If you wanna be part of the team, we need people who would like to translate others langage BABYMETAL news/articles/texts/lyrics/interviews (vidéo and text) to english.

If you have basic worpdress skill i can open an account for you, so you can post directly on If you don’t have those skills you just have to send me texts via email (with link source) and i’ll post the news on and give you the translation credit (with your name at the end of each texts you provide us!)

So if you are interested you can send me a mail : Jeff @ or you can contact me via my Facebook Fan Page: Babymetal Canada

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    Evander R Blake says:

    I am having a really bad experience with Babymetal fans on Facebook. I befriended Yui Moa Su profiles long ago and I did make mistakes and vented frustrations paranoia, emotional attachment and fear on my personal facebook. I have typed rude things and I have been at times a rude fan not what I deep down felt. I feel strong affection and attachment to Sui Moa Yui. I am the guy that Crowd Surfed 20 times at the Showbox and approached the stage showing Su Moa Yui I had them tattooed to my chest. They did acknowledge me and I met BOH after the show he took a picture of my tattoo to his phone. I am not constantly being harrassed by the Babymetal fan club. It is a ongoing problem. I have a totally new facebook under a new name they figured out it was me. I did not even post anything on any of the facebook groups with this new account. They figured out it was me and threatened me and harassed me terribly. I am unsure if Yui Moa Su are on facebook. If they are not on Facebook would they please go onto facebook to address this problem. I have been effectively bullied out of the Babymetal fan club. I don’t believe this is what Yui Moa Su want; however if Yui Moa Su do not want to forgive my past transgressions and my continued adoration is unwanted by them. I will accept that but I still want the harassment to end. The ideal resolution I would like is Amuse and Yui Moa SU Koba BOH to come out of the shadows and tell the fanbase I am there friend and I am forgiven for my posts that were not in good taste. That I am welcomed in there hearts and minds as a collaborative artist and friend. I will accept whatever is decided by Yui Moa Su . Ultimately I am indifferent on the whole situation. I want resolution desperately I am begging Babymetal to take some action. Please… I don’t deserve to be harassed constantly by your fanbase for the rest of my life. I think I have a very valid grievance requiring direct attention.

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    zack shriver says:

    hey babymetal i would absolutely love see you preform and meet you if posable but i was disappointed when i looked at the rock of the range website there was GA tickets available but no camping passes available of any sort and this maybe my last chance to see you live for a while so i was wondering if i could get a ticket and a camping pass and have a chance to meet you guys in person

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    Zack Shriver says:

    if not thats fine to just thought id try. ps. i love your music


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