CUCA is back and she is doing an awesome Gimme chocolate!! dance cover

CUCA, the most talented and underestimated dancer / singer / Youtuber in Japan, is back with vengeance and this time she’s doing an awesome voice and dance cover of BABYMETAL – Gimme chocolate!

On her blog Mysterious diary of Cuca (くーかのふしぎにっき) she write:


BABYMETAL’s – Gimme Chocolate!!
The parts where they say “yada yada yada yada, never never never” and “Cho Cho Cho” and also at the start where they also say “Cho Cho Cho”, those parts were so difficult because their voices are high. “Atatatatatata-tatata ZukKyun… ZukKyun! DokKyun!” On those parts it was hard for me to breath…

For those who don’t already know CUCA, she as already done two BABYMETAL dance and vocal covers such as Megitsune and Ijime,Dame,Zettai

So producers, records companies and talents agency, whats are you waiting for to sign CUCA?? I mean she’s is very talented, she’s cute, she can dance and sing and she is pretty ambitious! she have all what an idol need to be successful and as bonus, CUCA have already a strong fan base on Youtube, she have about 15000 follower! You have a small diamond here just in front of you waiting to be shinned! With all these facts, signing CUCA is not a risk but an strong investment. But, by signing her, you should give her freedom to do youtube videos and blog to maintain her fan base.

You can give a look to her youtube video here:

Dear reader! help CUCA to come out and write to all theses agencies to tell them you want them to sign CUCA, we should help her to realize her dream!! 🙂 Just share this post and click the link, so companies are gonna be warned about CUCA !

Up-Front Works is the agency behind Hello! Project, Morning Musume, C-ute, Juice=Juice and more
Their producer is Tsunku

Amuse, Inc. is a Japanese entertainment company that provides artist management services for BABYMETAL, Perfume, One Ok Rock, Sakura Gakuin and more

King Records is the record label for AKB48, Doll$Boxx, Momoire Clover Z and more

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