Kikuchi Moa talk about the Tokyo Idol Festival in her new diary

Today we have this news blog entry from Kikuchi Moa (MoaMetal) translate by the guys at Babymetal 重音部

Original is here:

Here is Kikuchi Moa the Student Council President of Sakura Gakuin.
When BABYMETAL is disconnected with Sakura Gakuin,
and the time to start on independent way,
It seems that the time to spend as Sakura Gakuin have became less isn’t it?
And, it might be causing trouble to the members,
Become the obstructer to Sakura Gakuin?
And, I’m very distress to think myself.
After all, if someone need Moa,
As long as there are people move for us,
And there are fans who giving support,
Let’s live greedily,
I’ve decided to do both Moa from Sakura Gakuin and MOAMETAL from BABYMETAL,
and progressed straight on the way.

Kikuchi Moa

But, this time,
It had become the situation not able to participate in TIF (Tokyo Idol Festival).
I’m still not sure is it a right choice or not,
Even now and the future~
However, I believe that I will not doing the wrong choice to choose the both ways.

But you know, honestly,
The thought of me about the overlapping date of TIF and Lady GAGA supporting act is “Huh?! Why they are not a different day? XwX ”

This time,
For this matter to be absent in TIF,
I had asked the members:
“TIF is the first stage of Moa and Yui when we as the transfer student to SG, is a special, and very favorite festival for us! Please help us to deliver this feeling with the performance!! ”

And, TIF is the place that allows everyone to shine!
Many Idol appearance can be seen there,
I want to learn a lot from there,
want to feel a lot from there,
there are also full of chance,
I was also told a lot of feelings there.
Hana, Yunano, Rinon, Saki, Shi-tan, Sara, Aiko, Megu,
Even though it should be really uneasy,
But everyone were very understanding,
They gave us supportive and kind words through the mail:
“Both of you are doing your best at America, in the same way we also doing our best at Japan here! Please don’t worry… ”

I felt that everyone is growing more and more somehow.
I felt that Sakura Gakuin able to grow after overcome various of things,
I felt the pride to be a member of Sakura Gakuin.

In the United States,
I will do the best performance so that I will not live up Sakura Gakuin members who doing their best at TIF.
That is the promise with Sakura Gakuin members!!
Sakura Gakuin members will also show their best at TIF!
I believe that we will keep the promise.
★ Even we are away, our heart is one… ★
★ Never forget in any way ★
My request to everyone.
Everyone are doing their best for the TIF stage.
Please watch the Sakura Gakuin stage,
and tell me what kind of performance is it.

I believe in members and everyone,
Thanking you in advance!!!

*The word on the picture
★ Dream
★ Bond
★ Love

– Moo

Kikuchi Moa blog tif 2014


The Tokyo Idol Festival is the world’s biggest idol festival where idol fans from across the globe come together. In fact, last year’s festival attracted a total of 33,000 fans who watched 111 idol groups perform on stage. Commemorating its 5th anniversary, the festival returns again this year with an even more powerful line-up! “Tokyo Idol Festival (TIF) 2014” will be held in the Odaiba/Aomi area Saturday, August 2nd and Sunday, August 3rd. Once again, TIF brings you various idol collaborations that can only be witnessed in Odaiba once a year as well as an opportunity to experience the Japanese idol culture firsthand, like having the chance to see local idols from various regions of Japan.

Additionally, 2014 will mark the first year in which TIF welcomes a broader audience, making ticket purchases possible from anywhere in the world*. By doing so, TIF hopes to further expand its presence into an international one, involving idol fans from all over the world. The main stage for TIF will be set up within Odaiba, now the so-called holy ground to idol fans. A number of special stages will be set up including a collaboration stage with Fuji TV’s summer event “Odaiba New World”

It’s a dream-come-true live event that will have you dancing to idol tunes all day!


■Sponsor: Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 Executive Committee
(Supervised by Fuji TV)
■Location: Odaiba & Aomi Area
■Date: Saturday, August 2nd / Sunday, August 3rd 2014
■Appearing Idol Groups:
Idoling!!!, IDOL COLLEGE, iDOL Street e-Street, iDOL Street w-Street, idolrenaissance, IRIS, i☆Ris, Aoyama Saint Hachamecha High School, akishibu project, AXELL, UP UP GIRLS Kakko KARI, ani☆yume project, AfiliaSaga, amihime, AYUMIKURIKAMAKI, ALICEINALICE, Ange☆Reve, WEATHER GIRLS, usa☆usa Girls Club, Ultragirl, EIEN♡SHOUJYO, HR, HKT48, HGS, AeLL., S★spicy, Especia, X21, Electric Ribbon, OS☆U, Seiko Oomori, otomeshinto, oha-girl fuwawa, Oyayubi Princes, ORANCHE, GALETTe, GANBARE!Victory, You Kikkawa, Caramel, Caramel☆Ribbon, Cupitron, CurumiChronicle, KNU, Miyu Koike, Mai Kotone, Sakura Gakuin, THE HOOPERS, THE POSSIBLE, Sanspo Idol Reporter SIR, 3min, SUNMYU, C・M・T, G☆Girls, Shiina Pikarin, JK21, GEM, Shizukaze&kizuna, Cyntia, SPL∞ASH, smileage, STARMARIE, Stella☆Beats, Through Skills, seishun!toropikarumaru, Sexy☆allsisters, SO.ON project, Takiguchi Narumi withControl-S, Takoyaki Rainbow, Dancing Dolls, TSUKITOTAIYOU, TSURI BIT, DIANNA☆SWEET, Yufu Terashima,, TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE, Tokyo Cheer② Party, Tokyo Performance Doll, Doll☆Elements, Dream5, Dorothy Little Happy, NICE GIRL Trainee, NA-NA, nananon, Conquistador del arcoiris, NEO from Idoling!!!, Negaigoto, Negicco, versus kids, Party Rockets, Barbee, Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome, PASSPO☆, PuzzleGirls, HACHIKIN GIRLS, VANILLA BEANS, Palet, POWER SPOT, P.IDL, peach sugar snow, Bitter & Sweet, HIP♡ATTACK from idoling!!!, hime carat, Fine Color, Faint⋆Star, FUDANJUKU, pla2me, Prizmmy☆, Predia, babyraids, Bellring Girls Heart, HOUKAGO PRINCESS, Hoshikuzu Scat, [email protected], Maria, Miss iD2013-2015, Miss Marine, @mito_idol, miraiskirt, MOSO CALIBRATION, YOUNG CHAMPION GAKUEN MUSIC CLUB, Yumemiru Adolescence, Rinne Yoshida, RHYMEBERRY, Lucky Color’s, LOVELY★DOLL, LoVendoЯ, La PomPon, ry-moon, lyrical school, LIL’CHILL, LinQ, Links, LINDA SANSEI, Le Lien, READY TO KISS, Rev. from DVL, watchmina2014, Onelittlekiss
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