BABYMETAL article in a Dutch newspaper.

HELP! K3 mixed with loud metal! (*Note: K3 is a Belgian pop group)

They seem like innocent girls. They make very hard/loud metal music. Japan loves it.

Those who keep track of the fast rising and even faster disappearing into oblivion pop phenomenon on web channels as YouTube are used to a lot of things. Experts know that the weirdest pop mostly comes from Asia. From Japan (PonPonPon by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) or Korea (Gangnam Style by Psy).

Still, most of the experienced You tubers will shy away from Japans latest pop sensation. The act/band BABYMETAL brings two genres together which are almost each others total opposite on the music spectrum. BABYMETAL, as the name implies, makes toddler pop not unlike K3, combined with the most ferocious Metal style: Scorching with all forms of despise against humanity combined: “Death Metal”.


The three BABYMETAL girls look like they came straight from a manga comic. School uniforms, short skits on top of knee stockings. Of course ponytails and a cute bow tie are present as well. The big eyes – which are total manga aesthetics – spell innocence. And their artist names are cute as well: Su-Metal, Moametal and Yuimetal.

But when you click on the live clip of their not so uplifting title song “Death”, it’s instant goose bumps guaranteed. Here we have the girls standing on stage of Japans legendary rock venue Budokan in Tokyo. Their arms crossed above their heads. You can hear some Gothic chanting – all quiet so far. Then the band, formed by 5 persons, with white painted faces, dressed in robes, starts off with a devastating metal riff played at turbo speed. The audience chants along with the chorus: “Death, death, death, death”. Then the girls start. They dance their furious, but tightly choreographed moves full of inciting and seemingly fascistic arm gestures, while singing the chorus in incomprehensible Japanese, and I bet it’s not about a first love crush.

Another song, Give Me Chocolate, seems less concerning when it comes to the lyrics, but it ain’t less aggressive when it comes to the music. Shredding guitars and synths, crazy double bass drums and death grunts performed by one of the male band members. And the ladies Su-Metal, Moametal and Yuimetal who forcefully show their wish for chocolate. So you better give them that chocolate bar. Then suddenly the chorus, it sounds endearing, like a little bit of Karen, Kristel and Josje (*note: Karen, Kristel and Josje are the current three members of the Belgian act K3).

Inconceivable perhaps, but in Japan BABYMETAL is a big success. Their first album was released only three months ago and they already have played in sold out venues.
The videoclips have been watched millions of times and it’s still going strong.

The producers of the band, who picked the 15 year old girls from so called idol pop groups, knew exactly what they were doing. Innocent schoolgirls, but also a little bit depraved schoolgirls are very popular in Japan. And the toddlermetal mainly attracts/focuses on two groups: Toddlers who can dance along (and don’t have a clue as to what Death death death means) and metalheads who wanna see something else with their beloved noise other than hairy men on stage.

If the western pop audience can escape from the BABYMETAL-craze is doubtful. Possibly forced by their overwhelming Asian succes, their managment announced that they are busy working on an European tour. Will BABYMETAL play in Ziggo Dome this summer?

*Header underneath the photo says “BABYMETAL, a typical Japanese combination of childlike innocence with sharp edges


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