Sakura Gakuin: Mikiki interview

The arrival of an album that brings a colorful climax and abundant variety to the compilation of Sakura Gakuin`s 2014 school year.

A compilation of the entire year….The greatest climax is contained herein!

Sakura Gakuin  Mikiki interview

Based around the rule of having to graduate from the group when one graduates from Jr. High school, every year the `limited to the period of growth` Unit, Sakura Gakuin is reborn. Making the absolute most of the respective individual characteristics of each of 10 girls of this year`s Sakura Gakuin this year sees the graduation of Mizuno Yui and Kikuchi Moa who were members from the time of SG`s Major debut and have gone on to perform as Babymetal as well as the graduation of Taguchi Hana and Notsu Yunano this March. An album that could be considered the compilation of the 2014 school year of the group, `Sakura Gakuin 2014 Nendo – Kimi ni Todoke-` has been completed.

Kikuchi Moa:
This year there were many instances of us making use of our respective individual characteristics so I feel speaking honestly that we were all a bit apprehensive and because of that we all grew greatly and learned that even if we are separated we are still all one at heart. This album served as a trigger to bring us all together and I hope we can extend our hearts to more and more people.

Notsu Yunano:
I feel the `color` of the 2013 Nendo Sakura Gakuin was quite a strong one and so I was a bit anxious about whether we could change that and I feel that in a good meaning we were able to all bring out our own individuality. We may have been a bit slow in bringing the 10 members together but I feel it was a year in which we all grew as individuals.

This album is filled with a variety of individuality from the Pro wrestling club`s sonf of `Spin in the Wind` which showed a different sort of toughness than is usual, the song `Peace de Check!` by the Purchasing club which served to loosen the strings around the wallets of the Fukei-san with its cute call and response section, the composite and fun song, `Hirari! KiraKira YamiYami Museum` of the Cooking club, Mini Pati which was a `completion of a full course` (stated by Moa), and the recording of the new student`s badminton club, `Tenshi to Akumu`.

Yamaide Aiko:
In the song, `Tenshi to Akumu` (Angel and Devil) we get to become Angels and sing and to become Devils and sing, and so we are asked to totally change the mood of each part which was really difficult to do but I feel it came out really good.

Shirai Saki:
For the 9th song, `How are you? Mr. Tropicalorie` we were told that the 2nd grade students were to play the main role. (This is because 2nd graders often put on weight at that time) (laughs) I would be happy if people could pay attention to these parts were the 2nd graders take on a main role.

Ooga Saki:
We recorded a wide variety of songs and so were given lots of instructions like, (put in more emotion), or, (emphasize the difference in strength and weakness more). It was quite a difficult task but once we finished it it was not only fun but also gave us a sense of accomplishment.

The day of graduation is almost upon us. We hope that the songs filled with the respective feelings of the girls will reach the minds and hearts of the fans.

In the final song, `Kimi ni Totoke` we are singing with the Fukei-san and the lower classmates who have supported us in mind and I personally was especially directing my thoughts towards Isono Rinon. I am older than her but within Sakura Gakuin she is my senpai. In spite of that fact she never opposed my opinions and accepted my thinking. The lyrics of `The greatest Thank you in my history!` was sung with her in mind.

I have lived 1/3 of my life in Sakura Gakuin. During these 5 years the Fukei-san have been very supportive at each and every live performance. From here on out as well I hope to reach out to them with a wide range of feelings and I hope they will be there on the Graduation ceremony day to take in all of our feelings and thoughts.

Sakura Gakuin: HMV March 11 2013 Interview

Interview- Sakura Gakuin `My Graduation Toss`

-As we are asking the members to appear one at a time we would like Nakamoto-san as the Student council president to introduce each member one by one.

Whoooa! Who should I start with?

-Well, how about starting from the youngest member, Ooga-san?

Eh? About `My Graduation Toss`?

No, that is not it (laughs)

-We are asking the Student council president to introduce you (laughs)

Ah, shouldn`t you ask me then?


You should ask Sakitei then.

So, I should ask?

Sakitei should do the asking then.

