondering doing a “Melodic Speed Metal with Babymetal”?

With the songs of “IDZ” and “Akatsuki” that we have released in the past we already had incorporated Melodic Speed Metal aspects so I was not particularly making an attempt to do so anew with this song.

Is the Metal sub-genre of Melodic Speed Metal one of the types of Metal that you personally like? Also, what facets of Melodic Speed Metal attract you?

Personally, Melodic Speed Metal is a type of music that I have been listening to from a long time ago. With its high speed guitar work and drumming laid over with a melody I am attracted by, and I mean this as a compliment to this type of music, to its various components that are often called somewhat “uncool”.

The first time I heard “Road of Resistance” in London I was truly surprised, but when I heard the finished studio song with all the various sounds packed into it I was once again and further surprised. Were there certain things you were focusing on or any difficulties you may have encountered when working on it?


The point I was really trying to pay attention to was just how “Babymetal” could we make it sound. The difficult part was the high tempo of the song I guess you could say.

In Vol. 1 of “Hedoban”, “Kobametal-san’s selections ,” you selected Dragon Force and so I would assume that they are a band that you like and so I would like to ask you what you find appealing about them from your point of view?

It would be the fact that they do not let you down in your expectations of them and so speaking kind of metaphorically, it is like when you order a dish at a restaurant hoping to get the exact same taste that you got when you ordered and tasted it before. I feel that they have an originality that could be called the “Dragon Force beat” that they provide at just the right place in a song with just the right sound and melody.

P. 3

In having the guitarists Sam Totman and Herman Li of Dragon Force collaborate with you on this song was there anything in particular you requested of them? Also, was that excessive “Baka Tech” (term for someone who is possessed with a unique and highly skilled musical technique) high speed guitar play born out of the instructions of a Kobametal who likes that kind of guitar technique perhaps? (laughs)

Since we were envisioning the incorporation of Dragon Force playing from the demo making stage I feel there was not much of a wide ranging change from the initial image. They worked very cooperatively with the requests made to them from the Babymetal side of things. Thanks to this positive attitude we were able to add in this wonderful guitar performance and I feel create music that is even more powerful.

Putting the lyrics of “Road of Resistance” into a massive song progression that could be considered a rather stereotypical has led fans to sometimes referring to this song as an “Anthem”. Were you deliberately trying to make this song into an anthem-like piece?

Regarding the sound of the song, when we were creating the theme of song we wanted it to start off with a lead in that had a strong sense of making an appearance like Judas Priest’s “Hellion/Electric Eye” followed by the appearance of a high speed Melodic Speed Metal sound like that of Dragon Force with a sing along where the audience can cry together with the band. Since we were attempting to make a song with this kind of image I think it was destined to come out as an anthem-like song.


The chorus with “Woa Woa” makes a deep impression on one. At the Saitama Super Arena performance this turned into a huge group chorus with 20,000 members. Said in a favorable meaning, it seems to me that you created this with deliberately with Arena Metal in mind.

Up to now we have intentionally incorporated parts of the songs known as “Ai no Te” and the Death Voices into Babymetal songs so the fans could sing along together with the girls, but in the 2014 overseas tour I realized that “there were many foreign fans who wanted to sing along together from the beginning to the end of the show”. Especially in the overseas performances since the girls sing in Japanese and there is no MC this sing along part symbolically became a trigger for bringing Babymetal together with their fans into a unified, “The One”.

The lyrics of the “Road of Resistance” are of a type that has not been seen in Babymetal songs previously. Simply put, what is the theme of this song?

The theme of the lyrics is the image of the road that Babymetal has traversed so far and the road that they will continue to walk here on out and I feel that this is not limited just to Babymetal but to all who participate in the Metal Resistance with the message to them being one of encouraging them to “Believe in oneself and charge ahead”. This is a song that has an important meaning and serves as a thematic song in the Babymetal Metal Resistance.

“Road of Resistance” has a very strong feel of stately British Metal to it. Did this have anything to do with it being debuted in England?

