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BABYMETAL on TBS NewsBird / Hedoban 2015 Interview with ENGLISH SUBS

Watch the full report and interview on TBS The News Bird with BABYMETAL with english subtitles.

BABYMETAL Special Report and Interview on TBS “The News Bird” about their special performances in Europe at Kerrang Awards 2015 and Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2015 with footage from Sonisphere Festival in 2014 also, and Saitama Super Arena on January 10 of this year, in addition the report makes focus on the increase of sales of Heavy Metal music in Japan thanks to the exposure of BABYMETAL meeting other artists in Festivals.

Also in the interview Su-Metal talks about her level of english and the audiences overseas and the differences with Japanese audience, while Yui-metal makes mention to Kerry King from Slayer and how much he inspires her, and Moa-metal said that she is listening Limp Bizkit lately and investigating the band, her favourite song is “My Generation”.

Subtitles provided by Thomas Malone and Maron-Metal

BABYMETAL featured on TBS「News Bird」TV Show

New video of BABYMETAL special feature today on TBS「News Bird」TV Show

Also include another video with the minister who in charge of “Cool Japan”~


Source: Babymetal 重音部

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