Brief History of Babymetal \m/ (Nakamoto Suzuka, Kikuchi Moa, Mizuno Yui), thank to Nelo_10_Angelo from BABYMETAL on Reddit

2007 – Amuse Inc./Talent agency held a singing competition. Nakamoto Suzuka joined the competition and she got 2nd place.
2008 – Amuse Inc. created the group Karen’s Girl represented by Nakamoto Suzuka, Muto Ayami, and Shima Yuika.
– Karen’s girl basically is a group doing songs for the anime “Zettai Karen Children”.
2009 – After Zettai Karen Children ended, Karen’s girl was dissolved.


Midway to 2010 – Amuse Inc. created Sakura Gakuin, Nakamoto Suzuka and Muto Ayami joined the group except for Shima Yuika. Including other members namely Kikuchi Moa and Mizuno Yui. The group was made to enhance the girl’s talents for singing and acting, etc.
– J-pop system (Labels put them together when they’re really young and when they graduate from junior high they’re to old to stay on that group). But Sakura Gakuin created their own system which is, if you graduate from junior high you will graduate to from Sakura Gakuin.


– Muto Ayami was the first class president of Sakura Gakuin.
2010 – Amuse Inc. producer Kobametal created Babymetal, specifically a group in the genre of J-pop mix with Heavy Metal. Amuse Inc. chose Nakamoto Suzuka, Kikuchi Moa, and Mizuno Yui to represent Babymetal.
– Nakamoto Suzuka, Kikuchi Moa, and Mizuno Yui, started doing Metal music without knowing Metal.

– Babymetal is only a sub-group of Sakura Gakuin (Including: Tennis Club, Cooking Club, Science Club, Baton Club, Newspaper Club, Go Home Club, and Heavy Music Club which is “Babymetal”).

– After class, members will now head to the meeting place or HQ of Sakura Gakuin to do some practice or general meetings.

– Nendo Class 2010 (A class test of Sakura Gakuin. Testing their knowledge when it comes to general knowledge questions).


2011 – 2 new members of Sakura Gakuin joined the group.
– Nendo class 2011.

November – first single of Babymetal which was Doki Doki Morning.

2012 – March
– 2nd single of Babymetal which is Babymetal x Kiba of Akiba.

– Babymetal was a guest in the show called Tsugikuru.

– End of March. 3 members of Sakura Gakuin graduated from junior high including Muto Ayami (1st class president of Sakura Gakuin), so they are now graduated from Sakura Gakuin.

– 2nd class president is Nakamoto Suzuka.

May – 3 new members of Sakura Gakuin joined the group.

June – 3rd single of Babymetal which was Headbangeeeer!, Including Uki Uki Midnight.

– Nendo Class 2012.


– 4th single of Babymetal which was the Ijime, Dame, Zettai.

– End of November was the first overseas concert of babymetal which was in Singapore.

Note: Babymetal also did concerts in Japan.
2013 – January
– Sakura Gakuin members did an appreciation party for Nakamoto Suzuka, because she’s about to graduate from Junior high and as well as in the group of Sakura Gakuin.



– Sugimoto Mariri left Sakura Gakuin, she said that she wants to pursue her modeling, so basically she was the first member of Sakura Gakuin who graduate from the group without finishing Junior high.

– Sakura Gakuin members did a tribute for Nakamoto Suzuka before her graduation. They named it “A road to graduation finals”.

– Sugimoto Mariri joined Nakamoto Suzuka’s graduation.

– 3rd class president of Sakura Gakuin was Horiuchi Marina, the Energetic and Jolly person of the group.

Note: Amuse Inc. didn’t dissolve Babymetal or replace Nakamoto Suzuka from Babymetal. They still continued Babymetal because Babymetal is popular in Japan and they’re starting to get attentions to other countries.

Note: No news of Sakura Gakuin on 2013.

June – 5th single of Babymetal which was Megitsune.

July 9 – was the 2nd overseas concert of Babymetal which was in Indonesia.

November 8 – Babymetal went to Singapore to do the Mini promo concert for December 28, 2013 2nd concert of Babymetal in Singapore. So if you bought the Decemeber 28, 2013 tickets of Babymetal from November 2012, you will get a postcard signed by the 3 members of Babymetal and they will hand it over to you on November 8, 2013.

December 28 – 2nd concert of Babymetal in Singapore.

Note: Babymetal also did concerts in Japan, including a 3 day concert calling it the “Ijime, Dame, Zettai Apocalypse”. 3 concert in Japan, 1st and 2nd concert was on 2013, and the last was on 2014.
2014 – February
February 2 – Babymetal did their 3rd overseas concert which was in Taiwan.

February 25 – Babymetal released a Music Video titled Gimme Chocolate which got peoples attentions. Gimme Chocolate pulled Babymetal up in the Metal Music Industry.

February 26 – Babymetal released their first album “Babymetal” reaching #1 on the Metal chart on Itunes in US and Europe (specifically UK and Germany), and #1 on the Rock album chart in Asia (specifically Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore).


March 1 & 2 – Babymetal did a 2 day concert in the Nippon Budokan the “Holy Land of Rock in Japan”. They’re the first youngest female group who did a concert in the Nippon Buddokan reaching 20,000 audiences. At the end of the 2 day concert, Babymetal announces that they’re going to do their first European concert on Summer of 2014.

End of March – 4 members of Sakura Gakuin graduated from Junior High including Horiuchi Marina (4th class president of Sakura Gakuin), graduating them from Sakura Gakuin too.

– 4th class president of Sakura Gakuin is Kikuchi Moa.

Note: No News of Sakura Gakuin on 2014.


April 3 – Babymetal was on the Episode of The finebros “Youtubets react to Babymetal”.

– A writter of NBC news did a blog about babymetal talking about the group and the Music Video Gimme Chocolate.


– Babymetal released their schedules for the upcoming European concerts of Babymetal. (July 1, 2014 – Paris, France, July 3, 2014 – Cologne, Germany, July 5, 2014 – Hertfordshire, United Kingdom “40th Anniversary of Sonisphere”, July 7, 2014 – London, United Kingdom).

– Babymetal released a World Tour Trailer, showing of the Nippon Budokan concert, the released of the Gimme Chocolate Music Video, their Album becoming #1 on the Metal chart on Itunes in US and Europe (specifically UK and Germany), and #1 on the Rock album chart in Asia (specifically Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore), and the schedule for their European concert.

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