BABYMETAL ROCKZINE VOL.3 video message (english translation)

Here is a new BABYMETAL message video from the magazine ROCKZINE VOL.3

Preview of ROCKZINE VOL.3 magazine


This video was recorded during taiwan live~

English translation
2014-02-02 Before taiwan live
Message for ROCKZINE’s readers
I’m Su-metal death
I’m Yuimetal death
I’m Moametal death
We are BABYMETAL death
0:25 Su-metal
Later will be our Live in Taiwan
I’m very excited
Yesterday is the first time in taiwan
Really feels that everyone was kind here
And next will be our first performance in Taiwan
Will it be a lively atmosphere?
Even that my heart was feeling worried
But it turns to expectancy since we reach here now
And full of determination and motivation
0:52 Moametal
Next issue of ROCKZINE magazine
Will have our interview report in taiwan live
Everyone please look at it
1:04 Yuimetal
From now on, we will put more effort with BABYMETAL style
So everyone please support us
1:09 Su-metal
Thats all
See you