When Cuca goes Megitsune

Well, Cuca is a Japanese teenage girls who’s doing some very interesting song and dance cover on YouTube and her last effort is our own Megitsune from BABYMETAL.


She’s actually pretty good and you can see her performing as variety of Japanese pop song by artiste such as Perfume, ℃-ute, AKB48, E-girls and even Morning Musume.


Cuca (くーか) is a popular Japanese dancer on the video-sharing website YouTube, where she uploads videos of herself dancing, and sometimes singing along to Hello! Project songs. She is popular amongst many Hello! Project fans.

She has auditioned for Morning Musume’s 11th and 12th generation.

Here is a free translation of her personal blog as she tell us about her preparation for doing Megitsune. Feel free to visite her blog and tell her ho you like her Megitsune cover at this URL: http://cuca2002.blog43.fc2.com/blog-entry-1957.html

Even I also like the other song, but I tried Megitsune^^

The key is very high!!
I’m singing with the throat at first,
Because it was difficult,
As much as possible,
So I concentrate to come out voice with stomach
After that、
Behind the skill of「ITO FAMILY」、
「How to get high voice with karaoke」is writen、
The way is「sing while lifting a dumbbell(It’s OK to put some force on hand for people without dumbbell)」、
When I encounter difficulty while singging this song,、
And this come out,
I’ve been thinking : Try to put the force on hand!!
If you put a force on hand,
The hardship will become a little bit better^^

I didn’t know BABYMETAL until now,
But my dad have the DVD of BABYMETAL,
There is an opportunity to show me by saying that「Take a look, it’s cool」.
CUCA’s dad apparently like heavy metal.
Heavy metal・・・I do not understand it very well.

The red fluffy (skirt),
is made by mom for me.
We went to search the cloth together,
and it cost 299 yen.
Yeah it is cheap ~ ~ ~ And I have a mother that genius in searching ^ ^

Thank Ho Choon Shen for the translation.

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