No, Su-chan will introduce you. She will introduce Saki-chan.

Oh, OK.

Everyone: (laughing)

-OK, so please get started.

OK! Sakitei is definitely our younger sister character. And that is how it is. When we went to a candy store the other day we felt that we felt that we should recommend this sucking kind of candy (like a baby might suck on) to Sakitei. She is always called a baby by all of us.

No way!

She is thought of as cute and is loved by all of us. Her way of stammering with `Eito…Eito…makes us all a bit apprehensive, like are you OK? (laughs). She is a character that we like to jab at a bit. But she is always smiling and laughing. And she imitates me sometimes. (to Ooga) Right?

I do that?

Yes, when you introduce yourself as me. Even though you don`t resemble me at all.


She does my imitation thinking she is really good at it. She has that side of her-of being a real wild card.

-Ooga-san, is this true?

Ummm…well, yes! But I am more mature than that….

-Everyone (laughing)

Look, everyone is laughing in an unsettled manner. Hahaha…(laughs)

-Everyone (laughing)

-Can you introduce next, Kikuchi-san?

Sakura Gakuin

OK. Well, yes with Kikuchi-san I have a lot of time together with her as Babymetal. When there are just a few of us when we are together as Babymetal she is a real character. She is really talkative and noisy!

-Everyone (laughing)

But when it comes to Sakura Gakuin she is active in teaching the younger students like Sakitei and surprisingly is very composed when we do interviews. But, she acts like a middle aged guy at times. (laughs)

-Everyone (laughs)

-Yes, she is a member of the Koyajibu (middle aged guy club) (laughs)

Yes, that is right, the Koyajibu. Yes, she acts like a middle aged man at times. First of all she likes squid. And she also likes to relax on sofas like middle aged men do.

-We have a sofa here as well.

I was relaxing on it earlier. (laughs)

-Is that right? (laughs)

Conversely, she likes to roll into places that are not large but rather enjoys little places, you see.

-Small places?

Yes, small places like cardboard boxes. I feel really comfortable in them.

She has a very challenging spirit and loves to curl up under sofas, etc. `Eh, where did she go? Where is Moa? And we look for her and find her curled up in some small place. And she sometimes tries to make an appeal for finding big spaces we are provided with, with, `Hey, look this is so spacious`. Hahahaha…..(laughs)

-Everyone (laughs)

That is the kind of girl she is. (laughs)

-Does that fit you?

Yes, that is about right.

-(laughs) OK, next how about Horiuchi-san?

OK. Horiuchi-san is a Fushigi-chan. (a girl who bewilders everyone) (translator`s note: Japanese Fushigi-chan are truly the funnest girls you will ever meet) She is the essence of the Fushigi-chan.


(laughs) Up to this year I had not really talked deeply with Marina-chan. But, this year with our relationship as Student council president and as Vice president there were many things I had to do to assist her, and so we spoke together often. Just being together with her one feels so relaxed and at ease and I felt like we were a married couple at times!

-Everyone (laughs)


I think perhaps she has a kind of Wife-ish like gentle atmosphere about her.

Hmm..I guess that could be true.

-She listens carefully to what you say.

That`s right. When Su- is really nervous, just by looking at the the peacefully smiling Marina-chan I feel at ease. I honestly think that that is one of her roles to play in Sakura Gakuin.

Ah…My feelings were transmitted to you-ssu!

-Everyone (laughs)

-When you became the Vice student council president did your way of thinking change at all?

Last year and before I would determine my goals based on my own perspective and I would do my best in regard to them. But with Su-chan being the only 3rd grader I began to realize that there were members who really wanted their opinions to be taken seriously when we would talk things over. I found that we could help and support each other when we talk things over amongst ourselves.

-One`s way of thinking can change with the times.


Yes, that is true and it is because we feel that we must do things through our own decisions and efforts.

-For this single you recorded a total of 3 songs so could you each introduce one song each? Do any of you have a song that you feel really close to?

–Kikuchi-san and Ooga-san raise their hands.

-That was a quick response! So, well, could you select for us, Student council President?