Since the Live performance at the O2 Academy in London on November 8th last year was the final show in the WORLD TOUR 2014 and was done under the theme of it being both the ???? of Chapter 2 of the Metal Resistance and the introduction of Chapter 3, presenting it at this venue at this time for the first time had significance as being the theme song for the 3rd Chapter. Further, Yuimetal ardently expressed her wish that it performed saying, “It must be so!”. (laughs)

“Live at Budoukan ~ Red Night~”

I feel that the number of artists who can put out Live performance editions is rather limited. Do you, Kobametal-san, personally have any special thoughts regarding Live performance albums?

I think that Live Performance albums are interesting in that they offer a way to express differences in the way a guitar solo can be phrased or in the way the song arrangements can be presented. I may be possible to enjoy music even more by discovering the slight differences that occur in each performance.

“Live at Budoukan ~ Red Night~” is being highly praised by the fans and because of many people have come to be fans or have come to look upon Babymetal in a more favorable light. With this Live album were you aiming to “draw out the core musical essence of Babymetal”?

I was not in particular deliberately attempting to do so, but in that it contains all of the songs on the 1st album, “Babymetal” performed live without break, it could be said that it attempts to be a sort of “Best Live” album.

Idols often release DVDs but one doesn’t often hear of them putting out Live performance editions. Including the opinions of the 3 Babymetal members did you have????

With Babymetal I feel we have already come to the point where they can not be contained in the bracket of being an Idol band, and since in some cases I feel they are putting on Live shows that are richer and heavier than other rock bands I have absolutely no worries regarding this matter.

One of the jewels of this Live album is the involvement of Ted Jensen. Why did you think of asking Ted Jensen to work with you on this Live performance album?

This is also the workings of Fate, or rather the divine instructions of Kitsune-sama, I feel.

Incidentally, could you tell us how Ted Jensen thinks about Babymetal?

He said he feels they are an extremely unique entity.

I felt there were some differences in the way the sound was handled such as the way the sound was recorded and the way some sections were emphasized between “Red Night” and “Black Night”. If that is so, could you tell us why? And were these due to the ideas of Ted Jensen?

We did not deliberately set out to create a difference in the sound and I feel the sound on the day of the recording plays a big part in this.

Following the overseas warrior training journey

And then following upon the heels of the BudouKan shows the band suddenly embarked upon an overseas tour. Did you feel from before that this would develop into an overseas tour based on what came before?

I did think that eventually we would develop into performing overseas, but I thought it would take a bit more time to do so. The speed of things following the release of the album was very fast.

The staff at “Hedoban”’s sense of the outlook regarding Metal changed after experiencing the Metal Festival of Sonisphere with its gathering of everyone from small children to the elderly. Did you, Kobametal-san feel a change in your outlook toward Metal after experiencing Sonisphere from the inside realm of that world?

I discovered many things by experiencing this authentic English Rock festival known as Sonisphere. I actually experienced the fact that the Headlining act, Iron Maiden is a people’s band. I felt the wide range as well as the history and scope of Metal on seeing everyone from grandchildren to elderly grandfathers and grandmothers participating in the festival wearing Iron Maiden T-shirts.

There is an image that more than America that Europe has an enthusiastic fan base regarding Babymetal. How did you yourself feel about this?

Since each country has its own way of reacting to and enjoying Babymetal, it is difficult for me to say which country is the most enthusiastic about Babymetal, but I do have the impression that within even Europe it is especially Germany and England in which there seems to be a bigger ratio of fans excited about Rock and Heavy Metal. Through the tour I heard from various people from many different countries that when Japanese artists perform in Europe it is usually the Asians living in Europe or people who are interested in Japanese culture that come to these shows, but that with Babymetal the fan base is different.

Is there anything that you feel is interesting in the difference between the Japanese fans and the European fans?

P. 5

That would be that they really “sing a lot”.

In England long time standing Metal media sources such as “Hammer” or “Kerrang” have been out and upfront in covering Babymetal. Please let us know your straight, unadulterated feelings regarding this.

I feel it is a great honor.

I am certain that you have received a great deal of foreign media coverage up to this point, and I would like to know if this differs from the Japanese media in any way?

There does not seem to be too much different in the way both the Japanese media and the foreign media cover Babymetal as being a unique presence, but I feel that since the overseas cultures do not have the concept of Idol that the foreign press tends to treat Babymetal more as an artist in their own right or as Metal band. And I feel that the overseas media seems to be more enthusiastic in their coverage.


