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BABYMETAL (Yui/Moa) Makeup and Hair Tutorial by Callie

Welcome back to another Babymetal video :) I already have a fringe like theirs so I thought this would be an easy look. Just need to colour my ...
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Nylon: Music Sensation Babymetal Talks Overlords and Ariana Grande

Japanese idol culture has nothing to do with Keith Urban or jazzy interpretations of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” The idol performers ...
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BABYMETAL in Nikkei Business online

Here a translation of BABYMETAL interview from japanese site Nikkei Business online Babymetal is a Japanese music group that gets best ...
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When YUI meet Ariana

YUIMETAL (Yui Mizuno) make on of her dream come true this week end at the Summer Sonic 2015, she meet her idol Ariana Grande and we have the proof ...
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Oricom: The presence of KAMI BAND is backing the popularity of BABYMETAL overseas

Here a japanese report from Oricom website translate by Redeared_Slider on Reddit Besides the success of solo live at Makuhari Messe in ...
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BABYMETAL at Rock in Vienna 2015 confirmed (Austria)

BABYMETAl presence is confirmed at the Rock in Vienna 2015 festival! The concert is held from Thursday 4th to Saturday 6th June 2015, BABYMETAL ...
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BABYMETAL announce World Tour 2015!

Exciting news! World tour 2015. These are the dates announced so far, it is not known as of yet if there will be any more dates. Contact local ...
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0024 - 4JtseEb

BABYMETAL : The Cant of Words Part 2 (From the BAW booklet 1) The Cant of Words (Page 2)  ぎゃくだい、...
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Yui Mizuno new diary: Happy new year

Happy New Year. In 2014, I could have so much precious experience. It was an unforgettable year for me. 2014 was so satisfying year for me ...
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The Cant of Words Part 1 (From the BAW booklet 1)

The Cant of Words The Encyclopedia of Metal ...
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Rumor of the Internet : BABYMETAL, DragonForce and Attack on Titan collaboration

The moment BABYMETAL played the bland-new song «The One», a rumor started to fly over the Internet. It says that the song indecates future ...
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Yui Mizuno new diary 2014-11-11

This Yui Mizuno's diary suppose to be posted before they depart to NYC and London..Before reading, make sure you're ready... . So... which is ...
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Metal Hammer: 3 Minutes With Babymetal (video)

A brief chat with the Japanese phenomenon Last Saturday Babymetal played to a sold-out Brixton O2 Academy in what was only their third ever UK ...
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Here is a live video for BABYMETAL – Chocotto love (BIG TIME CHANGES ver) featuring YUIMETAL on lead vocals. This track is tacken from ...
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BABYMETAL – Prolog for Onedari Daisakusen – Legend “I” (English captions)

BLACK BABYMETAL - Prolog for “Onedari Daisakusen” / 「おねだり大作戦」プロローグ with English captions. Legend "I" Live ...
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Yui Mizuno (YuiMetal) talk about her favorit tv show

Here is a new Yui Mizuno (YuiMetal) post from the official Sakura Gakuin blog, the translation is from Babymetal 重音部. Hello, it's ...
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BABYMETAL Homage Album Covers (& fan art) 4

Some more album cover homage and fan art by myself, bands including Ozzy Osbourne, Avenged Sevenfold, Rush, Deep Purple, KISS, The Doors, Black ...
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babymetal afp

AFP: Japan’s Babymetal plot world domination with Lolita rock

Japanese pop-metal group Babymetal have toured with Lady Gaga and attracted monster crowds in America and Europe with their sugar-coated hard rock, ...
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Sakura Gakuin 125

Yui Mizuno talk about the Sakura Gakuin song «Marshmallow Iro No Kimi To»

Yui Mizuno (YuiMetal) has post this new blog entry on the official Sakura Gakuin blog In this new blog entry she talk about the lyrics of the ...
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New YuiMetal diary about Tokyo Idol Festival

Hello! Yui here Everyone, I think you already know what day is tomorrow right? That right!! It's Tokyo Idol Festival performance day~ This ...
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BABYMETAL incident: L.A. City Fire Department confirmed a call for a 15 year-old female

A show review from OC Weekly report on the medical incident concerning a 15 year-old female. In the show review: Babymetal - The Fonda ...
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Yui Mizuno new blog entry about her trip in Europe

Yui Mizuno (YuiMetal) has just post this new entry on the Sakura Gakuin official blog. As you can see their is a lot of picture from her travel ...
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Transcript of the narrations in Legend Y (Paris concert)

Here is the Transcript of the narration from Legend Y, the Paris concert. This is a story of the Angel of Dance. The Angel of Dance(YUIME...
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BOG Magazine interview of Yui and Moa

Here is a small interview with MoaMetal and YuiMetal from BOG Magazine. Click the image to enlarge
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Mini-Pati officialy continuing with Moa and Yui on board!

The official Sakura Gakuin Facebook page has announced today that the Subgroups Mini-Pati (aka Mini-Patissier) will continuing with the present ...
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New Yui blog: YuiMetal talk about her love for Karen Girl’s

Monsterpanda from BABYMETAL Reddit has done this pretty nice transation of the last Yui blog! Hi this Yui. I know it is sudden but it is ...
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Gimme Chocolate live audio

Misleading BABYMETAL YUIMETAL video title, but it is live audio from I assume the Budokan show. Sound is not perfect but you get a good idea of ...
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Kami Band: Takayoshi Ohmura wish Happy Birthday YUIMETAL on Twitter

Takayoshi Ohmura, the «guitar God» from the Kami band (BABYMETAL Back band), just tweet this cute Happy Birthday YUIMETAL. #HBDYuimetal ...
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Tomorrow we celebrate YuiMetal birthday #HBDYuimetal

Tommorow is D-1 Yuimetal Birthday. So please, whoever wherever & Whatever who has twitter account let's flood the timeline with #HBDYuimetal ...
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YUIMETAL & MOAMETAL 15th birthday celebration

Official BABYMETAL Twitter account have post this brand new tweet about the comming celebration of YUIMETAL & MOAMETAL 15th birthday We ...
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