So, shall we go with Sakitei?

Kikuchi: Aaaa…

-Ooga-san please go ahead.

Saki, well, Saki really likes `My Graduation Toss` but, however, what I want to explain is `Magic…

(gentley) Melody.

`Magic Melody` has a very painful, lonely feeling to it, but Saki has you know, not had the experience of falling in love yet. So I was perplexed for a long time about just how I should sing it. The teachers told me to sing it with this painful, sad (Setsunai 切ない) feeling which forced me to think about how to sing this song. Around that time my mother was in the hospital and I couldn`t go and see her and that night I felt very lonely. So it was this feeling that I recalled to myself when singing this song. It seems to have gone well. I think I was able to put that feeling of painful sadness into the song. It is a song that contains a variety of people`s feelings about romance and since I haven`t been in love before I can only try to understand it by listening to the stories of others.

-Oh! Thank you. Nakamoto-san is there anything you want to add to that?

This song was a collaboration with iRando-san and in actual fact we recruited episodes from fans which were actually used in the creation of the song. This was the first time for Sakura Gakuin to sing a real love song and we were allowed to read each of the episodes one by one and since some of these episodes had parts that would under normal conditions be difficult to say to another we took it upon ourselves to sing as representatives for these fans` feelings.

-So the episodes that you all selected became the lyrics of the song. Thank you. So, next how about Kikuchi-san`s song?

I like `My Graduation Toss` the best. Up until recently, `Yume ni Mukatte` held a lot of feelings for me but ever since this song was created and I have listened it repeatedly I have come to like it the best. My favorite lyrics are in the main chorus part (said looking at the lyric sheet).

It is long, isn`t it?

Yes, it is really long. I like the part that goes, `If I tell you the feelings that I have wanted to convey to you for so long, these feelings that really can not be put in words, I will cry and so I am sorry that I could not be with you smiling to very end`. These words remind me of the feelings I had when sending off the graduates last year. Of course since at graduation the other students are spreading their wings and flying away so I shouldn`t be sad, but I always get a painful, lonely feeling and since I felt that this part of the lyrics matches that feeling and since we must graduate from Sakura Gakuin when we graduate from Jr. High school, I feel that this graduation song is one that can only be sung by Sakura Gakuin.

-In the solo part as well Nakamoto-san`s voice is really brought to life. What do you think about that, Student council president?

At this time last year it was `Tabidachi no ni`. It doesn`t really match up with these kinds of Graduation songs. Su-herself does not think so much about graduation. Maybe that means I don`t want to think about it.
(Kikuchi-san and Ooga-san can`t bear the seriousness of the atmosphere and break out giggling.)

That`s enough! Really! (laughs)

Alright, please go ahead. (laughs)

Everyone also are trying not to look at this feeling of graduating floating around Sakura Gakuin. Su-herself also wants to graduate with a smiling face. Because of the very fact that we are doing Babymetal I want to convey this to everyone at this upcoming Live performance. We have done these kinds of Rockish, cool songs in the past at Sakura Gakuin but this song especially delivers this amazingly cheerful but with a D melody message strongly with `Dear My Friends….I love you. I am so happy to have met all of you. I will take all of our memories with me. I won`t forget any of them`, but with a ballad type of feel. I feel that this too is a new type of Graduation song, and I want my friends at real school to listen to it as well. I don`t want to overstate it but this was created for Su- and it will will remain with me for the rest of my life as a Graduation song!

-Thank you. Next, Horiuchi-san could you talk about `Mezase! Super Lady`?

Alright! Mori-sensei, our homeroom teacher, wrote this song. It is a song that makes the most of our respective individuality when we do open classrooms. The various lines that we sing or say at actual open classroom events are real things that each of the members have said in real life before.

Some outstanding lines (laughs)!

This song that features self introductions that reveal the habits and characteristics of each of the members, and it became a 2012 Nendo-ish song that introduces the members in a fun way. I am sure that people who have come to the open classes will realize this deeply when they see the lyrics, and I am sure our characters will also reach those who have not come to open classes. I hope that people will listen to this and become interested in Sakura Gakuin and the history of Sakura Gakuin.

