BABYMETAL – PA PA YA!!: latest single features hip-hop artist F.Hero

Babymetal fans are having a pretty sweet 2019 so far, despite the loss of member Yuimetal, who left the band for health reasons.

BABYMETAL - PA PA YA!! features hip-hop artist F.Hero


So far, the group has released the blistering song “Elevator Girl” (which followed the 2018 singles “Distortion” and “Starlight”) — and today, June 27th, they dropped another banger “PA PA YA!!”

Straight off the bat the track is catchy as hell, featuring an infectious synth line, bouncy guitar riffs and gang vocals of a bunch of dudes yelling the title refrain of “Pa pa ya!” over and over. When it launches into the rest of the song, vocalists Su-metal and Moametal both sing around each other and harmonize in between the chants and crunchy guitars. Eventually Thai rapper F.Hero shows up to drop some lines, which give the upbeat song a bit of nu-metal flavor.

As of now, “PA PA YA!!” is bundled as an EP along with the previously mentioned tracks, but come October 11th, it’ll appear on Babymetal’s forthcoming new LP Galaxy, the just-announced full-length follow-up to 2016’s Metal Resistance. Clustered around that release date this fall, the band have a slew of U.S. tour dates — see those below.


BABYMETAL - Live At Glastonbury Festival 2019 - PRO SHOT
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