YUIMETAL Accidentally Fell Off Stage In First Show In Nippon Budokan

YUIMETAL Accidentally Fell Off Stage In First Show In Nippon Budokan


Everyone here knows that BABYMETAL is the youngest idol group to hold a show in Nippon Budokan, but so sad that according to a Chinese fans group, Yui fell off the stage in performing “Headbanger!!”… But still she comes back after just 3 to 4 minutes, continue to dance and sing.

Have a look at the stage where the accident happened… Well, such a bad design I’d say, even I’m not a pro in designing stages.


Could someone translate this?


<BABYMETAL武道馆首日公演 YUI踩空掉下舞台MOA花道跌倒>



BABYMETAL虽完成首日公演,惟明天3月2日仍在武道馆举行「黒い夜LEGEND“DOOMSDAY”~召唤の仪~」公演,而两名成员先后受伤,令Fans们十分担心明天的演出。 —

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Heavy metal idol group BABYMETAL are holding their concerts in Budokan, Japan on 1st and 2nd of March, and they are the youngest girl group to reach the stage!

The group held their first concert 「赤い夜LEGEND“巨大コルセット祭り”~天下一メタル武道会ファイナル~」 today at 6 in the evening, opening with “Megitsune” and ending with “Ijime, Dame, Zettai”, and they performed 13-14 songs in total!

However, there were several accidents happened on their first day concert! According the live report, 14-year-old member YUI-METAL(水野由结)fell off the stage (west side) while performing “Hedobangya!!!”, and she returned to the stage to continue the performance after 3-4 minutes. Another member, MOA-METAL(菊地最爱), also 14-year-old, accidentally slipped on the floor. Although she resumed to perform, live audience said that there was a painful expression on MOA-METAL’s face.

Although BABYMETAL have finished their first concert, they still have to perform their second conert tomorrow in Budokan,「黒い夜LEGEND“DOOMSDAY”~召唤の仪~」. The injuries of the two members have caused their fans worried about their tomorrow performance.

Translation: Jun Suen

Source: BABYMETAL Group

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