NHK’s ASIA MUSIC NETWORK will discuss the new trend of mixing idol and metal music next week.


ASIA MUSIC NETWORK isa brand-new music information show using the internet, to bring music experts from all over Asia together to introduce their Asian Pop Music recommendations. The new tv show is hosted by Marty Friedman & Hitoto Yo and narrated by Miu Sakamoto

On the next episode the will discuss #10 Korea’s new group, WINNER / The new trend of mixing idol and metal music / Taiwan’s female stars. ASIA MUSIC NETWORK #10 will feature a message from Korea’s new group WINNER! AOA and GOT7, too! Conversation between Marty and Freddy (from ChthoniC,Taiwan)! Featuring music from MOMOCLO, AKB48, and BABYMETAL! Female artists who light up Taiwan’s hit chart! A Mei, Elva Hsiao, and Ann!

This episode is broadcast on BS1 Oct. 26, Sun. 16:00 and on NHK WORLD Oct. 27, Mon. 00:10 / 6:10 / 12:30 / 18:30[JST. The version to be aired on NHK WORLD will also be available online and through the smart phone app.

Marty said:

Just finished taping Asia Music Network, it`s a must see if you have NHK WORLD on your cable system-exclusive INFERNO footage, BABYMETAL, MOMOCLO, and my side project METAL CLONE X all featured, plus a great crosstalk (in English!) with me and my bro Freddy from Chtonic! On Air 10/26 at 24:10.
アジアミュージックネットワーク収録終了!今回もお見逃し無く〜〜メチャ面白いメタル特集デス!NHK-BS1 10月26日16時放送です。


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