Underground IDOL Domination vol.1 : documentary about the new wave of metal and rock japanese IDOL

UNDERGROUND IDOL DOMINATION Vol1. with English and French subtitles

Japanese IDOL are supposed to be pure & innocent, but sometimes, they’re not. IDOL 2.0, i s the best documentary about unconventional and badass japanese IDOL!

00:01:10 GEKIDOL https://twitter.com/_gekidol
00:08:17 Lyric-Holic http://www.lyric-holic.com/
00:16:50 GusOdRoP http://gusodrop.info/
00:26:06 Screaming Sixties https://twitter.com/zekkyo60
00:37:18 NECRONOMIDOL http://necronomidol.com/


Stargazer / Lyric-holic Kagekidan
Lyric-holic Kagekidan
Goshikanatibu / Lyric-holic Kagekidan
Lyric-holic Kagekidan
Meshi no Tane / Guso Drop
Guso Drop
Reikon Shometsu / NECRONOMIDOL

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