Along with Sonisphere of course, I feel that Babymetal acting as the opening band for Lady Gaga was an extremely precious experience for the girls. How do you, Kobametal-san yourself feel about this?

Even if they differ in genres I feel it was an extremely important experience for Babymetal to be able to travel on a tour with an artist that is performing on the world stage.

In Japan the number of Metal fans who come to Babymetal shows dressed in Metal T-shirts has increased and because of Babymetal there are many former Metal fans who are returning to the fold so it seems that Babymetal has touched the hearts and minds of many Metal fans. What do you think about this situation?

I feel that this is a sign that the Metal Resistance is moving steadily ahead.

Are you still responsible for the BGM that is played as fans file into Live performances? And if this is so is there something that you are paying attention to in selecting the songs played following the overseas warrior training journey? There are cases of Iron Maiden songs being prevalent and with the recent SSA there were many Judas Priest songs played…

I am pretty sure that the songs selected are according to the whims of Kitsune-sama on that day.

On January 10th at the Saitama Super Arena (SSA) there were about 20,000 fans in attendance. This is something in the Metal world in Japan that has not happened recently for Live performances. What do you, Kobametal-san think of this excitement?

Since I have the impression that we were allowed to appear in the Loud Park event known as the “Big show” I was a bit worried whether we could fill out the arena with just Babymetal fans. And so when we were actually able to fill the entire arena with a sold out show I was filled with excitement.

I am sure that you are looking forward anxiously to the new overseas developments from May. And we here at “Hedoban” are looking forward both mentally and “financially” to this development (laughs). Is there a possibility of Babymetal venturing into unknown foreign countries?

Only the Fox God knows.

BABYMETAL Road of Resistance translation

Du Enki from BABYMETAL TRANSLATIONS UNOFFICIAL has just published the english translation of the song Road of Resistance.

Road of Resistance
Dying the eastern sky true red,
the light of signal fire
tells the end of the darkness of solitude.
It’s a new guidepost.
Even if you are crushed, again and again,
burn your flame of heart!

Now is the time. It’s the time.
This moment right now.
It’s the time. It’s the time.
Living with love.
[Just a it’s the…] Time. It’s the time.
I sing for tomorrow’s you.
Now the time has come.

Go for resistance [resistance], resistance [resistance]!
Wow wow wow wow wow.
Our hearts are one.
If you believe in your way,
go on even the way without a path!
Forever [forever], forever [forever].
Wow wow wow wow wow.
In the depths of our heart,
hot heart is burning.
It is our resistance.

Wow wow wow wow…

As long as life continues,
I will never turn my back to reality.
Today makes tomorrow.
Yes, it’s our future. On the way, ah…

Resistance, resistance.
Stand up and shout [shout]
for the justice forever!
If you believe in your way,
go on! The answer is here.
Forever [forever], forever [forever].
Wow wow wow wow wow.
In the depths of our heart,
hot heart is burning.
Our resistance.

[i] About the Writers and the Lyrics of This Song
This tune is released as the downloadable bonus of the limited edition of CD “LIVE AT BUDOKAN – RED NIGHT -” (also included in the downloadable edition being sold at iTunes Store, etc). As of 2015 Jan. 28th, the author information is only contained in the tag of the downloaded file (lyric/music not specified), and the official lyric is not released yet. This romaji lyric is my transcription (of course, I’ve read others’).

When this tune (tentatively called “The One”) was played for the first time on 2014 Nov. 8th (in London), many people thought it was written by DragonForce (a British power metal band) because it resembled DragonForce’s tunes too much. The fact, however, is that Sam Totman & Herman Li, the guitarists of DragonForce, took part in the studio recording of this tune.

The music and the lyrics of this song are typical of the theme songs of Japanese battle animes (i.e. they resemble DragonForce’s songs). Someone said this song might have something to do with a famous Japanese manga & anime “進撃の巨人” (Shingeki no Kyojin; Attack on Titan), but it seems wrong for now. Someone said this lyric is too straightforward as BABYMETAL’s song (e.g. “IJIME, DAME, ZETTAI” has a kind of comical taste in Yui&Moa’s chants).

