Gimme Chocolate live audio

Misleading BABYMETAL YUIMETAL video title, but it is live audio from I assume the Budokan show.

Sound is not perfect but you get a good idea of how the song sounds live. When will the Budokan DVD be released? Hopefully soon and in North America!

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Shawn Fulford

Author: Shawn Fulford

A metal fan since I was a child, a long time ago. :) I'm from Newfoundland, Canada, and I suspect maybe the only BABYMETAL fan here along with my daughter. I don't hold to any real definition of metal, to limiting, and if it's good and it rocks I'm in! When I first saw BABYMETAL ( Gimme Chocolate) I was at first bemused by these cute kids dancing to a pretty heavy song, but I noticed it was completely new and it worked really well. Then just more incredible songs kept coming! I wouldn't be a fan if the songs weren't great! Their music rocks! Listen to what you enjoy, shag 'em if they don't like it!

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