BABYMETAL 4th Anniversary (Original Film) (1080p) (OFFICIAL RELEASE)

Some crazy fan from TheTwixta Channel have create this awesome 1h30 BABYMETAL movie for their 4th Anniversary.

It is finally here! the BABYMETAL 4th Anniversary (Original Film)

I promised every great moment and every great highlight to be included in the film, but that were before I realized that everything Yui, Su and Moa touches instantly becomes a moment worth seeing.

In the beginning the film were planned just to be 20 minutes, this time limit were soon cracked widely. After a few more weeks the film was starting to come together, but I thought the film was missing that colossal ending that I wanted Yui, Su and Moa to have, so to address that the film finally became a whopping 1,5 hours long.

The work I have put down on this is rounding up to about 100+ hours while searching for material, translating interviews, creating animations and most of all edit and sync it all.

A bit of history for the band and its origin is found here: (ENG) (JP) (ENG) (ENG)

The band was in the beginning a subgroup of the J-POP school themed group called Sakura Gakuin
It is based on the Girls age so they enter at a certain age and the leave after the have finished ninth grade. This means that the oldest member of BABYMETAL: Suzuka Nakamoto actually already have graduated from Sakura Gakuin, but with the immense popularity of BABYMETAL she stayed on continuing with BM just as before. Next year in march it is time for Yui Mizuno and Moa kikuchi to graduate aswell, what happens with BM then is uncertain but the chance that they disband is really not Worth mentioning.

So now that you have a bit of knowledge both of the film and of the girls in it.

Here is the layout of the film:

The film features 6 Babymetal tracks, I was keen on getting the song you most of all wanted and as by the suggestions on this trailer:…
I choose those below:

Official setlist:

“Ijime, dame, zettai”
“Doki Doki Morning”
“Catch me if you can”
“Head Bangya”
“Gimme Chocolate”
and a 7 minute long encore.

In between the songs you will have the journey of the girls,
from their first performance in SG in 2010 to their latest release in 2014.

The BM tracks in the film is not in chronological order.

So there you have it, the BABYMETAL 4th Anniversary (Original film)

Babymetal has made a number of very well composed and well performed songs I will link the lot below, still I think that if you like the band you should support them and buy their Concert blu- rays and DVDs.


White love:

Babymetal Death:

Catch me if you can:

Over the future:

Kimi to anime ga mitai:

4 no uta:

Uki Uki midnight:


Onedari daisakusen:

Head Bangya:

Ijime, dame zettai:

Gimme chocolate:



Doki Doki Morning:

Chokotto LOVE:

LOVE machine:

If you want to Watch them with ENG SUB this is the list for you:

This description will be updated with more links to both babymetal videos and Sakura Gakuin in a few hours…

But for now please enjoy the biggest ever release on TheTwixtaChannel!

Description in japanese and subtitles will be available soon…

BABYMETAL next media appearances!!
Who loves Sakura Gakuin the most?
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