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A metal fan since I was a child, a long time ago. :) I'm from Newfoundland, Canada, and I suspect maybe the only BABYMETAL fan here along with my daughter. I don't hold to any real definition of metal, to limiting, and if it's good and it rocks I'm in! When I first saw BABYMETAL ( Gimme Chocolate) I was at first bemused by these cute kids dancing to a pretty heavy song, but I noticed it was completely new and it worked really well. Then just more incredible songs kept coming! I wouldn't be a fan if the songs weren't great! Their music rocks! Listen to what you enjoy, shag 'em if they don't like it!

Budokan DVD to be released January 7, 2015, new song will be available!

You can buy LIVE AT BUDOKAN ~RED NIGHT & BLACK NIGHT APOCALYPSE~ on YesAsia by using links bellow! Blu-Ray DVD CD Limited Edition CD Regular Edition Fast Google translation. BABYMETAL

More videos from the New York BABYMETAL show!

Very close view of IDZ Kami band solos and catch Me If You Can Kami band solos and Akumo no Rondo IDZ ilne Song 4 Megitsune Babymetal Death (

BABYMETAL in New York- many many Instagram videos,etc!

Click and enjoy, many short clips,etc, from the New York show! View this post on Instagram #Babymetal #ベビーメタル #ニューヨーク A post shared by Des-LAW (@deslaw0) on Nov 4, 2014 at

BABYMETAL in New York fan videos!

Looks like it was an incredible show! I’m sure our illustrious webmaster will have lots of updates when he returns from attending BABYMETAL in New York! Akatsuki (partial) IDZ (ending,

New TEAMROCK interview with Su-Metal! A new interview with Su for the upcoming tour! Link; BABYMETAL: “ONLY THE FOX GOD KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!” 30/10/2014 ~ by Paul Brannigan Few bands

More BABYMETAL homage album covers/fanart

More album cover homage and fan art, with Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Def Leppard, AC/DC, Ozzy, HR Giger covers for ELP, Debbie Harry and Steve Stevens, Rush, Alice Cooper and Judas

Japanese news report on the recent shows, with interview!

Some live clips of the recent shows in this report. Unfortunately not translated, translation help welcomed! BABYMETAL エンタメニュース [2014.09.15] ZIP! BABYMETAL 凱旋 17000人が熱狂 BABYMETAL : latest interview (14.sept.2014)


Here is the almighty BABYMETAL – LIVE ~LEGEND 1999 & 1997 APOCALYPSE~ Trailer Live Blu-ray and DVD from BABYMETAL features two one-man concerts “LEGEND “1999” YUMETAL & MOAMETAL Seitan Sai”

BABYMETAL Homage Album Covers (& fan art) 4

Some more album cover homage and fan art by myself, bands including Ozzy Osbourne, Avenged Sevenfold, Rush, Deep Purple, KISS, The Doors, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Motley Crue, U2, Queen, and

BABYMETAL Homage Album Covers 3

More Babymetal homage album covers with the band re-imagined in covers from KISS, Iron Maiden, Motorhead,Anthrax, T Rex, Metallica, The Sex Pistols and Guns N Roses.

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