Watch the new Sakura Gakuin episode on #LoGiRL, March 13

New Monday, new Sakura Gakuin episode on LoGiRL. Special episode this week as marks the last episode with the 3rd Graders Sara Kurashima and Mirena Kurosawa before their graduation on March 25! All Sakura Gakuin 2016 students present on today's episode! Watch below.


Last Sakura Gakuin episode on #LoGiRL with Sara & Mirena!

New Sakura Gakuin episode on LoGiRL which marks  the final appearances for the seniors, Sara and Mirena. They were joined by the full class of Sakura Gakuin 2016 Nendo and Mori Sensei. Definitely a very emotional episode as the graduation event gets closer and closer. A very emotional Sara opened the episode by herself, singing her song from yesterday's "Archaeology Of The Song" open class before being joined by Mirena for a seniors-only opening talk.


Later Mori Sensei was introduced followed by the rest of the Sakura Gakuin students. After that many different games, challenges, funny moments happened.  Who won between the annual battle Seniors vs Juniors? Let's find out this and many more awesome moments in the new Sakura Gakuin episode on LoGiRL!


Watch the episode below courtesy of our collaborator MissingReel!

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In addition, please don't forget that LoGiRL will come to a complete close at the end of March! Enjoy while you can!