-When you recorded it, did you do it all together or was it one by one?

Both. There were times we we recorded one by one and times with all of us.

-The lyrics in the brackets are really powerful.


-It feels like you are speaking or performing at a live show.

Yes, right.

When we took role call during an intermission we did a recording in one quick take with all of us along with Mori-sensei all facing the same microphone.

-During that intermission what is Ooga-san saying?

I am saying, `E-to` (laughs). I always screw up the lines so I say, `E-to, E-to`. There is something I would like to say about this song. When we were recording the line and such Mori-sensei was there but when we were doing long recordings Mori-sensei really screwed up his lines.

Everyone (laughs)

And so it was with much effort that the members were able to exhibit their individuality but I am not so sure if Mori-sensei was able to do so. (laughs)

Everyone (laughs)

And if I add a bit to that, it appears that this was like the first recording for Mori-sensei and he was so nervous! This time Mori-sensei wrote the lyrics but there are some members who are not too happy about that!

Everyone (laughs)

When we got the song and started the lessons for it, we were like, `Why is like this?`. We were told by the teacher who instructs us on daily living matters that we should ask Mori-sensei directly when he comes to teach and so when he came and we started working in the recording booth we were all saying all kinds of things to him. We said things like, `get your act together!` and things like that. In that kind of atmosphere we were recording the intermission parts so I was a little worried about whether we were recording the fun side of Sakura Gakuin or not. I didn`t particularly want to talk about Mori-sensei`s first recording experience here but…(laughs).

Everyone (laughs)

Also, at the beginning of the song Mori-sensei introduces himself. At first Moa and the others couldn`t hear it but if listen very carefully you can hear it and I hope that you do take a listen. (laughs)

Yes since he went out of his way to record it (laughs).

Everyone (laughs)


Coming from above, above (laughs)

From the bottom, the bottom (laughs)

-The brings things together nicely! Thank you very much. Nakamoto-san, Horiuchi-san and Kikuchi-san are all in clubs but Ooga-san you are not in a club, right? In your blog at the end of the year you said that one of your aims for this year was to join a club. If you have found one you are interested in, please let us know.

Hmm..well, yes.. I still haven`t yet decided on one, but what am I trying to say?

Of the ones that are available…?

I am not really sure. Saki wants to join a club that will show her a side of herself that is not there in the Sakura Gakuin version of Saki. I want to show a totally different Saki.

There isn`t one you want to join?

There are actually many that I want to join.

There are many? (laughs)

You are going to become a Babybones in Juuonbu, right?

Right! I want to be a Juuonbu skeleton. I want to be a Babybone and play in the air band!

In another interview Sakitei said that she is not good at speaking and wants to get over that. She was saying that if she is in a club since there are so members in each club that she would have to talk a lot. But if she joins Juuonbu and becomes a Skeleton she wouldn`t have to speak. And we were saying that a little Babybones would be really cute.

That is what I want to become.

You want to do that? (laughs) We have to make a Skeleton costume for you- a special Sakitei costume.

I am fine with it like it is!

It is very loose. (laughs)

-Personally I hope that you will bring back the Baton club.

Everyone Ooh!

There are a lot of requests recently for the Baton club.

Saki wants to join the Baton club!

Can you twirl the baton? The practice is very hard!

About the baton…! How in the world do they spin it like that?

We practiced!

-I heard that you actually got injured.

I had a lot of bruises.

(In a small voice)
That is amazing.

Everyone (laughs)

-I will keep hoping the Baton club makes a comeback! In conclusion, looking back on 2012 Nendo what kind of year was it for Sakura Gakuin, Student council president?

