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Here are the translated lyrics for the song MEGITSUNE

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MEGITSUNE (Female Foxes)

Go! – Go! – Go! – Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! – Go! – Go! – Go! Go! Go! Go!

Dressed-up Miss Fox
[Check it! Cheer up! Check it! Cheer up!]
waves her twin ponytails in the air.
[Fluttering! Cheer up! Fluttering! Cheer up!]
She pops and vanishes.
[Whirling! Cheer up! Whirling! Cheer up!]
Let her show her various aspects!
[Kon kon kon ko, kon kon ko kon!]

Go! – Go! – Go! – Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! – Go! – Go! – Go! Go! Go! Go!

Ancient maidens,
you dance in the transient dream.
Getting over thousands years,
you live today.

Ah. It’s right. Always women are actresses.
We’re not foxes, not deceiving,
but maiden-like female foxes.

Ah, girls are becoming more like an ideal woman.
Smiling at face, crying at heart,
saying “It’s right”, we never show our tears.

Title is to be announced (1st Album) / BABYMETAL

A fox, a fox, I’m a female fox.
Women are actresses.

Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!

Go! – Go! – Go! – Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! – Go! – Go! – Go! Go! Go! Go!

Ancient maidens,
you sing in the transient dream.
Getting over thousands years,
you live inside us.

Ah. It’s right. Always women are actresses.
We’re not foxes, not deceiving.

… shouldn’t be underestimated.

Ah, girls are becoming more like an ideal woman.
Continuously, to keep blazing,
we shoot up the fireworks.

Ah, blooming and falling is the fate for a woman.
Smiling at face, crying at heart,
we’re pure-hearted maiden-like female foxes.



[i] and [ii] may misunderstand lyric writers’ intentions. But, when asked “Why are maiden-like foxes not foxes?” or “How can ancient maidens live today?”, I think most Japanese would answer something like this.

[i] About the Word “Megitsune”
“Megitsune” = “me”+”kitsune” = female+fox = vixen. Such changes as “k” → “g” often occur in the Japanese compound words.

The Japanese folklore tells that foxes can change into anything and deceive people. So a man who was deceived by a (charming) woman, feels like deceived by a vixen, and calls her “megitsune”, that is, he says like “She is as cunning as a vixen”.

But man very easily misunderstands the behavior of a charming woman and gets into the sweet illusion that she love him, and, when he is disillusioned, he feels like deceived by her. But she is not to blame because she had no intention to deceive but is just too much charming.

I think that the lines “We’re not foxes … but maiden-like female foxes.” says like
“We’re not deceiving but we’re so charming that you may get into a sweet illusion.”
and so translated. “Maiden-like” is important to show not having ill intentions.

[i+] About “Women Are Actresses”
In an interview [on HotWave 2 (3:27-)], SU-METAL talked about this. People may think women are always disguising (as to makeup) and pretending. But she loves the lyrics “Smiling at face, crying at heart”, and said that adult women are so cool as they never show suffering, by acting quite as usual even in a hard time, and she hopes to be so too.

[ii] About “Ancient Maidens”
Saying “Koko-ni” (= here), here we can see no other maidens than BABYMETAL. So I think these lines say that BABYMETAL have inherited their spirits and so translated (the Japanese often say like “They live inside us.” in this meaning).

Probably they are ancient “miko” or the like. The mikos dance “kagura” (= sacred dance) in the shrine. But they had a kind of shamanic character in the ancient times. In medieval Japan, there were famous dancers “Shizuka Gozen” (perhaps not a miko) and “Izumono Okuni” (perhaps once a miko). Please see Wikipedia or else if you like to learn more about mikos.

The original lines have no grammatical subjects. Frankly speaking, to dance: probably ancient maidens, to get over: … possibly “time” itself, to live: perhaps BABYMETAL, these are what come along when I listen to these lines. Perhaps most Japanese too, possibly even the writers themselves.

20 thoughts on “MEGITSUNE English Translation

  1. Avatar
    Handmann says:

    Bad translation. You should translate “Kitsune” with “Kitsune”.

    1. Avatar
      natsukashii says:

      yeah I can’t believe their fucking audacity, translating words to what they mean in the context.

  2. Avatar
    ladymetal says:

    while i know ‘sore’ can mean ‘this’, i may be the only one who thinks the ‘sore’ in this song in particular has no equivalent meaning in english. it’s kinda like ‘etto’ and ‘nee’.

  3. Avatar
    日本人 says:


  4. Avatar
    Shunichi Ueno says:

    I think it’s a nice translation was done on a deep understanding of the Japanese culture. It’s also interesting commentary for us.

  5. Avatar
    taekotemple says:

    So, I don’t know if my interpretation may be biased or inaccurate because of a combination of being a Westerner and this being a translation of the song, but I see something in the words that are interesting. It seems like they’re also saying that sometimes women feel forced to be actresses and hide the pain they carry inside to look pretty and presentable for men. Again, I may be completely off base here, but if that’s part of their intention with their lyrics, it adds a bit of a deeper dimension.

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  7. Avatar
    Kerberos says:

    Many Thanks for the translation 🙂
    Unfortunately it is not possible to view the video in germany without a proxy.
    Anyway its a nice song.
    Many greatings from germany

  8. Avatar
    Muhammad Uqbah Ahmad Termizi says:

    i like to think its more toward their fans about them, how people see they rise, how they charmed them. its also about their growth as a person. i don’t know why but when i hear this song, i feel sadness. Maybe I’m misrepresentation it.

  9. Avatar
    GemAye says:

    Thanks for this translation.
    I’ve been trying to get a translation with the help of Duane Metal (see his youtube channel) but this one is already very complete mentioning about everything I’ve learned from Duane.
    Except for kon kon kon which is the soundmimic of a barking fox.

  10. Avatar
    JodiChicken says:

    While listening to the Japanese version, I feel like they’re saying “dying” over and over in the beginning. Has anyone else heard the same thing?

  11. Avatar
    Nathan.X says:

    gostei muito!!! nas notas finais, foi uma otima maneira de explicar o que queria dizer em certas frases da musica.


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