Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150326 Moa Kikuchi

RTG 2014 ~Be ambitious, Memorial Summit~

Well, finally, It’s time to start “The Road to Graduation 2014 ~Be ambitious, Memorial Summit~” at O-EAST 😀 ♥❤ We began to have all-standing concerts when Su-chan was the president because of her hope to ‘feel the audience closer’♪ The graduation ceremony (concert) will be all-seated, so, today, let’s have a blast! Have Fun together!!!!

Now, for the people who can’t come to the concert, today’s diary is a ‘MOA Photo Gallery’ after a long while♪ This is the last ‘MOA Photo Gallery’ (pay homage to a museum). 【There is a famouse museum in Japan】So, I picked many kind of photos of members♥❤

We had already showed too funny faces at LoGiRL…so we are afraid of nothing now. lol
Please enjoy MOA Photo Gallery till the concert begins!!





Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150217 Moa Kikuchi


Title: JaJaJah〜n! 【=Ta-dah!】

Good mornooning❤ It’s Moa.
This year’s our first show “The Road to Graduation 2014 〜Happy Valentine〜” ended. Thank you very much for coming!!
I know there are many people who wanted to come but unfortunately couldn’t…..we always play each one of shows imagining every Fukei-sans were with us. Our days in 2014nendo are numbered and I hope we can make our hearts into one in the remaining days!

There was a merch of the concert “Turning into a club-member” photo-set. At the shooting of th photo-set, we Sakura members were all hyped. Because…..oh, can’t you see the reason?? It’s too apparent! We could wear the club-costume which we usually can’t wear, and we could play a role of a club-member we don’t belong to♪♫

We didn’t know who plays which club member untill the morning of the shooting. We knew it seeing a script when we enterd the shooting studio. We could play our role in all seriousness and it was so fun♥❤

Moa played not only a club member but also…Mori-sensei!
Fukei-sans, did you guess correctly who played Mori-sensei’s role? 【On the official Sakura Gakuin web site, the sample photo of the merch was pixelized and we couldn’t see who played which role untill the day of the concert】

For those who have not seen the photo-set, I show you my personal snapshot!!!!!!

It’s not MOri-sensei, But MOa-sensei!! 😀
Hehehe❤ Looks like him? 😀
Sakura members praised me saying ‘A dead ringer!!’♫
Cherish students the most☆ It was Moa.

Source: Reddit

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Sakura Gakuin : The Road to Graduation 2014 ~Happy Valentine ~ setlist and photos

“The Road to Graduation 2014 ~Happy Valentine ~” Setlist 15/02 at the LIQUIDROOM.

The Road to Graduation 2014

1st Stage, Open14:30 / Start 15:00
影ナレ (Opening Narration by): 華(Hana)
02. ベリシュビッッ (Verishuvi)
03. 目指せ!スーパーレディー 2014年度 (Mezase! Super Lady 2014)
04. Magic Melody
05. オトメゴコロ。(Otomegokoro.)
06. さくらんぼ/大塚 愛 (Sakuranbo / Ai Ootsuka)
07. 仰げば尊し (Aogeba Toutoshi)
08. Jump Up
09. ハートの地球(ほし) (Heart no Hoshi)
MC: 購買部からのお知らせ Introducing New Items by School Store.
E01. My Graduation Toss
E02. 夢に向かって (Yume ni mukatte / Toward The Dream)

Moa an Yunano  backstage
Moa an Yunano backstage

2nd Stage, Open17:30 / Start 18:00
影ナレ (Opening Narration by): 由結(Yui)
01. My Graduation Toss
02. チャイム (Chime)
03. Hello!IVY
04. Hana*Hana
05. オトメゴコロ。(Otomegokoro.)
06. さくらんぼ/大塚 愛 (Sakuranbo / Ai Ootsuka)
07. 仰げば尊し (Aogeba Toutoshi)
08. 顔笑れ! (Ganbare!)
10. 未完成シルエット (Mikansei)
MC: 購買部からのお知らせ Introducing New Items by School Store.
E01. マシュマロ色の君と (Marshmallow Iro no Kimi to)
E02. ハートの地球(ほし) (Heart no Hoshi)

BABYMETAL / Sakura Gakuin future concert and media appearances

BABYMETAL and Sakura Gakuin future concert schedule and media appearances information

■ 1/7 (water) “LIVE AT BUDOKAN ~ RED NIGHT ~ “[LIVE CD CD] general sales
■ 01/10 (Sat) BABYMETAL LEGEND “2015” ~ New Year festival fox ~ Saitama Super Arena
■ 01/31 (Sat) 21: 00~21: 30 MTV “BABYMETAL VideoSelects”
■ 01/31 (Sat) 21: 30~22: 00 MTV “BABYMETAL LIVE at BUDOKAN”
■ 05 / 15,16,17 2015 ROCK ON THE RANGE (USA Columbus, Ohio)

※ Sakura Gakuin future event information
■ 1/31 (Sat) Sakura Gakuin open class two performances (tickets sold out)
■ 2月Sakura Gakuin open class (perhaps 2 performances)
■ 2/15 (Sun) The Road to Graduation 2014 ~ Happy Valentine ~ 2 performances
■ March Sakura Gakuin open class (perhaps 2 performances)
■ March early Sakura Gakuin 2nd DVD Single released
■ 3/26 (tree) The Road to Graduation 2014 ~ Be ambitious, Memorial Summit ~ ■ 3/29 (Sun) The Road to Graduation 2014 Graduation Ceremony (OPEN 16:00 / START 17:00 Tokyo NHK Hall) ■ March late or4 early May Sakura graduates Photos released