Summing it up I would say it was a Sakura Gakuin with the member`s individuality turned on full force. When I first became the president I thought at first that I would have to be like Ayami-chan. I felt that I would have to do everything perfectly like Ayami-chan or I would not be able to perform the duties of president and felt very anxious. But everyone taught me that it did not have to be that way. Everyone said to me, `Su-chan`s Sakura Gakuin is a lot of fun!`. I fell like this year I kind of ran things the way I wanted but when I was able to to read the letters written by everyone during the shooting of the album`s limited DVD I was able for the first time to understand the true feelings of all of the members. They said that it was enjoyable following along with the direction Su-chan took Sakura Gakuin and that they also enjoyed the crazy unexpected things that we did. So, how should I say it? My Sakura Gakuin……

-So you have no regrets looking back?

Yes, none at all! By becoming the president I was able to get to know everyone and get to know their individual characters and as I said before I was able to become good friends with Marina-chan! And so I think it was Sakura Gakuin that was really unified into a single unit.

-Thank you. I look forward to your graduation!

We will do our best!


Nakamoto Suzuka

Birthdate: 1997 December 20th
Birthplace: Hiroshima-ken
Height: 159cm
Likes: Stationary goods, Book covers one gets at bookstores
Club: Juuonbu

Horiuchi Marina

Birthdate: 1998 April 29th
Birthplace: Tokyo-to
Height: 149cm
Likes: Umeboshi, Madeleine, Marshmallow toast
Club: Science club, Going home club, Tennis club

Kikuchi Moa

Birthdate: 1999 July 4th
Birthplace: Aichi-ken
Height: 139cm
Likes: Doing an impersonation of Marilyn Monroe using the air from a dryer
Club: Juuonbu, Cooking club

Ooga Saki

Birthdate: 2000 April 11th
Birthplace: Tokyo-to
Height: 139cm
My pride: My 6-pack ribbed abs

Sakura Gakuin: Making of Aogeba Totoshi

Sakura Gakuin Making of Aogeba Tootoshi with English subtitles

Album release from Sakura Gakuin, a girls idol unit consisting of 10 members, including Moa Kikuchi (MOAMETAL) and Yui Mizuno (YUIMETAL) who are members of BABYMETAL. Includes “Heart no Chokyu” produced by Tommy february6 & Shunsaku Okuda, “Aogeba Totoshi,” and more.

Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150326 Moa Kikuchi

RTG 2014 ~Be ambitious, Memorial Summit~

Well, finally, It’s time to start “The Road to Graduation 2014 ~Be ambitious, Memorial Summit~” at O-EAST 😀 ♥❤ We began to have all-standing concerts when Su-chan was the president because of her hope to ‘feel the audience closer’♪ The graduation ceremony (concert) will be all-seated, so, today, let’s have a blast! Have Fun together!!!!

Now, for the people who can’t come to the concert, today’s diary is a ‘MOA Photo Gallery’ after a long while♪ This is the last ‘MOA Photo Gallery’ (pay homage to a museum). 【There is a famouse museum in Japan】So, I picked many kind of photos of members♥❤

We had already showed too funny faces at LoGiRL…so we are afraid of nothing now. lol
Please enjoy MOA Photo Gallery till the concert begins!!





Sakura Gakuin on Hot Wave 2015

Sakura Gakuin Hot wave 2015 March Part 1, 2, 3 with English subtitles

Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150320 Moa Kikuchi: Senpai

Good mornooning♥ It’s Moa. 🙂

My last open-class ended. I feel somewhat hurt inside. In the class ‘Archaeology of Songs’, each member pick a song, study about the song by herself, present any findings and lastly, sing the song a cappella!!

I had prepared my presentation while visualizing what I hope to send to you. So, I could make my presentation looking at your face closely.
If you got what Moa wanted to send — even a little bit of it — I am happy♥♥ I believe my kouhais got it!!
And, Moa will treasure what I’ve got from kouhais forever. Thank you so much♥ 🙂
As of my singing a cappella….

