Transcript of the narrations in Legend Y (Paris concert)

Here is the Transcript of the narration from Legend Y, the Paris concert.


This is a story of the Angel of Dance.
The Angel of Dance(YUIMETAL) will be summoned by the God of Metal and she will receive the blessing of the night of the full moon in Paris.
The dance of the Angel will enchant the citizens of Paris, then the sound of her shoes will echo throughout the world.
This is the legend of music that surpasses art.
Now, the Angel of Dance descends to the floral city of Paris.
In a period of civil war in the world.
The METAL MASTER grieved about the world’s chaotic situation The METAL MASTER said.
All HEAVY METAL Roads lead to Europe.
In Europe there is THE BIG FOX THE HEAVY METAL GOD. He was determined to make the world become one with HEAVY METAL again.
Then, In the land of the Rising Sun. the HEAVY METAL RESISTANCE began.
Three girls were chosen and given the holy metal name by the FOX GOD.
He named them BABYMETAL which meant birth of a new style of HEAVY METAL.
He gave them the mission to make the world become one with HEAVY METAL again.
Now is the time to join the METAL RESISTANCE.
As BABYMETAL – the guardians of HEAVY METAL – travel across the galaxy.

credits to bbymetal from tumblr

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