BABYMETAL “Legend 2015” Concert Review (1/10/15)

Here is a nice concert review from Carlor_Stonefist that i’ve find on BABYMETAL on Reddit, i use this review with the permission of the author.

babymetal legend 2015

I was lucky enough to go to see BABYMETAL at the Saitama Super Arena on January 10th, 2015. I live in California.

As most know, that means it’s very hard for me to see BABYMETAL live as many times I please. I made a trip to Japan in the summer of 2014 to see them at summer sonic, and after they announced the Super arena concert, I knew I had to go back. There was no way I was missing this concert. Everything worked in my favor and I was able to obtain a ticket through my friend from Japan, with the help of a good friend who also traveled all the way from Los Angeles to be there (I am very thankful for both of them). I came to Japan on January 2nd and left the day after the concert (I am on the plane back to the U.S. as I type this). This was my 3rd BM concert (Los Angeles, Summer Sonic 2014, Saitama). I discovered BABYMETAL around November 2013, so I was kind of late to the party.

The day started very early. I woke up at 4 am, caught the first possible train to the arena, and was there by 5:15. My friends had a car, so they were already there in the merch line. People had been waiting in line since midnight!! (such as superfan Kenji). By the time 6 am rolled around, the line was already humungous. People all lined up in hopes of getting some (or even all) of the awesome new merch. The merch types were very vast, death masks were even sold to replace the medical masks worn by people in Japan. By 7 The line for so big that it actually wrapped around the whole arena and had to branch out towards the train station. Many people were playing BM out loud and bracing the cold wind and darkness at 5 am to be in the line and get the merch.
At 9:00 workers came and Entered the front gates of the arena. As we peeked in we could see the stacks upon stacks of boxes filled with t shirts, masks, key chains, you name it. Workers all carried out the boxes and prepared the stands. At 9:15, the line was organized and tickets were checked (you could only buy one of each item and once you bought something, you could not go back in line and buy something again). By 10:00 the line was moving and the merch was being sold. I was able to buy everything I wanted. 4 t shirts, the BABYMETAL Kitsune mask, and the wall of death towel. I was surprised at how many people bought literally EVERYTHING there was to buy. Totaling up to about 500$.

There was also a separate booth for the sales of the Red Night Budokan Live CD and the Blu Ray Budokan DVD. The marketing scheme was genius by BABYMETAL’s staff. With every CD that you bought, you received a lottery ticket. Those tickets gave you a chance to draw a ticket and possibly win a signed wooden plaque (with a drawing and their favorite phrase) signed by one of the girls. There was also signed drawings as prizes. I already bought everything to do with Budokan days earlier at Tower Records, and so did almost all the fans. However, people would buy 5 or more CDs just to have a chance at winning. Once they did not win anything, they handed out red night CDs for free! I had already bought mine, but it was very nice of them. I do appreciate it, because I plan on sending them to my friend as a gift. When someone would win, a bell would be rung and everyone would clap for the lucky person (while secretly hating them in their head), haha.

One of the best parts of the whole experience that was the Saitama concert was the fans. The japanese BABYMETAL fanbase is possibly the most dedicated and nicest fanbase I have ever seen. I thought I was a huge superfan, but compared to them, I am nothing! They absolutely live for this! The people in my group had gone to dozens of shows and support the band every chance they get; and hope for their success more than anything else.

I was interviewed many times outside of the venue. Being a 17 year old white kid from the USA, I was an easy target for an interview. I embraced it and went crazy for the camera yelling and claiming BABYMETAL was gosh to take over the world, you know, the usual. I also saw other international members of the BM community be interviewed. There were a good amount of foreigners at this concert, and the Japanese fans were very kind to us. I was even able to hang out with the famous/adorable Hiyo metal and her dad for a couple portions of the day. she gave me stickers! All, again, because of my amazing friends.

Anyways, let’s skip to an hour or two before the concert. The cosplayers were all around the arena, even full families dressed as the kami band and Babymetal (the amount of cosplayers was amazing! These girls are role models to many young girls and even ones older than them) and shortly before the gates opened, the premium ticket holders entered the arena, led by one with a golden kitsune mask on a chariot!!!


