White Love English Translation

White Love
Over that endless cloud,
take me with you!
Don’t get your hands off of me!

Down from a midwinter constellation has fallen the white love.
It lies thick on the depth of my bosom,
and sinks into my heart, turning to tears.

Every time, with the signs different from our mates, we call each other,
we can get strong.
Even when we are apart, you know, we are always one.

Uh, more steady, keep a hold on me!
In the night without your call, though I pretend to be tough,
actually I miss you.

Like the endless light of the stars,
with full heart of love,
I want to wrap you now.
Our encounter given by an angel,
going through that sky,
will keep on shining forever.

On the window fogged by my white sigh blur the illuminations.
When I am happier,
actually I am more anxious about tomorrow and feel more like crying.

In my new pocket diary too be a lot of your initials,
I hope truly.
Since I have the next date, I can live today.

Ah, when the snow melts and the spring is coming,
like the sunbeams streaming through the trees,
I hope, I’ll be a comfort to you.

Like the endless lives of the stars,
even if I am almost discouraged,
I’ll keep on loving you
so that, like the fleeting snow,
my present happiness
won’t disappear someday.

I love you… Keep hugging me…

Over that endless cloud,
take me with you!
Don’t get your hands off of me!

Our encounter given by an angel
can’t be a miracle.
God, keep watching us!
This newly born love,
I swear, I’ll cherish forever.

I want to be living for you.

About the Girl Group “SPEED”
The original was sung by a four-girl group named “SPEED” from Okinawa Pref., released in 1997 Oct. as their 5th single. They were 11 to 14 y.o. on their TV debut in 1995 Nov. (the younger two were the lead singers and the older at chorus), and people were amazed by their singing and dancing abilities.

They released many smash hits since their CD debut, and were dissolved in 2000 Mar. to pursue solo carriers, but a rumor said it was because one of them wanted more private time. They were reunited for a limited time in 2001 and in 2003, and permanently in 2008.

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