Yui Mizuno (YuiMetal) talk about her favorit tv show

Here is a new Yui Mizuno (YuiMetal) post from the official Sakura Gakuin blog, the translation is from Babymetal 重音部.

Hello, it’s Yui.
Thank you very much Fukei-sans for your coming to @JAM and cheering us up through internet.
It was our first performance with all of us 10 members since transfer ceremony May 5th.

‘The summer’ for me, and for Sakura members means…
To see each other everyday,
to have so many lessons and live-events,
and to gain a lot of experience.
It is the season we have a chance to make a great advance in a year.

But, in this summer, Hana and Yunano had HGS activities and Moa and Yui had BABYMETAL activities. With so many club activities, it was not easy to spend time together…
So, I was anxious that we might not be able to show our unity, our improvement since the transfer ceremony….how do you think was our performances?

I was very nervous thinking that, but as soon as I was on stage, I could see so many Fukei-sans and Sakura-flags. It encouraged me so much

This is my last summer as a Sakura Gakuin student…feeling that made me almost crying. But that feeling enabled me to play performance with my whole heart!!

This time, as a produce-chairman, I made the setlist again!!!

1. Yume ni Mukatte
It was the last song in TIF. I hope to make continuous feeling and chose it as the first song. And for those who see Sakura Gakuin for the first time, I want to show this song as a ‘very first Sakura song’.

2. Makeruna! Seishun Hiza Kozou
It is ‘The Sakura song’ with it’s gymnastic formations and height-comparing choreo.

3. Hana*Hana
I would like to show cuteness of Sakura Gakuin!! Now the stage is a flower-garden✿
I decide to be a bee completely. Could you see bees flying?

4. I・J・I
Following cuteness, I want to show you ‘cool Sakura’ It’s one of the most difficult choreo song. Well done, Sara and Megu

There are soooooo many wonderful messages in Sakura songs’ lyrics! I chose FRIENDS as the last song hoping to let audience feel that, to send the splended messages to you.

Putting these feelings into the setlist, I chose these five songs.
I’m now thinking about the new plan for the next concert Sep.27 and The Sakura Gakuin Festival. Please look forward to the concerts!

P.S. At @JAM, we were having GariGari-kun popsicles….and Aiko drew a prize!! And then, Yui, sitting next to Aiko, drew a prize again! Don’t you think it cool?