I entered the arena with my group around 5 and as soon as I entered i could feel the hype building. People were chanting and high fiving the Babybones walking around. We walked into the arena and I was immediately astonished by the size of it. I still have trouble remembering that the girls who I saw play in front of 1k people in Los Angeles could sell out an arena of this size. There were also Babybones with huge BM flags who sprinted around the arena, leading the crowds in chants to pump us up (as if we weren’t enough already). Then as 6 approached, it was time. The largest BABYMETAL show to date was about to begin.

As the lights turned off all 20,000 of the sold out crowd stood up immediately and went insane. The concert started with a nice montage of BABYMETALs journey over the past year, and their rise to this mega fame they have reached now. Then, on the stage, a huge screened played animations of coffins descending, one by one, and the girls emerged in Black Kimonos.
The concert was legendary. That’s all I can really say. There were many extended versions of songs (such as 4 no Uta) and a rare version of Iine where the girls actually performed the rap part followed by Su metal exclaiming (yo yo yo. Babymetal’s in da house!). During Akumu No Rondo (my favorite BM song) Su stood on the huge bridge (more details later)and ascended into the sky! The setlist was pretty huge, it featured the new song played at Su’s b day concert (bubble dreamer) and the adorable dance that goes with it (it’s cuter than Gimme Choko!). The setlist also featured a 3 song encore finished with incredible new song “Road of Resistance” (the biggest wall of death I’ve ever seen, by the way).
Here is the setlist for the concert:

(I feared they would have to take out songs to make way for the new songs, however they just added them on with the usual songs!)
1) Megitsune
2) iine!
3) Bubble Dreamer (unreleased new song)
4) Akatsuki
5) Onedari Daisakusen
6) Catch Me if You Can (featuring brand new solos in the beginning by the Kami Band members)
7) Uki Uki midnight
8) 4 no uta
9) Akumu No Rondo
10) Headobangya
11) gimme choko
12) IDZ
13) BM death
14) Doki doki morning
15) Road of Resistance

(There was also a part where the Kami Band performed their really cool solo song). This concert featured a highly increased amount of crowd interaction by the girls, especially Su metal. It added a more personal feel to the concert.

The performance by the girls and Kami Band was flawless as usual, that is a given with BABYMETAL. They are such terrific performers. What was equally amazing was the stage; It featured an evil “broken down castle” looking backround adorned with “the one” symbols. In front of it was 2 bridges branching out to the sides so the girls could stand on them and the kami band as well. However, what was really amazing was the huge red bridge that descended from the ceiling, revealing a walkway for the girls to a small stage in the middle of the arena. This allowed the pit to be surrounding the stage and for the fans to be very very close to the girls, something Budokan or Legend 1997 did not supply.
At the end of the concert, they announced a concert in June at The Makuhari Messe large stage (mosh pit only!) and that their world tour starts in May (no dates yet except for the one concert in June 2015 in Japan).

To sum it up, it was the best concert I’ve ever been to. The moment of 20,000 all singing “whoaaaah” together during Road To Resistance is something I will never forget. I met amazing people, got awesome merch, and saw BABYMETAL live. Is there anything better than that?!? My review does it no Justice, you just have to go see for yourself the experience that is BABYMETAL. It featured tons of fire, fireworks, great singing, a great setlist, and a crazy crowd (I don’t think one person wasn’t singing along the whole time). It was definitely worth my trip and I know I’ll be at Rock on The Range in the US to see the girls rock the faces off of the crowd and continue to spread the BABYMETAL Kawaii virus to more metalheads like myself around the world. I hope they stop by Los Angeles on their world tour. Either way, I’ll support them no matter what!!!!

I hope you all have a chance to see BABYMETAL one day. Thanks for reading! \y/ Kitsune’s up!
The concert will air on WOWOW in March, so soon all who weren’t there will be able to see the amazing concert!
(PS: it was very fun meeting some of you at the concert!)

BABYMETAL – Road of Resistance FULL on Soundcloud

Carlor_Stonefist on Reddit has just post this link where you can listen to the whole version of BABYMETAL – Road of Resistance