New YuiMetal diary about Tokyo Idol Festival

Hello! Yui here
Everyone, I think you already know what day is tomorrow right?
That right!! It’s Tokyo Idol Festival performance day~

This is the diaries that wrote start from year 2012’s TIF. ★
(For details please check the diaries on
and 2013-7-28 )
This has became the last diary of TIF that I wrote (Sweat)
I’ll fully enjoy to write feelings within Moa and Yui and so on start from now

We ~ Praying for the success of live performance tomorrow~
We will giving support ~
Go~ Go~ Saakuura~

Moa: “Because there is always a invisible bond….”
Yui: “Because I can feel you… ”

Hana, Yunano, Rinon, Saki, Saki chan, Aiko, Sara, Megu.
Even we are away, our heart is one…
We are holding the Kizuna (bond) Bracelet
I will sending more power together with Moa

And all of the fukei-san !!
Your power is need for the success of the live.
Please give your full force to support Sakura Gakuin.

Yui Mizuno

– Moo
Translation: Babymetal 重音部


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