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Lady’s X : X JAPAN – YOSHIKI will be producing a BABYMETAL like band

YOSHIKI, the leader of X JAPAN, will be producing a new Visual-kei girls band Lady’s X. Lady’s X A producer of many big name artists, ...
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Girls on Games: interview with BABYMETAL at Heavy Montreal

Girls on Games got the chance to speak with BABYMETAL after their performance at Heavy Montreal 2014. We spoke about touring with Lady ...
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Yoshiki post a pic with BABYMETAL

Yoshiki Hayashi, best known as bandleader and co-founder of the heavy metal band X Japan, for which he is the drummer, pianist and principal ...
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X Japan: Yoshiki Hayashi Tweets About BABYMETAL

Yoshiki fromthe band X Japan have something to say about BABYMETAL on his twitter account!
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