BABYMETAL first album coming in February 2014

CONFIRMED!!!!!!!! BABYMETAL going to release they FIRST FULL ALBUM February, 2014!!!!!!!!!! Probably this is the álbum cover ( BABYMETAL´s label posted the info at twitter with that Picture!!! )

babymetal album cover

BABYMETAL Live in Nippon Budokan is announced~

BABYMETAL will have 2 Days live in Nippon Budokan on march 2014~
[2014/3/1] 赤い夜 巨大コルセット祭り
[2014/3/2] 黒い夜〜召喚の儀〜

Now BABYMETAL be the youngest performers (14.666…) in Nippon Budokan ~
[Breaking the record of Tokyo Girls Style (15years old)]
Congratulation to BABYMETAL~
Finally make it to Budokan~

babymetal  2 day album concert poster

Source: Babymetal 重音部, Babymetal Brasil

BABYMETAL announces their 2-day live at Budokan and first album
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