Kami Band who’s who – Another god of guitar, drum and programmer

Kami Band is a back band for BABYMETAL – its member is a god (Kami) of music summoned by The Fox God stage by stage. All the Kamis might have their own jobs.


So members are not fixed. In the previous article, this site explained Takayoshi Ohmura (guitar), Leda (guitar), BOH (bass) and Aoyama Hideki (drum) before. But other Kamis are on board. Let me explain Mikio Fujioka (guitar), Yuya Maeta (drum) and Hidefumi Usami (program)!

Mikio Fujioka – god of guitar

Some fans call him as Ko-gami (a small god) in Japanese with friendly feelings, compared to Ohmura Takayoshi as Oh-gami (a tall god). We can see his boyish outfit in a lot of his lecture books, columns on popular guitar magazine Young Guitar, also in videos of his plays. He’s a fulltime lecturer of a music school MI Japan which a guitar maker ESP runs. He’s rather a jazz and fusion player but plays all genres excellently. He was a student of it and became a lecturer right after he graduated. The Next video shows his various and skillful plays with Babymetal, in some other bands and other performances.

As a god of guitar, he appeared less than other guitarists Leda and Ohmura. So he is like a god of gods of guitar. It is true in a way because he taught Ohmura at the school. (By the way the rest Leda was also from the school.) He was first summoned at Inazuma Rock Festival 2013, and next appearance was BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR in this summer in France, German and the UK including Sonisphere festival. He saved Leda and the band on Sonisphere stage when Leda’s guitar had a trouble and took a few minutes for another one in the middle of the last song Ijime, Dame, Zettai.

Yuya Maeta – god of drum


He was first summoned to BABYMETAL live in Japan on June 2014. And he played at the LA live and Lady Gaga support acts in this summer in the US, and the return tour in NYC and London. He was a support drummer for Blue Man Group and began to play with Marty Friedman Band from this summer. The following video is Headbangya!! with him in NYC live.

Hidefumi Usami – god of program

He is a programmer, arranger and also a composer who worked with Gospelers and other singers and bands. He was first summoned for BABYMETAL Japan tour on this June and has supported all of their live performances since then.


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