Yui Mizuno talk about the Sakura Gakuin song «Marshmallow Iro No Kimi To»

Yui Mizuno (YuiMetal) has post this new blog entry on the official Sakura Gakuin blog

In this new blog entry she talk about the lyrics of the Sakura Gakuin blog song Marshmallow Iro No Kimi To

Translation: Babymetal 重音部

Hello ♪
This is Yui
Maybe it is so suddenly,
but when thinking about the message and meaning that include in the lyric,
I love it very much!
Each time when the new song has come,
“I wonder what kind of lyrics is it this time.”
I’m always looking forward to the lyric…
Therefore today,
Yui will introduce you the lyric of “Marshmallow Iro no Kimi to” (With Marshmallow-Colored You)
★With Marshmallow-Colored You★
(For lyric, word inside the brackets is the description by Yui…)
Just like back when
I used to mumble “It’s scary, I can’t sleep”

in a pitch-black room,
(★ ^This part reminds the uneasy feeling when sending out the graduates and the worry of Sakura Gakuin next year…)
Whenever I hug my worn-out teddy bear
as tight as I can,
My heart clears up into a sky-blue
(★ ^The graduates help to solve my trouble when they are in Sakura Gakuin and even now ♪
I remember the feeling that I was relieved at that time.)
A tenderness as warm as a sunny spot is
Quietly hidden away inside your tummy with the loose stitching
No cliched words
You simply watch over me
Just that, but it’s enough
Because I feel an invisible connection
with you, always
(★ ^We sang with all the meaning of even we do not meet at all after graduate but it’s alright because there is bond between us)
In these common, routine days,
Harsh words keep slipping out from my mouth
I’m getting to be awful, but
You’re the only one that tells me, “I’m on your side!”
When I think about it, you’ve stuck with me, huh?
Is it alright to call you my dear old friend?
My big, good-for-nothing ears
Are just a reflection on how much time I’ve spent with you*
My frustration, tears, and sweat—
Our secret chats and tearful talks, everything—
Because you took it all in,
I was able to grow up
(★ ^I accept all the words by graduates
and sing with the feeling of appreciation)
It’s as if the me that tends to lose sight of
even the place where I can be myself
Is being enveloped by the fluffiness of
Marshmallow-colored you
Yui Mizuno
And your scent
No cliched words
You simply watch over me
Just that, but it’s enough
Because I feel an invisible connection
with you, always
Putting all of how
I feel into it
Is awkward, but
I want to let you know that
The reason I can shine in this spot the way I am now
Is because I have you to think about
(★ ^This really as described by the lyrics,
What sakura Gakuin have now,
Is the hardwork by the graduates so far,
I’m singing utmost with this feeling.)
You are my treasure
★End of lyric★
(Lyric translation credit to redfreesias)
In the lyric of “Marshmallow Iro no Kimi to”,
There is a very important teddy bear appear,
I have in place of the graduates with the teddy bear,
and we sang while thinking of the things about the graduates.
(This is the the thing that shared by every members of Sakura Gakuin now ♥)
Of course,
The things that I have now is,
Family, friends, teachers, members of sakura now,
And also thankful fukei-san.
Singing with imagine a lot in this way,
Is different with dance and sing like the other songs,
Doing in this way will become more and more fun!!
And I’m really grateful to the graduates Mari Mari,
who made me realize this very important thing.
Do you know the “You” in “With Marshmallow-Colored You” is liken to who?
– Moo


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