I suddenly became really nervous, and started singing to find myself a bit off-key. I gradually adjusted and could sing exhilaratingly. But it was not a satisfactory performance. I felt frustrated thinking ‘Oh, If I could have sung once more, I surely could have sung better…’ But I know it’s an afterthought.
We have only one chance to play in each open-class. We can’t play one concert again! I realized again the importance of doing my very best with strong will in each single occasion, If I don’t want to feel unsatisfactory. Every one of members felt that, didn’t you? In the last two chances to play, let’s do our best and show everything we’ve learned till now!! Let’s send our whole hearts♥

【Kikuchi Moa and Muto Ayami】
【Kikuchi Moa and Muto Ayami December, 2010’】

Today, I want to write about my three senpais, three former presidents of student council, who taught important things to Moa and current members.
✿Muto Ayami-chan (‘One-tan’) 【=’Big Sis’. It’s not usually used saying. Usually, we say ‘Onee-chan’ and its broken form ‘Onee-tan’. ‘One-tan’ is still more broken, and thus has more intimate feeling. Please read it like the first 2 syllables of ‘honest’+’tan’】

She has been always walking one or two steps (or more?) ahead of Moa, and has kept paving the way for kouhais. She is a hard worker, putting her all into her work. I can’t help but respect One-tan.

‘Enjoy yourself from your heart, that surely will make fans enjoy the show’, One-tan told us several times. One-tan put much love in her doing and made us delighted♥ She is so short, and so energetic!! Regulations or customs can’t stop her doing more than desired. Her sending MUCH LOVE to fans make Moa think it important to put love in my doing♪
✿Nakamoto Suzuka-chan (Suu-chan)

【Kikuchi Moa and Nakamoto Suzuka】
【Kikuchi Moa and Nakamoto Suzuka April, 2012】

Suu-chan is Moa’s comrade. A fellow-fighter always being next to me!!!
After the Festival of 2014nendo, Moa had a serious problem. Suu-chan, as the president, had have the same problem and told me her thought and feeling at that time. That gave me power. It’s hard to stick to the ideal, and such attitude sometimes is not accepted. But, in the end, everything changes into good memories. So, take it easy and do what you think the best. Such words of Suu-chan made me relaxed — ‘Suu-chan also had the problem’♥
And Suu-chan also taught me the importance to send a song with heart♫
✿Horiuchi Marina-chan (Marina-chan, or Marippe)

Horiuchi Marina and Kikuchi
【Horiuchi Marina and Kikuchi Moa February, 2012】

Marina-chan is a bosom friend of Moa.
We are not of an age, but we are alike in way of thinking or taste, and have been having a LOT of talk. ‘Ideal and reality’, ‘What we want to send’, our dreams, anime things, and so on. We can talk on anything. We can share sadness and joy. By talking to Marina-chan, I feel as if a cloudy sky is cleared up! It’s fun! At first, Marina-chan was quiet. But she tried to express herself in order to send the importance of kizuna【bond】. Such Marina-chan was so adorable♥ We are talking that we hope to do something together and send ‘glitter’ one day…..I believe it surely will come true♪

This time, I’ve wrote about former presidents only. But also other graduates sent us several things. We appriciate everything senpais have left for us and will complete our Sakura Gakuin!!
Of course I love graduates, but current Sakura Gakuin is more important for Moa. Let’s show 10 of us is the very best♪
I just hope to send you — Sakura Gakuin NOW!

Source:, Translation : Sakura Gakuin on Reddit


Sakura Gakuin students’ diary Yui Mizuno: Toyosu


Hello, it’s Yui. 🙂
Thank you for coming to the open-class. And thank you for watching the open-class program on NicoNico-douga live streaming.
This time, we had the ‘Study of Calligraphy’. At first, I wanted to show you ‘cheerful Yui’ and deliberately drew funny(?) words. But gradually I felt like to express myself, to show my inner voice…..and finally, I drew the word which has been always in my mind — “Sakura Gakuin”. The class ended so fast, but I could feel the passion of Yano-sensei to the calligraphy.

The calligrph for Yano-sensei must be parallel of Sakura Gakuin for Yui. I felt happy to show you my Tomato-kun, and my passion to Sakura Gakuin. And, we had a release event of ‘Aogeba Tootoshi’ at Lalaport Toyosu. Thank you for coming to see us.


