Takayoshi Ohmura to release new Album, “Cerberus” on January 25!!

BABYMETAL Kami Band Takayoshi Ohmura to release a new Album called "Cerberus" featuring Audio CD with covers with special guests, and 2 DVDs including lives and special content! Find more details below. 


Kami Band Takayoshi Ohmura to release "Cerberus" CD/DVD on January 25!

Kami Band God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura announced the release of his new effort, a new Album called "Cerberus" including a CD and 2 DVD. The Audio CD features 6 cover songs, 5 with guest vocalists featuring songs from Metallica, Megadeth, Evanescence, Arch Enemy and Dream Theater. In addition a Live DVD with the show of "The Gathering Of Metal Warriors" from his Birthday Celebration which took place in January 2016 (See more here) and a third Disc for those who buy the at Amazon Japan with a MC Collection from "The Gathering Of Metla Warriors". Takayoshi Ohmura's "Cerberus" will be on sale on January 25, 2017.



Takayoshi Ohmura "Cerberus" Album Details & Content: 

Release date: January 25, 2017 (Wednesday)

Price: ¥ 3,800 (Tax included)

Number of discs: CD + DVD

Booklet: 16 pages booklet included

Publisher: Keasler Japan Limited

Distributor: Keasler Japan Limited


Audio CD, Disc 1

The Album features 5 different vocalists as special guests. 

01-Metallica / Battery: Guest Vocalist. TOKI (C4, Stealth)

02-Megadeth / Tornado Of Souls: Guest Volist. Ikepy (Her Name In Blood)

03-Evanescence / Bring Me To Life: Guest Volist. Aya Kamiki (UROBOROS)

04-Arch Enemy / NEMESIS: Guest Volist. Hazuki (lynch.)

05-Dream Theater / Take The Time: Guest Volist. Atsushi Kuze (Concerto Moon, Screaming Symphony)

06-Dokken / Mr. Scary (Instrumental)

*All Guitars, Bass Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Chorus recorded by Takayoshi Ohmura


DVD, Disc 2

The Gathering Of Metal Warriors Live Show 

Guitars: Takayoshi Ohmura

Vocals: Kuze Atsushi

Bass: BOH


And guest artists like: TOKI[C4/Stealth], Akane Liv [LIV MOON],Mikio Fujioka, Hideki Aoyama


DVD, Disc 3

For those who puruchase on Viper Express Amazon Store will receive a 3rd Disc with a MC Collection of "The Gathering Of Metal Warriors"- *If you get the Item at the general shop will not get this third disc. 


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For more details visit Keasler Japan, click here.