BABYMETAL in the news part 3

here is a news collection from around the web about our favorite band BABYMETAL.

BABYMETAL is taking the world over right now and a lots of mainstream newspapers and viral sites such as USA TODAY and Cheezburger are talking about them!


Babymetal calls its music Kawaii Metal — a bizarre blend of death-metal, EDM rhythms and sugary J-pop melodies. The group’s new single, Give Me Choco!!, begins with a speaker-shredding guitar assault that quickly gives way to machine-gun-rapid chirpy vocals and a chorus as addictive as chocolate-covered cereal and Saturday morning cartoons.

Babymetal’s video is the greatest ever — or the worst

Warren Kinsella

They’re also my current favourite band of all time: choreographed bubblegum pop fused with hardcore? Nobody has ever done that before!

Babymetal: the band that will destroy metal

Music of the Day: J-pop Mixed With Heavy Metal Will Make Your Head Explode

New School Kaidan

With BABYMETAL’s popularity on the rise, Ben Quick gives you a crash course in what the group is all about.



They take everything Americans do and take it to another level that just wouldn’t work if it was done by an American. Or maybe that is some weird backwoods racist thing I have going on in my head (I am an Atlanta native and ain’t too smart). The Japanese are just on another level and I’m always in the mood for something a little different or strange.

Babymetal, Babymetal (2014)