This time again, I made the setlist of the event.
1. Acha! cha! Curry
2. Hirari! Kirakira☆YamiYami Museum
From the opening, Mini-pati appeared! Every time we had an event at Lalaport Toyosu, we had an unveiling of a new song. This time, we unveiled Mini-pati song. How was that?
3. Heart no Hoshi
I hoped to change the atmosphere of the venue into ‘Sakura-color’ fast. So I picked this song which show ‘Sakura Gakuin 2014nendo’ fully.
4. Hello! IVY
In order to foster a sense of unity with Fukei-sans, and also with people who happened to see us casually, I chose this song with a choreo we play together with the audience. I was happy to see someone waved their hands. And the pink flags being waved were a spectacle.
5. Marshmallow irono Kimito
We unveiled Marshmallow at Lalaport Toyosu on 2012nendo. So I picked this song. It’s really wonderful song and I was pleased to play it again.
6. Aogeba Tootoshi
It’s the special-feature in this event. I was very pleased to hear your shout. I hope we could send the charm of this song to many people.
7. Jump up 〜Chiisana Yuuki〜
Last year, we planned release event for Jump up and it was cancelled because of heavy snow. So, as a revenge, I chose this song for the climax of the event. We played the song with thanks…hoping to send the hearts of four 2013nendo graduates to you.

The 1st part was cancelled due to heavy rain. We felt really sorry for letting you wait in cold place in vain. But we could play the 2nd part and I was heartily pleased to see you Fukei-sans♥
(In low voice) Errr…I am looking forward to…seeing you Fukei-sans again…and am happy if…you also feel the same…Thank you for your support★


Sakura Gakuin: Tower Record Cafe Collaboration with MiniPati

TOWER RECORDS CAFE opens the collaboration cafe with Sakura Gakuin cooking club Minipati at TOWER RECORDS CAFE Shibuya and Omotesando shops.


This is the 3rd consecutive year of Tower Record Cafe and Minipati collaboration. The collaboration is to promote the Sakura Gakuin 5th album『Sakura Gakuin 2014 Nendo~Kimi ni Todoke~』which is going to be released in March 25th. The members of Minipati, Kikuchi Moa, Mizuno Yui, and Taguchi Hana, who are active since 2011 are graduating this March the 29th. This is likely to be the last collaboration with the current Minipati members.


The fancy collaboration menu offered every year is also going strong. This 2015,「Sparkling Cook☆Minipati Sakura Chiffon・Mochi Berry Cheerful Bright servings ♡ with Bubbly Sakura・Yogurt」is on the menu. Last year’s Tower Records Cafe collaboration menu proposal is also here, the song『Hirari!Kirakira☆Yamiyami Museum』was based on the recipe as an implementation of the reverse collaboration.

Minipati gave the name of the collaboration menu with consideration of, the customers will enjoy the Sakura Chiffon with Red-white Manjuu (bun) and Pudding ice around it as their beloved sweets decorated in an artistic sense such as sparkling colorful jelly combined with the drinks, also the customers who ordered the menu will receive special photo as gifts.
The Collaboration Cafe is currently opening a pre-sale for Minipati original goods「Minipati☆Lunch Box」, and Tower Records Cafe limited collaboration goods「Minipati × TOWER REOCRDS CAFE Mug cup」is on sale.


The period of the collaboration:
March 20th(Fri)~ March 26th(Thu)

March 24th(Tue)~ March 31st(Tue)

Collaboration Menu:
「Sparkling Cook☆Minipati Sakura Chiffon・Mochi Berry Cheerful Bright servings ♡ with Bubbly Sakura・Yogurt」

Sweets: Pinapple, Pudding ice, Sakura chiffon cake, Kiwi fruits, Whip cream, Mixed berries, Sparkling jelly, Red-White manjuu (bun)
Drinks: Sakura Syrup, Yogurt, Ginger ale
Price: 1,500 yen(with tax)※Sweets & Drinks set

Special: A special Minipati original photo will be given as a present to first arrival customers who ordered the above menu in the period time limit.

Source: Nathalie, BABYMETAL FAN CLUB, Reddit

Sakura Gakuin: Saku Saku part 2 with Su, Yui and Moa

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